10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days

Your hair may be dirty, a bit on the oily side and most certainly messy from sleeping on it all night, but you neither have the time nor the willpower to wash it, style it and then dash out of the door. Instead, you need to figure out a way to get it all in tip top shape, particularly if you’re doing more than finishing up your grocery shopping or strolling through the park for some fresh air. Hey, you might even convince a few friends that you woke up looking as fabulous as you look with these messy hairdos. You may have skipped the wash today, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a bum, who hasn’t showered in a month! With these lovely hairstyles for dirty hair days utilizing the natural look of your tresses at the moment, you really need not panic about what you see in the mirror. Instead, you will probably bounce out with a huge grin on your face and a triumphant feeling that you can go another day without worrying about shampooing your locks.

1. Faux Fringe Hair Tutorial

You want to have those long bangs but you have no fringes? You also want to hide the oily mess at the crown. You can have both needs met by a faux fringe hairstyle that’s so easy to do, you wonder why you haven’t already. Just pull your hair up into a high ponytail, twist it around and up into a French twist and bring your tail forward so that the edges fall to your forehead, space it out as you wish and cinch it with a silky scarf. I would also make sure I add enough bobby pins to make the ponytail look like a bun and really keep it locked in place. This reduces the problems you may have with the scarf not being able to hold the fringe.

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Faux Fringe With Scarf

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2. Dry Shampoo Hair Tutorial

Sometimes, the only styling you really need is to add dry shampoo to your hair. Section off pieces around your crown where the flat oily look gives away the fact that you have skimped on the shower; powder on some dry shampoo and let it soak up the excess oils from your scalp, giving you a fresher, healthier look that really lies for you.

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Dry Shampoo Textured Hair

3. Faux Braided Crown Tutorial

This is a way to cheat the braided crown look and have it ready in just minutes, hiding the crown where the worst of the proof of dirty hair shows up. Make four braids on your head, two high pigtails and two lower ones from the middle of your scalp. You will need 8 elastic bands and multiple bobby pins. Stretch out the braids and then pin each in a continuous circle, tucking the end beneath the pleat you reach. You can also use fishtails for a more stunning look.

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Faux Braided Crown

4. Messy Bun Tutorial

Messy buns may look easy but they often slide out of their place throughout the day. Here’s one way we can keep it in place, looking messy and covering up the areas that are the worst for wear. Pull hair up into a flip bun that you tighten in the front but leave loose at the back. Section off the middle of the bun and pin it in place before sectioning off the hair in the back and bring it over to the sides. Pull the sides of the bun together in the back before pulling the split hair across the front of the bun and pinning it into place. This style can easily be used on day 3 and 4 of not washing the hair. It may even last into day 5!

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Messy Bun

5. Braided Bun Tutorial

Since the strands closest to the forehead get oily the quickest, a faux braided headband comes in very handy in hiding the problem areas. Plus, you can look sweet and angelic while really rocking this Dutch look. A larger Dutch braid should be made that wraps around the back before finishing off with a three-strand braid. Pancake it and then repeat on the other side. To combine the braids, push fingers through on braid and pull the other braid through it before securing with a bobby pin. The rest of the hair can then be thrown into a messy bun.

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Braided Bun

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6. Headband Roll Tutorial

If you want to have your hair looking fab with little effort and hide the dirty look from the world, a super simple Gibson roll will be just perfect! Plus, the unwashed hair will help it hold better while giving it a bit more texture. All you have to do is put on a headband or headscarf, take a section of hair on each side and weave it over and under the piece in a looser manner. Then tuck all the rest around it. You can also use your bandana to roll up with your hair then tie it around the head and secure with an elastic band before making it into a lovely bow. Add some hairspray if you’re like and you’re definitely good to go!

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Headband Roll

7. 30-Second Twisted Bun Tutorial

You want to do the classy look with a twist, hide the grease and look polished. This gorgeous manner of styling your hair is so easy, you don’t even need to think about it! It’s meant to be used on dirty hair that will hold because of all the oil in there. If you have thin and slippery hair though, salt grip spray might help keep it in place. Start with a deep side part and begin twisting backwards on the heavier side of the part, down the side and behind the ear all the way down to the nape. When centered, twist the other side all the way down to the end, wrap around each other and create and little bun that you pin discreetly. Voila! Gorgeous hair on a gorgeous head that gives little away that it’s already day 3 since you washed that hair. Add some lovely earrings and hit the town because you will definitely impress with the classic style.

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Twisted Bun

8. Center Twist Bun Tutorial

There is nothing easier and cuter than those twisted hairstyles, and if you are looking for one with a modern spin, this center twist bun is the right thing for you. It perfectly hides all the oil in your dirty hair, giving you a polished and unique look that dazzles. All you need to do is section off some strands of hair from the top, tease it, spray it and pin it back into a pompadour. Now, take the pomp tail, section it into two halves and start twisting them, keeping to the same way all the time. If you are twisting it from the left to right, hold the twist with your right hand, while with the left one take some hair from the front and add it to the left section. You need to repeat the step for the right section as well, this time adding some hair from the front to the right section of the twist. Twist the left section over the right one and keep repeating the previous two steps until you reach the base of your neck. Tie off the end of the tail into a messy bun and secure it with bobby pins. Some hair spray will ensure the long lasting effect of this marvellous ‘do.

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Center Twist Bun

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9. Loose Dutch Braid Tutorial

If you have longer hair that you love wearing loose, yet you also try to make it look fresh, this loose Dutch braid tutorial is what you need to stick to. The hairdo is extremely easy to style. Simply side part you hair, comb it and take off three sections from the part you have more hair. Start plaiting an ordinary Dutch braid. Before you’ll secure it in place, gently pull out each loop to make the ‘do look slightly messy and effortless and you are done! Who can resist the temptation of giving this a try?

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Loose Dutch Braid

10. Messy Rope Braided Loose Bun Tutorial

The messy and textured look of this hairdo is what you need if you want to conceal the fact that your hair isn’t freshly washed. All you need to do is center part you hair, take off your bangs, if you have some and start braiding two small pigtails from each side of your head close to the bangs. Next criss cross the braids and wrap them around the head, securing with bobby pins on the back. Style your loose hair into an effortless bun and there you go! Easy and romantic!

10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days: Messy Rope Braided Loose Bun

In this hectic life we all strive to look at our best, spending minimum time in front of the mirror. These pretty hairstyles for dirty hair days are great to give a try, when you want to create the illusion of freshly washed tresses!

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