How to Make Leather and Suede Boots Last Longer

With the winter season upon us and the warm weather far behind, boots are a necessity that we may not be able to forego. Instead, we need to make sure we not only grab the most fashionable as well as comfortable pairs available at this point but also take care to maintain the gorgeous looks, particularly as they will constantly be hit with rain, snow, sleet, and lots of mud. You will need to make sure those boots are given the spa treatments they need to look perfectly new.

Here are some tips and tricks to making your leather and suede boots last longer and ensuring your boots never get soiled!

How to Make Leather and Suede Boots Last Longer

1. Protect against the weather: In order to protect your boots against rain, snow, sleet and general spills, the ultimate spray you should be investing in is a repellent instead of a waterproof treatment. This is a much better option for unexpected winter conditions and works well with leather, suede and fabric boots, allowing the liquid to sit on top of the material but not get soaked in. You can thus wipe away the stain before it bleeds in, keeping the look fresh and lovely. Spraying once a week should be enough by just applying it once over the whole of the shoe. The Leather Spa Water and Stain Protector spray is one option that’s rather affordable, though you can find many options in this department out there. Just make sure it’s a repellent and not a waterproof version.

2. Keep your leather shoes moisturized: During the winter especially, just like your skin, leather will get dry and possibly start showing cracks on the top. If you keep it moisturized with a special leather conditioner, however, you can be quite content in the thought that those boots will last you quite a long time and keep looking as shiny as ever.

3. Wipe off salt and snow stains as soon as possible: The best policy is to avoid getting salt and snow stains on your boots overall, but if it does occur, you should tend to it right away. Carry a salt stain remover around in your handbag just in case, particularly if you don’t plan on coming home, and apply it just after you’ve made contact with the culprits, letting it air-dry overnight.

4. The sooner you replace heels the better: Your heels are bound to becoming damaged by the winter weather, whether from the salt or the snow and ice. Keep an eye on what your heels appear like, replacing them as soon as you realize you have a problem instead of waiting until they become utterly impossible to wear and walk around in. It will just end up costing you more money if you do this. The fix will definitely be more affordable if you replace when you begin to notice the wear and tear beginning to show up.

5. Add a protective rubber sole to the boots: Your gorgeous pieces should always look good and they should also prevent you from slipping on ice. The last thing you want to do is fall and break a bone. Just like you add winter tires to a car, you should be adding a thin protective sole to the boots as well. This greatly extends the life of your sole, meaning you can look utterly fab in those leather over-the-knee cuts for a longer period of time. Most shoe repair shops will be able to do this for you and it’s most certainly an investment you want to put in.

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6. Boot trees help keep the shape: If you are caring for your leather and suede boots, you should really consider purchasing some boot trees or adjustable boot shapers, which match the height and width of your shoes. You don’t want them bending awkwardly and causing creases and cracks about the skin. The straighter they are kept, the better the look will be and the longer they will last without wearing out substantially. Plus, they look better on your legs after being kept stiff with a shaper.

How to Make Leather and Suede Boots Last Longer

7. Leather creams are great for treating damages: If you have scuffs or faded color you need to fix up, go for leather creams that you apply with a small brush. They come in over 25 colors and match near any boot you may have so don’t worry about the hues. You can also hand them over to a shoe repair shop to take care of, particularly at the end of the season so you have them looking clean and chic no matter when you decide to take them out again.

8. Cleaning gels come in handy: Plain water may not clear out all of the dirt so using a cleaning gel for that grime might be a good idea. This gets rid of the oil-based dirt and the waxy substances that are unnecessary and instead will be causing abrasions in the leather and slowly breaking it down. Use a nylon brush with the gel. Also, use a warm damp cloth to clean out the linings, as that will prevent your perspiration from causing damage from the inside.

9. Suede boots require specific products: The way you clean leather is not the way you would clean suede. In order to ensure your suede boots also make it through the winter, you might want to invest in a suede brush and eraser. Just like a pencil eraser, the suede eraser will leave little dustings behind but will also get rid of the shiny areas that appear after the suede has been worn out. The brush is then used to clear off the dustings and bring out the gorgeous look of the suede.

10. Wiping boots helps keep them in tip-top shape: When you get home at the end of a hard day out and about, make sure to give your boots a good wipe with a dust bag, removing all the dirt that’s accumulated during the past few hours. You can then have it looking shiny and new when you put them on in the morning.

Photos courtesy of Negin Mirsalehi, Viva Luxury

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