Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014

Holiday season is nearly here and we have but a month to get ready! Pull out the decorations, put out the scented candles, light that crackling fire and roast them chestnuts. Between wrapping the presents, picking the perfect party dresses, checking out the latest fashion collections, putting up the tree and buying the mistletoe, there’s little time to think about party style rules but here’s what you so desperately need to know! Check out these 10 smashing holiday looks that will take your styling to a whole new level!

Holiday Party Style Tips

1. Gladiator Sandals Are for Holiday Too

Honestly, what did you think we’d start with? Since the ’70s fashions are back in style anyhow, it may be good to take us even further back in time, this time spanning millennia. White is most certainly not restricted to summer and gladiator shoes are still all the rage. Lace up those heels, pull on that mini skirt, add some bling accessories and walk through that party door, woman! You are certainly the most stylish gal in the house.

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Gladiator Sandals

2. Polished and Gray

Whether you opt for gray or grey, the darker or lighter hues, this is one color that’s rocking this holiday season. Whereas it may appear to be lacking in festive fun, your shoes, accessories and makeup will do all the talking for you. Go with a familiar shape in an unexpected fabric, have it in pleats and perhaps strapless, but style your hair, put on the red lipstick and encase your feet in sexy boots to die for. A midi dress is a great staple for the season and wearing it in gray should really hit the spot.

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Gray

3. Skip the Pumps

High collar and high hems look great as one skips the pumps for knee high boots that add some height but cover some skin. You don’t want to show too much, but you are no puritan either. So where you cover up on top, you should show off on the bottom. This allows for a chic effect that would otherwise not be attained. Add matching bold accessories, make the dress something interesting, which includes a Versace mesh with lace, and head on our cowgirl!

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Boots

4. Shine On

Sequin dresses are all the rage, just like pixie haircuts. Shimmering separates can also have the same effect though, with strappy heels, lightly adorned hands, darker nail polish and skirts with slits to add to the sexy factor. Shimmers are the new ideal holiday party wear and you should work on incorporating the glamorous style into your wardrobe this season.

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Shining Outfits

5. Off the Shoulder

Your shoulders may start freezing but it would be well worth it as you sport tight fitting sweaters and high waist skinny pants. The classic black and white look, particularly adorned with a stylish amount of feathers and sequins, is particularly fabulous this holiday season. Black pumps and a mini clutch should complete the outfit perfectly.

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Off-the-Shoulder

6. Leather is On

Leather jumpsuits may not be at the top of your list of outfits to don over the next 2 months, but you might want to revaluate the unexpected party look. It’s flattering to the silhouette, impossibly cool and absolutely stylish. No way will you not be the talk of the party if you come in wearing this sexy getup and you might have a date waiting for you under that mistletoe. Chic waves to your hair and perhaps a darker shade of lipstick and you are good to go!

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Leather

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7. Wide and Waist

This reminds us of styles from decades past while also having a cool, sophisticated British look about it. Wide leg trousers with high waists may not seem like the best choice overall, but they certainly are flattering when combined with a tight crop top and svelte cashmere coat. The larger bag is a great accessory that gives off a more professional look, having us wonder whether this is a work part or after-hours cocktail you’re heading to. Still, it’s beyond chic and we love the look!

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: High-Waisted and Wide-Legged

8. That Red Monochrome

Red on red is simply delicious, not to mention utterly sultry. It’s not your typical conservative look but it is most certainly a festive fashion and the sense to use red lipstick with the mix only adds to the appeal. Pull your hair back into a smooth and straight ponytail, bring the makeup focus to the lips and if you’re going to go strapless, give your height the midi dress look it deserve. You will look leggy and stunning while a slight shimmer to your outfit will bring about the radiance in your smile.

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Red

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9. Flattering Flats

If you want to go for a more demure feminine look, the midi dresses are certainly in for the fall and winter seasons, meaning a ruffle sleeved French dotted dress is perfect for the occasion. Pull on black ballet flats and you look casual as well as chic enough to walk into any party in town. You don’t need a belt, but having a purse and perhaps a touch of jewellery to accessorize the ensemble will be perfect. A center part with long bangs and hair pulled into a messy chignon gives you all the daintiness you need.

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Flats

10. Bustier in Leather

If you want to go for the super slick and sexy look, what better way to do so than a strapless black leather jumpsuit with a bustier to hold it up. The red and shimmering silver on the sides add colour to the mix while you can wear it with black pumps or low-heeled shoes. Ballet flats may not look the best but the taller ladies should be able to pull it off no problem. A side-sweep to the waves and pretty makeup application really finish off the holiday special.

Holiday Party Style Tips for 2014: Leather Bustier

Photos courtesy of Kayture, Stylebistro, Harper’s Bazaar

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