7 Style Habits of Real It Girls

When it comes to the styling habits of really stylish people, we are often staring in awe at how impeccably they pull it all off, from the carefully put-together to the seductively messy looks. The fact is that anyone with a credit card or a little bit of cash on them can be fashionable, but not everyone, with or without a card, can be considered genuinely stylish in their fashion sense. Your ego can be fanned easily with the purchase of the coolest new pieces from the runway collections of the major brands but that will only put you behind in taking care of your integral expenses and while it feels so damned good at the moment to have those new Jimmy Choo shoes, you will need to totally upgrade your wardrobe in a few months’ time! That has got to be exhausting, both on your psyche as well as your wallet.

It’s not a fair world and perhaps if we had infinite resources and no bills to pay we could keep up with this charade. However, there are better ways to make sure you are showing off your common sense in fashion well. While women of the olden days did not have much access to the fashion world unless they lived and breathed the industry, today a single Pinterest or Instagram search comes up with multiple options, pointing out the latest trends without you necessarily having to spend your pocket money on the latest Chanel, Givenchy and other top rated labels. You don’t need the brand names to feel fashionable. Instead, creating the right ensemble from nondescript pieces can have you looking so chic, you are envied by all around you. How to dress like an It girl? These 7 style rules real It girls stick to you should always abide by if you want to be stylish without going broke!

7 Style Habits of Real It Girls

1. Don’t just surf the street style blogs and copy exactly what you see. Those images are put up for inspiration so that you can create your own look based on the trendiest staples. Furthermore, those who are in the fashion blogging field are often sent pieces of clothing and accessories for free because the bloggers will help endorse the product. Since you are probably not one of those uber famous fashion bloggers, you would have to find a new day job to pay for the designer labels you think you should buy. The most stylish of girls out there look at the pieces worn and the vibe received off them, before going shopping for lower priced items of the same type. There are many places where one can find affordable items similar or plain knock-offs of the real deal from Fashion Week.

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2. Don’t be afraid of entering any store, no matter how cheap or expensive. Chances are that you can find an immense sale in a more quality product store, while accessories from the nearest Urban Outfitters give you the edge necessary to look like those fashion idols. Just stay true to the aesthetics of the outfits you put together. A cheesy ten store may even offer a great selection of leggings, jeans or costume jewellery you would love to add to your wardrobe. If you’re looking for such places, Winners in Canada has amazing brand items for prices way below the market, which is also what happens in such stores as Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Century 21. Hell, Forever 21 has enough to offer as well!

3. Tweak your style to your own taste. Just because a fashion blogger dresses in a certain way doesn’t mean you should as well. If you hate those maxi skirts with sneakers look and prefer something more form hugging, then go for it. Take the trend and make it your own. You can choose one or two pieces only from the ensemble worn in photos and tailor it to your own personality, either pulling it down a notch or two or perhaps amplifying the sex appeal. Just make sure you are being tasteful and not tacky since at the end of the day you want to look great while also being confident in your own skin.

4. Don’t be afraid to stick out from the crowd. You will notice that the best in the industry seem to counter the waves and row against it. They just look too cool for the environment they are in. I mean, how many people do you know who would feel comfortable in a chick pantsuit while everyone else is in glittery mini dresses? Or perhaps what they do to their hair. The look you would get for having a short bob in a sea of boho waves is rather priceless! Just be you though and certainly don’t be afraid to walk the other way when everyone’s heading left. It’s the small things that make a world of difference so let your personality show!

How to Dress Like an It Girl

5. You should understand that just because you wear designer labels doesn’t make you any cooler than the other kids on the block. It’s a cliché statement without a doubt but the most stylish women out there are those with the confidence to know that you do not need to spend hundreds on a simple sweatshirt or thousands on the latest handbags. Add confidence to any mix and you know you have become a new trendsetter yourself. A faded grey tee with washed out jeans would look fab on you if you have the right attitude to flaunt it. Add some glam accessories to the look and style your hair just right. Now you’re ready to take on the town!

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6. You don’t actually have to look especially trendy. Just because crop tops are all the rage doesn’t mean you need to go for the crop top. Actually, if your body would not look good in one, it’s probably better to dress for your body type. It’s like short, boyish body types wearing monochromic slip dresses that do nothing to enhance their figure but show off the lack of curves overall. You need to look aesthetically good but that doesn’t always mean wearing exactly what’s been shown off on the runway. Have a basic look you don’t diversify from much and you will find that adding or subtracting to the look is enough to follow the trends.

7. Don’t put on an outfit with the sole purpose of looking stylish. The more you try in this, the more likely you are to fail because there is a lack of confidence in yourself. Dress for you, for your lifestyle and for what looks good on you. If you can’t walk in those Alexander Wang heels, it doesn’t matter who the designer is or how much it cost you to buy. You are not looking all that stylish teetering about like that. Comfortable ankle boots would have saved you the trouble. Make it extra special by supporting a local business while you’re at it, having a shoemaker create the right shoe for your needs. This includes the size, comfort level, heel height, etc. You would be surprised at how great you will look, just as you look so much better when you get those store-bought clothes tailored to your size. Your closet will love you all the more for it.

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