6 Gorgeous DIY Vintage Hairstyles

Gorgeous locks only look better when given a vintage touch, complete with headbands, volume, curls and the like. We want to look pretty, the loveliest sweetheart in the crowd; we want our fans to multiply, for the men to fall in love and for the world to see our inner radiance shine through. Now, that doesn’t mean that a single hairstyle will achieve these milestones, but who’s to say it won’t help? Here are 6 of the loveliest DIY vintage hairstyles you should be trying out during the next little while.

Classic Bombshell Vintage Hair Tutorial

This look is gorgeous, from the volume in front to the side pinned look, to the curls that cascade down your shoulders. It looks amazing on red hair as well and might do better with a few highlights and lowlights if you love adding color to your hair. It is vintage/retro and rather like a pin-up girl from a few decades ago. What you’ll need is a wide toothed comb, a brush, a curling iron that’s 1-2 inches thick, bobby pins to keep the curl and style in place, hot rollers if you feel your hair needs the extra help and hairspray. Now, follow these steps:

1. Brush hair until it is smooth, section off a 4 inch bang that you pin to the side and apply the hot rollers to the rest of the hair for up to 20 minutes, depending on how much heat you need for the perfect style.

2. Take the rollers out, add hairspray to the locks, and scrunch up before creating a nice side-part and using the curling iron to add to the curls.

3. Make sure the top layer is smooth with a comb, while the lower curls could use the light touch of a brush, giving the pin-up girl look.

4. Comb from the temple to the side and put in some bobby pins to keep it in place, thus having smoothed out the side of the side-part that had the least hair.

5. Create a loop with your fingers for your bang and pin it to the other side of your head lightly, adding a special touch to the look. Fluff it all up a little and you’re done in 5 easy steps!

DIY Vintage Hairstyles: Pin-Up Retro Hairstyle Tutorial

The Great Gatsby Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial

If we’re talking vintage, we’re certainly talking a great Great Gatsby style updo that’s bound to have jaws dropping everywhere, particularly with that jewelled and silk headband. If you need to, find an imitation band, but make sure it has some fake jewels and a larger embellishment on the side, coupled with a few feathers in white. It’s the best route to go. To get the look, follow these steps:

1. Split the hair so that the top section is clipped up and the bottom section is split in two, making two little braids, looking them around each other and securing them together with bobby pins.

2. Leave about an inch of hair now from the bottom end of the top section that’s been clipped, curling it tightly around a 19 mm wand and clipping each curled piece against the scalp.

3. Continue doing this all around the head, moving forward when you reach the top, and clipping in place. Spray over to keep it as pretty as it was on the wand.

4. Let it sit for about half an hour before pulling out the clips and using a flat brush to open up the curls into pretty larger versions of themselves before adding a hair serum to pull away the frizz.

5. Finally, take the end and curl them inwards to pin them into the braids you made at the beginning, and add the headband to the gorgeous hairstyle.

DIY Vintage Hairstyles: Great Gatsby Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial

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Modern Gatsby Hairstyle Tutorial

We love the Gatsby hairstyle, but we would like to go for a modern look. Here’s what to do:

1. Curl all the hair with a medium tong but keep a fringe sectioned off, pin up the curls and let it cool. A smaller tong can be used for the fringe section. Make sure you cover your face when you spray to keep the curls in place.

2. Wait at least 10 minutes, better at 20 min, and let down your hair, gently brushing through fingers and then a soft boar bristle brush.

3. Now, bring over to one shoulder all that hair, twisting to the side and pinning to the head that you will then cover with pretty clips of your choice. Voila! You have the modern Gatsby look!

DIY Vintage Hairstyles: Modern Gatsby Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial

Tuck and Cover Hairstyle Tutorial

There are so many styles to take into consideration that resemble the Great Gatsby look and this is no different. It’s simply too pretty, too enchanting and easy enough to get if we put our minds to it. It’s quick and fun to get this style and I assure you it will have you looking like the knock-out we know you are.

1. Grab a pretty headband, preferably with some form of glittering rocks on it and line it up with your hairline. Grab the hair in front of your ear and wrap around the band, letting it hand down, combining with the hair next to it and wrapping again.

2. You will not wrap the next section of hair, but will hold it over the band before taking the rest of the hair and bringing it towards the band to farm a ball shape, tucking it under the band but making sure the ends stick outwards.

3. For a better look, pull out two pieces of hair on the side and cover the left ear, loosening the look slightly. It’s gorgeous without a doubt and you look ready to take on the red carpet!

DIY Vintage Hairstyles: Headband Tuck Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial

Pin-Up Victory Rolls Tutorial

Nothing says vintage better than voluminous large victory rolls sitting on top of the head. You want to go fun and extreme with this style and it’s a great classic to wear during the upcoming holiday dinners and outings. You’ll be the talk of the town and look quite lovely while at it. What you’ll need is a boar bristle teasing comb, a 1-inch curling iron, bobby pins, a hair tie and hairspray.

1. A curved line from temple to temple will help you create the look as you tie back the bottom part of your hair to play with later on. Do a side part where you pull the larger portion out of the way and focus on the smaller side, gently teasing it. You will also tease about 5 sections of the larger part of the hair.

2. Draw a line with bobby pins an inch away from your part, reaching almost to the front but not exactly. Comb the smaller side over and spritz some hairspray underneath for added volume. Brush the ends lightly and then use a curling iron where the hair faces inwards, roll to scalp and slowly release to keep the form of the roll, flattening the back and curling under to close off the roll that you will bobby pin well into place. Repeat for the other side so that the rolls are sitting high on your head beautifully

3. Let the back of your hair down that you had tied earlier, comb it straight and smooth before placing another line of bobby pins, this time horizontally from ear to ear. Use a curling iron to bunch up the curls to your neck, secure with bobby pins and spritz hairspray to hold. Now you look totally old-fashioned and will definitely grab some attention. Add a pretty flower over your ear, under one victory roll to complete the freshly minted vintage look.

DIY Vintage Hairstyles: Pin-Up Victory Rolls Hairstyle Tutorial

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Classic 1940s Victory Rolls Tutorial

It appears the vintage victory rolls are back in style in some sectors of our society and it’s good to know how to do it right. The previous style really nailed the look but here’s how you can make it look more modern.

1. Part the hair in the middle, forming two sections to work with. Starting from one side, take a section and back-comb from behind and smooth out before wrapping the end of the section around two fingers and rolling towards the scalp. No need for curling iron here.

2. Roll up and pin it in place before repeating on the other side. The back of your hair can be down or up, depending on how you personally prefer it. If you want it up, take the remaining section of the hair, make a tighter roll and pin it in place. You can have this split in two as well for added charm.

3. Add a scarf or band around the rolls to really look pretty and timeless with this classy style!

DIY Vintage Hairstyles: 1940s Pin-Up Victory Rolls Hairstyle Tutorial

Photos courtesy of Twist Me Pretty, Freckled Fox, Missy Sue, A Beautiful Mess

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