8 Eyeshadow Hacks You Need to Know

Our eyes are the mirrors to our souls, so when we meet anyone they will be looking at those warm orbs, trying to figure us out. This makes the eyes the most important focal point when it comes to applying makeup, with smokey eyes and nude lips often being the preferred choice. However, our eyeshadow often does not look as lovely as we hoped it would, having us wonder about any eye makeup tricks that may be utilized so that the artistic design of the makeup looks as flawless as we hope it to be. We are the artists and the eyes are the canvas. Now to only get things right!

8 Eyeshadow Hacks You Need to Know

Follow these 8 eyeshadow hacks and you’re bound to make even the best of those in the profession jealous of your expertise‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ

1. Use a light beige base for some popping action: You shouldn’t just be applying the color to the lids without a base and often people opt for the white with a slight shimmer to bring out the depth of color. Instead of going down this route, however, it may be more efficient to use a more natural base if you don’t want to get a cartoon style artificial popping look. The light beige will reflect the light off in a way that the color looks as good as it does in the pan, popping out in a more subtle manner.

2. A large oval brush is best for application: There are so many makeup brushes out there; sometimes it becomes near impossible to choose which is best to use. In terms of applying eye shadow, a large oval brush takes care of the problem, as you no longer need three different tools to apply the base, the color and the sweeping light shade on the brow bone. Using the different ends of the brush’s head, you can reach all the different parts of the eye.

3. Use a single shadow to create depth: Some seem to believe that there’s a need to use multiple shadow colors to give depth to the artistry on your eyes, but using a single shadow with a complex mix of pigments should work even better, especially when mixed with more iridescent particles. This gives dimension to the look as the light reflects differently on each pigment. It can be a rather effortless look, if you use the right product.

4. Crisp edges can be made with simple post-it notes: You would be surprised as to how utilizing simple things lying about in the house such as Post-it notes can help you create the perfect eye design. Some love to blend in the color into the skin, while others prefer a fiercer, stricter lining. This can be achieved by placing a note on your skin with the edge ending at the perfect junction. Use can blend as needed thus, without having rogue shadow all over the place and when you peel the note off, you have a clear and crisp line to the shadow.

5. You can easily use shadow as liner: Liquid liners tend to be too bold and pencil liners may not have the right effect, but using eyeshadow to create a softer look overall can be great! Just wet the liner brush with the thin slanted edge and draw on the shadow with a steady hand. Just make sure you use a very small amount of water and have most of the excess squeezed out before touching the shadow in the pot with it as too much moisture can create a breeding ground for bacteria you certainly don’t want to be placing on your eyes.

6. Darker shadows help add better proportion to your face: Some people are not blessed with the perfect proportions to the eye size and length in between. You want both eyes to open to the same size, which often does not happen naturally, and you were the distance between the eyes to be the same measurement as the eye opening. These are classical measurement that the gods of olden days sported, which is why we now use makeup to emulate the look. Light shadow over the lid creates contrast, while darker shadow is used at the outer corner of the eye and blended into the hairline. Have the eye lined on both upper and lower lids to create a better effect, opening up the eye and having it appear to shift out form the center of the face.

7. Shadow on the inside brightens eyes: Use light, shimmery eye shadows on the inside corners of your eyes to brighten the look, have it look larger over and give you a younger appeal. It alleviates the darkness that’s found in the area and gets rid of that tired and stressed out look you’ve been walking around with.

8. Eyeshadow can be used for lips as well: To give your lips a fuller, pouty more luminescent look, use pale frosted eye shadow over your lipstick color. The grip is from the lipstick used while the shadow adds radiance to the look, with 3D lip effect.

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Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.