How to Dress for a Party According to Your Body Shape

The way you dress should flatter your body, no matter what the shape or size. Unfortunately, most of us women seem to think that the way we see the clothes on the models and mannequins is exactly the way it will look one we don them. Yet home many times have you stared at another woman and thought she should really have checked herself in a mirror before walking out with that piece showing off every stab of bone and every extra roll on the body without complementing her figure at all. It’s almost as if we have to have half the world’s women take part in that show called What Not to Wear. Honestly, it’s often appalling the way women distort their looks with the wrong type of outfit. With the holiday parties beginning from now, it would be best to pick out your party dresses according to your body types, from boyish frames to luscious curves, and this style guide should help you find the perfect fit for you!

How to Dress for a Party According to Your Body Shape

Party Dresses For the Boyish Shape

It should be your clothes that create the shape for you if you have little in terms of curves to add to your figure. Bustier details and cinched waists, well placed ruffles alongside flaring peplums and sculptured creations can give the body a more feminine look, while also showing off your natural assets. Whether it’s a defined collarbone or rounded face, dainty fingers or long legs, let the clothes become the feminine accents instead of just puling on a body hugging slip that does little to show off a pretty figure.

Also, instead of going for a baggy look, pick out the blouse and trousers full of volume that can disguise the lack of curves. Don’t go too form-fitting and certainly do not go oversized. You want to show off a small waist while letting the fuller fill of the blouse and either skirt or pants complement a striking look. Furthermore, jackets are a great piece of arsenal for hiding the lack of bosom. Sturdy, structured fabrics are best, especially in sharp cut blazers and boxy tops.
When you have a more boyish shape, it’s best to go with patterns and colors, from stripes to plaids, as well as floral and prints. Mix it up and add some fun but do not do the body hugging monochrome.

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Party Dresses For the Curvy Body

Fitted clothing looks great on more voluptuous curves, though take care to ensure it’s not too tight. You want the clothing to drape your figure as if a glove fitting your hand and not be pinching in areas where the extra fat may distort your image. Choosing longer hems with curvier bodies adds to the appeal, especially if the dress you are wearing has contrasting colors.

You should be going for a soft or structured look. If the dress has a fluid feel, go for materials that move about like cottons, silk and lightweight wools. If it’s a body skimming dress that’s rather like a shift, you will need stronger fabrics to ensure a smooth silhouette.

Cuts that show off the shape of the bust are also great, as you will be only enhancing your natural curves to have the look become more flattering. Low scoops and plunging necklines are certainly recommended, but be careful how much of your assets you have out on display. You want to look sleek and sexy without showing off too much skin. Skirts and dresses ending just above the knee is the smartest move to make, lengthening the legs while adding a demure aspect to the sensual look. When you are exposing body parts, make sure you keep a balance as to how much one’s eyes can feast on.

If you have an hourglass shape, with larger bust and hips but cinched waist, go for the dresses that highlight your figure perfectly but having the waists nipped in with a belt. Make sure your belt isn’t too tight though and that the dress in itself fits to flatter and not to show off every last rib bone and curve on your body.

How to Dress for a Party According to Your Body Shape

Party Dresses For the Petite Shape

Extremes are great with petite figures, from mini skirt lengths to maxi dresses. You have the figure to rock these looks in a manner that flatters your natural shape. You will need to nip and tuck your clothing, hemming the trousers and pulling up the sleeves so that the length flatters your arms and doesn’t have you looking like a little girl playing dress-up. Tighter pieces also look great on petite figures. However, you should keep away from overloading on the layers as hefty furs and languid knots will not serve to flatter you in the least. Instead, they will be downright overwhelming on your smaller self.

Also, when it comes to heels, shorter girls love to go with the extremely high ones to give them height. You may love the look yourself, but it looks rather awkward when your heel is almost as long as your calf. Your rule of thumb is to make sure it is lower than the length of half your calf in order to keep the balanced look.

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Party Dresses For the Taller Shape

You want to maximize your height and many trends look amazingly well on statuesque body figures, particularly the midi lengths and longer maxi dresses. The mini look on skirts and dresses however one needs to be careful with. You should limit the length to just a few inches above the knee and/or have a high neckline, wear tights and keep to flat shoes.

Frills and sequins and other more adorable looks may be in style at the moment, but taller figures have a hard time handling the pubescent look and just plain look awkward. Keep to chic, more grown-up designs that flatter your body and show off your femininity in an adult environment. Light heels also look amazing with your elegance, though you ay want to stay away from those spanning over 4-5 inches.

Instead of going for the florals and the stripes or any other textures design, go for the solid colors and dresses with subtle designs in micro-patterns for the best look overall. Little frills accenting the waist may also look great, as well as a swooping neckline with the midi hem of the dress if you have the right curves for it.

As you know your body shape and learn how to dress for a party according to your figure, perfect outcomes are recommended even if you go for the simplest and most minimalist dress.

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