Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas You Might Like to Consider

There was a time once when hair came in 4 main colors: blonde, redhead, brunette and black. It was mostly natural, sometimes henna dyed, but never in shades of blues and greens or purples and pinks. These days, hair is not confined to the shades we are born with, or even bleached to. We now have the ability to pick up bright rainbow hair colors or even pastels that remind us of fairy tale worlds and anime characters. We can increase or decrease the intensities, highlight with whichever palette we wish and enjoy the unique individuality of our hair designs.

It’s interesting how each season brings on a new trend of hair colors. At the moment, many celebrities have set the fashion trends to pastel hair colors that remind us of mermaids from the deep blue sea. They are gorgeous, without a doubt, and the hairstyles sported with these hues are superb!

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas


Pastel Pink Hair

Rita Ora looks amazing with her short pastel pink bob that frames her face beautifully. Her glossy luminous lipstick and seductively pale colors remind us of cotton candy princesses. Warm brown eyes framed with long lashes provide the perfect contrast against the pale pink sugar of the look. She’s lovely and her deep side part looks amazing with the short-in-the-back straight bob.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Rita Ora

Mermaid Blue Hair

Rita Ora may rock the pink sugar candy look but she takes on the seas with a mighty precious hairstyle, complete with blue hues changing to purple tips, starting from the high ponytail and all of it adorned with braided cornrows and more braids in between. Multiple jewelry accents, long lashes framing eyes and red lipstick just give her a more magical appeal.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Rita Ora

Soft Mauve Hair

Ireland Baldwin has discovered winter with its frosty beauty and she’s translated that into soft mauve strands that fall in long layers, pin straight to past the shoulders. There’s a certain ethereal component to this look that’s neither too bright, nor too dull. The pastel of the purple is perfect and matches the snowy landscape well.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Ireland Baldwin

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Subtle Pink Hair

You don’t necessarily have to have your whole head dyed in a pastel hue, especially when it comes to peachy pinks peeking out of blonde locks. Long side-swept bangs, blow-dried straight hair and a single strand or 2 of pink do wonders in sprucing up this particular bob. It’s gorgeous and still has a certain magical feel, especially with light glossy lipstick.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: January Jones

Intense Fuchsia Hair

If we’re thinking anime characters, Hungarian model Barbara Palvin really could make the cut! Her intense fuchsia hair color brings out the blue of her eyes and the long straight hair from the center part looks rather amazing! We’re not sure if anyone other than models and rockstars, as well as anime characters of course, can pull this off, but she looks positively breathtaking!

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Barbara Palvin

Subtle Sunset Hair

Sienna Miller gets things right with her sunset look boasting oranges at the roots and lightening up to strawberry blondes. She looks elegant and lovely beyond belief, with the added splash of color only enhancing her spectacular hairstyle.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Sienna Miller

Witchy Blue Hair

Kylie Jenner really makes the witchy appeal glow with her black moving into aqua green color scheme turning heads everywhere. Add a witchy black hat to the mix and the medium length straight locks simply look amazingly glamorous! A tan skin tone and large almond eyes give her a mesmerizing attraction.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Kylie Jenner

Tie-Dye Pink Hair

Long, Hollywood vintage curls look stunning when they are full of light and medium hued pink streaks starting from the tip. This gives a new name to strawberry blondes as more and more celebrities opt to style their golden locks with rainbow colors such as sugary pinks. Jemima Kirke truly makes a statement with her design.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Jemima Kirke

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Rainbow Hair

If anyone can raise the bar for rainbow colored hair, it’s most definitely Hollywood’s darling Ke$ha as she strolls about making us wonder what was on her mind when we went for the pastel pinks, blues, purples and yellows in her hair. Of course a bejewelled dress and multiple pieces of statement accent jewelry only enhance the ocean diva look.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Kesha

Purple Mahoganies

From purple to mahogany with a gradient effect, Lily Allen looks stunning beyond belief as she walks out with her fringes bangs and medium length straight hair. Cat eyes lined with green and nude lips bring out even more of her feline beauty. She is truly captivating and the hair color cannot be disputed with.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Lily Allen

Teal Tips

If there was ever an amazing contrasting combination, it has to be teal with black. It’s subtle enough not to look too tacky, while the teal pieces of hair peeking out from underneath a naturally black bob look dynamic, electric and exude an air of glamour. Demi Lovato really knows how to bring out her features by creating such a captivating hairstyle.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas: Demi Lovato

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