History of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

We may not be able to afford them, but we sure love watching those multi-million dollar Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras appear on the runway and then all over the Internet. We even check out the stores in the hopes of getting a real glimpse of the bejewelled pieces. All of Victoria’s Secret lingerie collections are appealing, sexy and often out-of-this-world. Furthermore, experience has shown that though they cost double the price of bras elsewhere, the sizes are a better fit and the comfort level of the pieces showcased are exemplary. Below we present the history of the famous Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras, their prices and the lovely Angels, who had the honor to show them off on the runway!

History of the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

1996: Victoria’s Secret Million Dollar Miracle Bra

The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra is officially 14 years old and has been around since 1996, when Claudia Schiffer was given the honor of modelling the first million-dollar bra.

1996: Victoria's Secret Million Dollar Miracle Bra

1997: Victoria’s Secret Diamond Dream Bra

In 1997, Tyra Banks showed off a more subtle and minimalist white satin bra that was simply dazzling and had a $3 million price tag. There was a 42-carat diamond at the center of the bra and 93 pear-cut diamonds lining the strapless piece.

1997: Victoria's Secret Diamond Dream Bra

1998: Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Fantasy Bra

In 1998, Daniela Pestova walked out in a $5 million bra. It was composed of 77 carats of marquise cut rubies and 330 carats of diamonds.

1998: Victoria's Secret Dream Angel Fantasy Bra

1999: Victoria’s Secret Millennium Bra

Heidi Klum was the Angel to wear the $10 million Millennium Bra to the catwalk with over 2000 diamonds and sapphires set in platinum. It was a piece with lots of sparkle that made it look like an inaccessible star.

1999: Victoria's Secret Millennium Bra

2000: Victoria’s Secret Red Hot Fantasy Bra

The most expensive Fantasy Bra presented in 2000 valued at $15 million included 1,300 diamonds and rubies, with 300 carats of Thai rubies within the bunch. It was a shining red satin piece, which Gisele Bündchen wore. The Red Hot Fantasy Bra holds the Guinness World Record of the most expensive bra in the world!

2000: Victoria's Secret Red Hot Fantasy Bra

2001: Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Star Bra

The price tag dropped a little in 2001 to $12.5 million and it included 1200 Sri Lankan pink sapphires and a 90-carat emerald cut diamond, which Heidi Klum was honored to wear. As the name of the bra hints, it was an outworldly, heavenly piece!

2001: Victoria's Secret Heavenly Star Bra

2002: Victoria’s Secret Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra

In 2002, Karolina Kurkova strutted down the catwalk in a $10 million floral piece featuring a 60-carat Mouawad Mondera diamond, 1600 emeralds and 1150 rubies. The floral design made Karolina look like a Forest fairy!

2002: Victoria's Secret Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra

2003: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Fantasy Bra

2003 brought Christmas to town as Heidi Klum once again took the stage in a matching bra and panty set that cost $11 million. It took 370 hours to create and boasted a 70-carat Excelsior diamond. 2800 gems embellished this killer piece, making it shine so bright!

2003: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Fantasy Bra

2004: Victoria’s Secret Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra

Tyra Banks came out once more in 2004, wearing $10 million with a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond. This extravagant piece took 275 hours to make.

2004: Victoria's Secret Heavenly "70" Fantasy Bra

2005: Victoria’s Secret Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra

Gisele B‚Äö√†√∂¬¨‚à´ndchen was back in 2005 in a $12.5 million sexy bra and matching panties that looked like the perfect Santa’s helper outfit. The piece was encrusted with 2900 pave set diamonds, 22 ruby gemstones, while a 101-carat diamond adorned the center of the 18-carat white gold bra.

2005: Victoria's Secret Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra

2006: Victoria’s Secret Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra

Karolina Kurkova came back in 2006 with a $6.5 million bra that was encrusted with 2000 diamonds and had a 10-carat diamond brooch in the center.

2006: Victoria's Secret Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra

2007: Victoria’s Secret Holiday Fantasy Bra

Selita Ebanks appeared in 2007 in a $4.5 million bra, thong, garter, cuff and barrette set featuring diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires and emeralds. Jeweller Mouawad was behind this mesmerizing creation.

2007: Victoria's Secret Holiday Fantasy Bra

2008: Victoria’s Secret Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra

In 2008, the $5 million Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra was unveiled worn by Adriana Lima. It was encrusted with 3575 black diamonds, 34 rubies and 117 one-carat diamonds. Celebrity jeweller Martin Katz was the creator of this piece.

2008: Victoria's Secret Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra

2009: Victoria’s Secret Harlequin Fantasy Bra

Harlequin Fantasy came to light in 2009, worn by Marisa Miller. It cost $3 million and featured 2300 diamonds and a gorgeous 16-carat heart-shaped diamond pendant as the centerpiece.

2009: Victoria's Secret Harlequin Fantasy Bra

2010: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra

Adriana Lima was back in 2010 with the $2 million Bombshell Fantasy Bra. It was composed of 3000 brilliant cut 60 carats of white diamonds, 82 carats of oval-shaped topazes and light blue sapphires, set in 18-carat white gold. It took six Damiani craftsmen over 1500 hours to complete the work.

2010: Victoria's Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra

2011: Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra

Cutie pie Miranda Kerr hit the scene in 2011 with the gorgeous $2.5 million bra with 142 carats of diamonds, countless pearls, citrines and aquamarines – overall 3400 gems.

2011: Victoria's Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra

2012: Victoria’s Secret Floral Fantasy Bra

The $2.5 million Floral Fantasy Bra with 5200 different precious stones, including rubies, sapphires, amethysts, white, pink and yellow diamonds, was worn by Alessandra Ambrosio in 2012. It was Alessandra’s first time to wear a fantasy bra after over 11 years as an Angel.

2012: Victoria's Secret Floral Fantasy Bra

2013: Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra

Candice Swanepoel brought the $10 million Royal Fantasy Bra to the stage in 2013, featuring 4200 gems set in 18-carat gold and a 52-carat pear-cut ruby dangling from the center.

2013: Victoria's Secret Royal Fantasy Bra

2014: Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras

In 2014, for the first time in history Victoria’s Secret unveiled two matching bras in different colors, presented by Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. Each bra costs $2 million and each contains 16,000 gems, accompanied by an 18-carat yellow gold body piece. Pascal Mouawad and his team spent 1380 hours to create these masterpieces!

2014: Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras

We can’t imagine how amazing it would be to be wearing those pieces and how stressful it would be to own it! Then again, though it’s a clear fantasy that we may never achieve, we can always keep on dreaming of owning one of these pieces at least. The Heavenly Star, Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle, and Fantasy Treasure bras are certainly on our must-have lists!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro, Harper’s Bazaar, Victoria’s Secret

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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