Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Top Model Cara Delevingne has been making top fashion news stories of late and literally seems to be shining with all the light trained on her. She looks as stunning as ever showing off the Yves Saint Laurent spring 2015 makeup collection. The sensual nature is sublimely broadcasted as an untameable rebellious spirit is conveyed through the photos. There’s a certain sense of unfulfilled desire in her eyes, daring those, who gaze upon her to try the collection and understand the roots of that fire. She is the beauty of the day presenting D‚Äö√†√∂‚àö¬¢SIR DE JOUR, the desire of the day. This collection is the masterpiece of Lloyd Simmonds, the creative makeup director of Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

YSL Palette Ombre de Jour Couture Palette

Couture Palette Collector “Ombres De Jour’ is the harmonious existence of five shadows (black, caramel, copper with gold shimmer, vanilla beige, and shimmering pink) in a single palette, moving between black and pink. Should your look be more discreet or more provocative? It appears the colors hold a dialogue. You have caramel, copper with gold shimmer, vanilla beige or perhaps either smoldering black or shimmering pink. You can alternate between day colors and night, with a rainbow that serves your purpose no matter what your outfit is. The matte black shadow can easily also be used as eyeliner or as an intensifier for your liquid or pencil liner itself. The copper and caramel colors can be worn throughout the day as a monochromatic statement, while the pink adds a splash of springy feminine color to the mix. The vanilla beige works great as a highlighter around the eyes! Just remember, shimmers should go on the brow bone or on the inner corner of the eye, while matte colors should be used on the lid itself.

YSL Palette Ombre de Jour Couture Palette

YSL Palette Lumiere de Jour

You also have a light, soft and gentle pink shade that comes in a limited edition decorated case with pink and white crystals. It is lovely and certainly worth having in your purse. The colors are so utterly feminine, you can’t help but add a touch to your lids with this around. This palette is known as Lumiere de Jour with good reason. It certainly brigs light to the day, while giving the face the uplifting radiance it needs.

YSL Blush Volupté

Add a burst of color to your cheeks, particularly as they will be starved for Vitamin D come spring. This tone on tone palette is perfect for the young girl in us looking to add a touch of pink, the shy blush of a virgin, to our cheeks. The case in itself is pretty, just as nearly everything Yves Saint Laurent produces, with its golden look embossed with a lovely Mondrian-inspired elegant graphic design. There are two distinct palette in the blushes available, including N¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ª4 Baby Doll (a really powerful pink meant to induce an intense form of seduction and rather reminiscent of the ’70s) as well as N¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ª6 Baby Passionée (a warmer coral color that gives the more innocent virginal blush induced by tender emotions and a passionate embrace).

YSL Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

What’s a beauty collection without the gorgeous lipsticks that add voluptuous red shine to those kisses of yours. Yves Saint Laurent has officially released its newest two hues, N¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ª28 in Fuchsia Pink and N¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ª29 in Deep Red. Of course, with the collection available from January 2015, it’s certainly recommended to use the red during the winter season’s last months as well. It adds dramatic effect to any outfit. Plus, the French look is in style and if you want to do like the French, you definitely need those reds. Add a single application of mascara and leave the rest of the face bare, or with a slight blush added. On the other hand, there is the pink we most certainly will keep for the warmer weathers where we can blend in with the bedazzling colors of spring!

YSL La Laque Couture

Somehow these two nail lacquers seem more fit to be part of the winter collection instead of spring as neither black nor white are common colors of the season of love and renewal. They are complete contrasts to one another, with shimmering lights in both. The glittering sequins of N¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ª59 Nuit Noire are provocative in nature and have a tantalizing effect on the senses. It’s rather intense and moreso fit for the stark winter days than the softer weather ahead. N¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ª58 Nuit Blanche, however, is bright, radiant and shimmering like diamond dust. Perhaps it matches with good old sunshine and rainy weather but we see it looking more like snow. Beautiful, frosty snow. While the black gives a seductive edge, the white adds a pinch of innocence. You can wear the white shade over any color and it will give a sparkling effect! The best would be a combination of both is a spectacular nail design!

YSL Spring 2015 Makeup Products

The Yves Saint Laurent spring 2015 makeup collection goes on sale starting with January, 2015, so keep an eye on it to grab your favorites!

Photos courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

Written by Tamar Najarian
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