Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry blonde hair is all the rage now with many Pinterest boards readied, containing gorgeous hairstyles that are simply out of this world! We love our hair and we love changing it up once in a while, particularly if we have little grays to cover up. We need a little pick-me-up from time to time and blondes certainly do the trick. Blonde hair with a hint of red undertones? That’s exactly what we need when winter hits and there’s no way to get to a warm sunny beach. For that reason, we present you with a myriad of strawberry blonde hairstyles that will have you running to the closest hair salon to get back those days of carefree summer fun.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

1. Strawberry Blonde Medium Wavy Cut

Karlie Kloss looks enchanting with her medium length strawberry blonde hair styled to perfection with subtle waves. It’s most definitely a look we can adopt for our daily routines as the slight side-part gives the look a more elegant edge while she doesn’t seem to have spent much time getting it done at all.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Karlie Kloss

2. Strawberry Blonde Short Bob

Evan Rachel Wood looks stunning in a darker strawberry blonde cute little bob with a deep side-part and slight flip inwards. Of course, the eyes, the lashes and that bold red lipstick really bring out the strawberry in this dirtier blonde look.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Evan Rachel Wood

3. Strawberry Blonde Long Side Part

Marg Helgenberger looks rather lovely with her medium length strawberry blonde hair kept really simply with a loose long side-part and a slight flip out at the ends. Age means nothing if she can look this pretty with simple makeup, hair and jewellery. Often, the least adorned are the best of the bunch.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Marg Helgenberger

4. Strawberry Blonde Short Wavy Cut

Short hair need not be uninteresting, especially when it’s just a finger or two above the shoulder. After all, lovely perfectly sculpted wavy locks like Beth Behr’s are just perfect when considering the strawberry blonde look.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Beth Behrs

5. Strawberry Blonde Long Wavy Cut

Molly Sims looks positively dashing with her gorgeous long wavy hair coiffed to perfection. The side part gives it volume, while the sweep over one shoulder adds to the cascading illusion, catching the light with the strawberry in the blonde look. The nude lips allow the focus to be retained on the eyes and hair, really bringing out her inner radiant glow.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Molly Sims

6. Strawberry Blonde Long Layered Cut

A layered cut looks great on Chiara Ferragni with her part down the middle of her crown and long layers adding to the appeal. She looks taller and thinner than she is, and that’s saying much considering there’s barely any meat on that body of hers. The hair cannot be messed with though as we know we all wish we’d wake up with that as our bed-hair at least once in a while.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Chiara Ferragni

7. Strawberry Blonde Long Straight Cut

A long straight cut, strawberry blonde and the just-out-of-the-shower look pair up splendidly when considering Daria Strokous’ style. It’s not your common celebrity ‘do and it most certainly suites her features, bringing the focus to big blue-green eyes that seem to hold the ocean’s melody in them. Slicked back, this style has got spunk!

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Daria Strokous

8. Strawberry Blonde Classic Bun

Deeper strawberry blonde only looks better when pulled into a sleek classic bun, complete with a perfect side-part and elegance radiating from her features. The pale skin and darker focus on the eyes really bring out the best in Jessica Chastain.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Jessica Chastain

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9. Strawberry Blonde Retro Hairstyle

Jessica Chastain may not only rock the classic bun, but she most definitely cannot have anyone else even close to looking as great as she does with the retro hairstyle she’s rocked of late. The curls, the side-part, the volume and the pure retro have us falling in love with the look so completely, we might be adopting it soon enough!

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Jessica Chastain

10. Strawberry Blonde Side-Swept Hair

Bella Thorne loves to change up her ‘dos and there’s no way we can skip her deep strawberry blonde look pulled into a side-swept look. Radiant is the only word we can use with this woman it seems who appears to have a candle lit up from within, illuminating the room.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Bella Thorne

11. Strawberry Blonde Long Center Part

Abbey Lee Kershaw looks absolutely amazing with her light strawberry blonde hair bordering on pink, styled with a center part and looking 90’s Brittany Spears. Her enchanting eyes and defined cheekbones also leave us with a rather ’90s impression and we love it. There’s spunk enough in this girl that had her go more pink than blonde.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Abbey Lee Kershaw

12. Strawberry Blonde Medium Cut with Bangs

Emma Stone could not look more stunning than with her strawberry blonde hair in a medium cut, lightly waved and with a side-swept long bang look. She is just mesmerizing and the hairstyle is perfect for anyone considering the strawberry blonde look.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Emma Stone

13. Strawberry Blonde Half-up Half-down

Paris Hilton rocks a gorgeous strawberry blonde look and we most definitely will be emulating it. The half-up half-down look with the side part at the crown and gorgeous long waves have us staring at our own hair length in the mirror and wondering if we can look half as good. So pretty!

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Paris Hilton

14. Strawberry Blonde Messy Updo

For the days you need a real style for an evening event you cannot miss, a messy updo might do the trick as the light bounces off the tendrils, creating a lovely shading to the strawberry blonde look. It’s chic enough for Constance Jablonski to have rocked the look during the Angel Ball.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Constance Jablonski

15. Strawberry Blonde Long Braided Hair

Strawberry blonde hair color looks exceptionally beautiful in combination with this side-swept messy braided hairstyle that Blake Lively sported to stun everyone with her charming appearance. The precious jewelled accessory added to the ‘do enhanced the glam effect of her overall look.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors: Blake Lively

Strawberry blonde is just one lovely shade of the timelessly chic blonde hair color that you can go for, if you want to add lots of warmth and charisma to your appearance. The above-mentioned hairstyles can always inspire you to bring the best out of your strawberry blonde locks!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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