10 Beauty Secrets You Can Steal from French Women

The French are well known for their impeccable style and fashion sense and they certainly know all the latest trends, adhering to every last one of them. The streets of Paris are lined with influential figures, who we watch daily, trying to figure out how we should dress, act and put on our makeup next. French women simply have this effortless look about them, a sex appeal that needs little help, and it doesn’t matter if they have dressed up or down; they always look downright amazing.

10 Beauty Secrets You Can Steal from French Women

Between tousled hairs, airbrushed skin and gorgeous long lashes, these images of French women won’t stop popping up in our minds. It’s a mystery how they are able to achieve their refined looks so we have been looking into top secret French women beauty tips and tricks in order to perfectly emulate their beauty formula.

1. Choose bare skin: You will be surprised at how amazing you can look stripped of all that makeup you normally cake onto your poor skin. French women treat their skin as their best asset and make sure they take extra good care of it. This means weekly massages, facials, prepping and prevention techniques in order to ensure they never have to fight bad skin.

You should be keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. A face mask also helps when used once a week. This way, all the French women really need is some mascara, a bit of blush and a hint of lipstick. The bare minimum gives maximal results.

2. Highlight the features: We often go for the contoured look and forget about highlighting our higher regions of the face. We want to sculpt the face but French women instead celebrate their natural looks.

Instead of the contouring effects, Parisian good looks are accented with highlights in all the right places, including the cheeks, nose and on top of the cupid’s bow of your lips. There’s a certain radiance that can be captured if you opt for this look instead of shading to reconstruct your features.

3. Use a messy smokey eye version: Cat eyes and smokey looks are often made with clean lines. However, the French certainly prefer the messier look, with creamy textures used instead of powder shadows. It’s sultry, best with high-quality eye pencil, and lots of smudging, with the color smeared with lip balm. It’s unorthodox to say the least, but a great eyeshadow hack to know if you’re trying to get the sexy French look.

4. Lips stained with red are great: No matter the hue you use, the red colors look amazing on lips, particularly with downplayed eyes and minimal makeup otherwise. The red lips really define the French and are worn as a fashion accessory. The best way to wear it is with messy hair, jeans and high heels. Simply mesmerising!

5. Cat eyes should be the only focus: If you are going for Parisian chic, you cannot have smokey eyes with cat eye flicks and red lips. It’s just too much. Each one should be a standalone feature and the cat-eye flick is no exception. Little to no other makeup should follow the gorgeous slanted elongation of the eyes. This is one of the less known but better features of the French eye makeup.

6. Get a great haircut: Your makeup might give you the Parisian look, but without the right hair, it all means nothing. A short bob or shoulder-dusting crops are the best bets when following French fashion. Styling products may be useful, but in this part of the world the healthy shine of the hair is more important. Your foundation should be beautiful if you plan on creating a beautiful product. The hair is one of the most important assets of beauty you could own.

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7. Don’t add accessories to your hair: If you have healthy, shiny hair that looks great both messy and chicly coiffed, the only accessory you need is a smile. Honestly, French women steer clear of adding anything to their gorgeous crops as messy and unstyled is the way to go. You don’t need pins, headbands or clips of any type to look positively great, just as the French stay away from the stuff.

8. Love the amazing texture: Your hair on the second day after a wash is probably the best in terms of texture and style. The best way to treat your hair to look like the Paris femmes is to shampoo and air dry your hair every other day. This may get to be a bit of a problem during the winter, but when weathers are warm enough, do follow this scheme.

A texturing dry shampoo is all you may need if you are following these steps. You also don’t need to brush your hair so often, opting instead to brush before taking a shower and letting it dry naturally before once again brushing before a shampoo 2 days later.

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9. Wear your perfume like you choose your lingerie: When you get up in the morning, you choose the lingerie you wear according to your mood, what you plan on doing, etc. Your perfume should also be chosen thus as it will ensure you feel and smell as great as you look. It makes a subtle sensual statement.

10. Go to extreme measures to look young and healthy: Use SPF 50+ sunblock on your skin, wear a hat and even take an umbrella with you to keep the UV rays of the sun from harming you or causing premature aging. The fact of the matter is that girls in Europe, particularly Paris, are not as tan-obsessed as their American counterparts.

Instead, the idea of keeping the skin pure white appeals to the better nature of the Parisian woman, who also refrains from touching a hand to her face while she’s out and about. Between the dirt of the streets and the sun’s rays, one must really protect the skin to ensure youthfulness lasts forever.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Paris

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