How French Women Style Their Hair

The best in fashion comes out from France, showing off to the world that there’s at least one country in the world that can do no wrong in the universe of stylish trends. From femme fatales to dolce madams, the Francophile nation provides the world with only the best in the industry. Hairstyles are no less a grand feat for the French than their Coco Chanel designer trends, and we all want to know how French women style their hair that they manage to always look that effortlessly chic.

The French blow drying techniques are not to be reckoned with and we are dying to know their secrets. They simply look perfect, whether it’s sleek and chic, tousled just so, or undone in a manner that’s simply just perfect. Check out some interesting hair styling options that have been adopted by the French for us to take on, doing it ourselves in the comfort of our homes. These include the Parisian sleek and straight strands, swooping textured bobs, and tumbling tousled waves that can be achieved with a few tricks and products.

How French Girls Style Their Hair

French Straight Blowout

This is a hairstyle that sticks about for days and is as straight as an arrow with a soft flip inwards at the edges. To achieve this, start with damp hair that you absorb the moisture out of with an old cotton t-shirt instead of a tower, cutting down on the frizz and flyaway hair. Section away the back of the hair from the crown before parting the front into three sections: left, center and right. Use bobby pins when tucking away the strands so they don’t dry in a strange manner. Bangs look great with this look so leave them out of the sections and dry them with a blow dryer so they don’t air-dry imperfectly. Heat protectant sprays work best when you are drying from the roots and using a flat brush for best results. You love those bangs now, admit it. We know we adore the look as well.

Now, once the bangs are done, unclip the back section so that you won’t get lazy or tired as you may if you start from the front. Plus, this makes sure you get everything, from the bottom, up. You want the roots and the shafts of hair to dry before you reach the ends so work to achieve your look thus. You want the ends to have movement and not be too dry to have texture. Each section left should be dried the same way, except when you’re working the upmost layer, make sure you also aim the heat at the roots from the underside to ensure there’s a certain lift to your hair at the crown.

Use a flat iron to smooth out any bumps that may exist, particularly if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. Start from mid-shaft to give it a sleeker look without affecting the volume. Add a cool shot of air from the blow dryer to really set in the look. A sealing serum applied from mid-shaft to the ends should finish it all off and ensure you enjoy a few days of pretty, sleek and straight French hair.

How French Girls Style Their Hair

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French Bob Tutorial

Short chops are all the rage right now and achieving the perfect look with it should be a breeze with these steps. Take this French celeb inspired look to a whole new level and add character to the look in a way we have not seen before. Balm should be placed in your palms and worked into the hair, starting from the roots at the back of your head in order to keep the front from weighing down too much. A primer should be used on damp hair that gives lift, volume and hold, before combing your hair to one side with a paddle bear-bristled brush. Using hands instead of a brush will give you a more textured look. Dry it out and do the same on the other side.

The bangs should be done before the rest of the hair, as per the reasoning shared with the first styling option. This style needs to be a little bit on the messy side and most certainly not on the sleek side. Some hair pulled forward will add some pizazz, though long bangs should also do the trick in a side-swept design. Attitude and mystery is the appeal you hope to inspire here.

How French Girls Style Their Hair

French Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial

Waves are sexy and the waves French women pull off are simply a work of wondrous art. Now, we can do the same with our unruly locks, hoping to achieve the romance of beautifully sleek wavy hair without the salon price attached. Hair sectioned off into four parts, you want to prep yourself for the perfect blowout. Prime your hair with heat-protectant spray. Start by using the back of a paddle brush; work towards the sides and finish the center with a round in order to add some volume and achieve the perfect windswept look. Pull the section of hair, wrap around the round brush and brush away from the face, keeping the heat directed that way for a few seconds. Before releasing the hair, rotate the wrist over slightly so that the strands fall as cascading curls or waves, depending on how much or how little you pull.

Do this all around your head, keeping the curls turned away from the face and make sure they do not sit on top of one another in order to get the volume you need. Spritzing with dry shampoo afterwards will help keep the look as perfect as can be for as long as possible. If you want a messier version of these waves, flip the air a few times to break them apart but keep the natural movement. At the end of the day, there was no curling iron necessary!

How French Girls Style Their Hair

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