Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

Braided hairstyles are lovely, chic and utterly fashionable, pulling your hair into well-cared-for looks that take little of your time but produce tremendous results. They can be sculpted or bohemian, rocker chick or soft looking, romantic or with an innocent touch. It doesn’t really matter because there’s a braided look for every occasion, every taste and every personality. The use of texture and different techniques in styling aim to produce interesting new designs that complete the outfit you are sporting perfectly. On the hunt for the trendiest fall/ winter 2014-2015 braided hairstyles, check out the most amazing runway looks presented below!

Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

Try the Faux Fringe and French Braids

Side French braids have always been the in-thing but having them loosely fall over the forehead to give a fringed look that shows off the best features on the face is another story altogether. You can either have it look sweet, soft and chic by brushing away the tangles and giving it a tighter braid down to the ear or you may use the same effect but add texture and a wilder look by having it looser and pulling it all into a messy chignon.

Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

Braided Chignons Are Sleek and Beautiful

For centuries now, if not millennia, women opt for gorgeous chignons amplified by braids. Particularly straight and glossy hair cannot be denied the temptation of being pulled into a braided chignon that adds sophistication and noble stance to any individual look. You can have it perfectly sculpted or in a messy-chic look, but no matter what it’s a timeless masterpiece for its simplicity in design. A romantic braided knot at the nape is often complimented when the face is sans makeup and the hair is parted from the middle. This looks especially gorgeous on strawberry-blonde and red haired looks. A messier look would include the braid coiled into a bun with tendrils peeking out everywhere and volume added to the crown. A cat-eyed look adds to the appeal of this style.

Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

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Slick Pigtails Can Also Look Chic and Retro

There’s something extra special about pigtails and we’re not talking Pippi Longstocking style either. Even though these do start behind the ears, they are thinner, sleeker in design and positively edgy in their rebellious nature. Add a headband or funky adornments to the look and you have a style that’s never going to be part of the past. Instead, we rather feel it’s synonymous with the future. There’s a youthful and playful quality about these tight braids and it’s interesting to see how many will be sporting it during the next fashion shows. To make it all look more innovative and sleek, you could knot the braids near the nape and let it hang down the back. This adds to the futuristic feel of it.

Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

Cornrows Can Actually Be Quite Glamorous

The typical cornrows may not be anything special but they are worth a mention nonetheless. They have made the high fashion catwalk and when thick and perfectly spaced, they make for a great half-up half-down ‘do. Furthermore, if they are made to curve with the head going ear to ear, they add a new factor that is not often seen on the streets. Leaving two strands of hair to glide straight down from in front of each ear has us wondering where this woman’s spaceship is. One can also have a Mohawk style single cornrow braid going down the center of the head, spanning down to the back. It’s lovely beyond belief and has a sleek natural design.

Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

Side Braids and Fishtails Can Be the Go-To for Any Bad Hair Day

When the going gets tough and it seems you really need to quickly pull your hair into a sleek style that won’t get in the way, but will look pretty enough to get by, a side-parted side braid comes to the rescue. Use the natural texture and play on it, pulling the hair into either a tight or loose side braid. You can do a bohemian double plait or any other form, including a fishtail, but no matter what, you will look like you spent more time working on it than you actually did. Add a braid running across the forehead for a more youthful, playful and whimsical look, particularly if you’ve made fishtail pigtails.

Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

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Crown Braids Leave an Impression

The milkmaids of the mast had some pretty special braids that spanned around their heads and looked sleek, lovely and perfectly attractive. Boarding school teachers had adopted the look as well and to date a rope plait looking like a crown on the head is a special look that cannot be ignored. There’s a certain air of innocence to the look and an even more inspiring design overall. It’s a timeless piece that comes back every few decades to add some personality to modern hair.

Best Runway Braided Hairstyles for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015

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