Blowdrying Mistakes Most Girls Make

Our hair deserves the best of care and sometimes we don’t realize that we deprive it of that which will help it stay sleeker, healthier and looking more beautiful than ever. You need to understand your hair, from its texture to its type, requiring you to pay attention to how each product affects the look and feel of your wonderful tresses. It appears that particularly when it comes to blow-drying your hair, people make a lot of mistakes that end up harming the strands instead. You don’t want to be doing a lot of different things if you want to keep your mane salon-ready and gorgeous.

Some of the biggest blow-drying mistakes we as women make when applying the heat to our wet hair can be pulled together into these 9 simple rules!

Blowdrying Mistakes Most Girls Make

1. Start from the front: Too many times we think we’re doing things right when we go from the roots underneath up to the crown without realizing we’re just making life harder by adding to the frizz. On the contrary, if we decide to start from the hairline and slowly move to the ends of our manes, we will be smoothing out the pieces as we go along, coming up with the best possible results.

2. Wait before blow drying: There are so many people who think it is right to turn the blow dryer just after coming out of the shower, without even towelling or giving time to air dry a little. If you want to blow-dry so quickly, you will need to pre-dry by at least flipping head over to get rid of excess moisture.

3. Over-direct the brush: This is quite essential for the creation of proper volume. You want your hair to look its best and use the brush correctly to ensure that particular result. You should be holding the dryer at a 90-degree angle while you use the boar-bristle brush as a roller, releasing the hair in a C-shape throughout the process. The cool button on the dryer is often not understood. The reason it exists is to help set the locks in place. A rat-tail comb can also be used to tease the crown area for added volume.

4. Check the product label to apply correctly: Sometime we apply too much, other times too little, but it’s not always that we get the product application correct or that we apply to the right areas on the head. Anti-frizz should be focused on the hairline, while root lifters should be used between sections of hair.

5. Use a high quality blow dryer: It may seem like a great value to buy a blow dryer for cheap, but chances are that you are never really going to have salon quality hair. Plus, you run the risk of burning the hair with the lower grades. A higher quality dryer will not only be more powerful, but it won’t be as hot and certainly won’t damage your hair like the cheaper versions would. You want one that does the job quickly and without hassle.

6. Use a nozzle: There’s a reason a nozzle’s been included with the pack and that is to prevent your hair from frizzing up too much. Without a nozzle, you have no real concentration and that is not going to help keep your hair as smooth and luscious as you want it to be.

7. Style with the right brush: Sometimes the brushes we use are way too large or sometimes we don’t use one at all. The overly large ones make it impossible to create volume. Smaller boar-bristles are the best brushes that create the perfect amount of volume. Some like the ceramic ones but those don’t give the same lift the boar bristles do. Up to 2.5 inches in diameter is just perfect overall.

8. Use more than one product: It seems that many people just opt to use a volumizing spray without also adding a straightening balm, in order to create a more complete look, especially if your aim is to look sleek and elegant. While you finish up the blow dry, having a roller keeping some of the hair at the crown can assure you don’t remove all the body from the look.

9. Don’t forget the heat protectant: Hair tends to try out, break and feel the effects of damage rather keenly, which is why applying heat protectant oil from mid-shaft is our best bet for ensuring our hair is well protected and keeps the healthy shine we love. It helps finish off the styling quite nicely, managing even the coarsest or finest of hair types.

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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