20 Expert Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Beauty is a woman’s trump card wherever she goes and whatever relationship she enters into. It may not be fair, but it most certainly is the truth, so much so that even newborn children respond better to beautiful faces. A beautiful face need not be one that’s been sculpted and moulded, but often is that which allows inner radiance to shine out.

With all that said and done, we establish habits to keep our beauty shining through with as much light as possible. Some secrets are best when shared with those we care about and here are 20 little known beauty hacks that would have you looking fresh and healthy every day of your life.

20 Expert Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

1. 60 Seconds to Moisture: After cleansing your skin, don’t leave it bare for over a minute as that could lead to dehydration. What you need to do is moisturize as quickly as possible to lock the moisture in and protect the skin against the elements. You will not want a tight, dry feeling when the dry air sucks the life out of your skin.

2. No Alcohol Before Wax: It may sound strange to say but it’s best to refrain from having that lovely refresher of a Cosmo before heading out for a waxing session as this will lead to tightened pores and more difficulty in removing the hair. Hydrated bodies are best while skin-care products are great preps before yanking those unwanted pieces of hair off baby-soft skin. Leave the alcohol celebration for after you have gone through that painful but necessary experience.

3. Careful with your Teeth: We often don’t realize it when we’re clenching our teeth, but that in itself begins to age our skin by creating tension around the mouth and effectively causing protruding jaw muscles and lines around the corners. A mouth-guard might come in handy to wear during some activities or while sleeping but simply being careful not to clench the teeth should help as well.

4. Wet Hair Locks in Color: If you are about to jump into a pool with chlorine or the salty ocean, you might want to consider wetting your hair first and allowing the tendrils to drink up the water that won’t damage the look, leaving little room for the chlorine or salt that would dry out and/or fade out your hair color. Coating the hair in conditioner also does the same job and protects against the harshness of chemicals and natural salt. Just make sure you rinse your hair again after a swim.

5. Sour Cream for Sunburns: Natural ways to heal burns are aplenty and often used but few know about the grand effects of sour cream. It may sound weird, but it really works. The fats nourish the skin, effectively getting rid of the need to scratch and feel uncomfortable, while the chilled sour cream cools off the burning sensation, soothing your overworked skin. A cold shower after applying the sour cream mask should work wonders on your skin!

6. Cotton Balls are Unnecessary: You have been using cotton balls to apply toners and other products to your skin for a while now, but that just means you have been wasting the product and getting little effect out of it. Instead, you should be using you palm and fingers in an upward motion to firm up the muscles in the face. Cotton balls should only be used for hygienic purposes when applying certain acne care solutions.

7. Smokey Starts with Dark: You may not realize this, but some people seem to not start their smokey eyes with the darker shadows, effectively leading to less enchanting results. You should be applying primer, a translucent powder, line and the deepest shadow, and then work into the medium colors and end with the light shades over the brow bone. Putting on the light shadow first dilutes the look of the deeper colors.

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8. Shampoo Helps Eczema: As strange as it sounds, washing your face with shampoo helps soothe the irritation of eczema. The shampoo should be specifically for dandruff and with pyrithione zinc in the mix to help calm the skin. It does work though!

20 Expert Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

9. Razors Out of Shower: We all have a tendency to keep our razors in the showers for quick reach and ease of use. However, by keeping it in the wet environment, you increase the rate at which you need to go through blades as the tools begin to rust and the edges begin to dull. Instead you should always pat the razor dry and store it in a cabinet that will not let moisture affect it, ensuring you always get the close shave you need without all the nicks and cuts you are prone to.

10. Powder to Last: Your makeup will last much longer if you add a bit of powder over it, essentially sealing it off from the elements. This works with cream makeups, including blush and shadow, as well as concealers. Makeup is prone to fading, to running, to being washed away in sweat and tears, but this hack helps keep you more put-together and ready to take on the world.

11. Coat of Product on Bobby Pins: Your hair is bound to come undone out of those bobby pins no matter how well you have coiffed it, due to the slippery nature of the pins. Sometimes they’re just not as reliable as they should be. However, coating them with hairspray and dry shampoo should give them the grip needed to hold up that ‘do for as long as you need it held up, from a couple of hours to a couple of days if need be.

12. Baking Soda a Great Hair Cleanse: Over time your hair turns dull and lifeless due to the waxes, silicones, oils and minerals building up in there and taking away from its natural beauty. To deep cleanse you hair, a teaspoon of baking soda can be mixed in with a quarter sized amount of clarifying shampoo and massaged into the hair and onto the scalp. Rinse it and condition to moisturize the beautiful locks. However, make sure you only do this a maximum of twice a month if your hair is natural and only once if it’s been dyed. You don’t want to dry it out.

13. Toothbrush before Breakfast: People normally brush their teeth after breakfast, but it’s been found that doing so before you eat is better, particularly since the bacteria accumulating in your mouth as you sleep could be digested with your breakfast, which doesn’t have the most positive effect on the skin. You want your immune system working well and feeding it bacteria that can weaken it is not part of the equation.

14. Don’t Rub Perfume: We’ve seen it done in the movies and we do it in reality, taking the perfume, spritzing on the wrists and rubbing them together. The friction takes away from the initial fragrance. You should let it settle and perfume the air on its own.

15. Wax When Dry: It may seem common knowledge but there are still those who try to wax after taking a shower, when the body still retains moisture and is still hot to the touch. What you need is to make sure your skin is dry because if you are hot and sweaty, the adherent will only melt onto the skin, making the experience more sticky and painful than it need be. It’s worse if you use a hard wax over the DIY wax strips, but both have the same nasty effect. You will want to do this after the moisture has been absorbed and the skin is dry.

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16. LukeWarm Water is Best: You do not wash a baby’s skin with freezing cold or boiling hot waters and you shouldn’t wash yours thus either. What you need to use is lukewarm water that will neither dry out your skin nor freeze it in place. As such, a shower shouldn’t be too hot either, as your broken capillaries will be showing clearly. If no marks are left on the skin, it’s perfect.

17. Coconut Oil Saves Powder: Your powdered makeup often gets shattered without you noticing and then you are left with a bit of a mess to clean up and powder too loose to carry about. You can turn this into a lightweight cream by mixing with coconut oil, blending a drop with a pinch.

18. No SPF in Foundation: Honestly, unless you wish to look like a mime, make sure the foundation you are using does not contain SPF, as this will reflect quite brightly when being photographed. A moisturizer with SPF is what you need underneath, but makeup is not soaked in and that means you will be looking rather white when those negatives are developed.

19. Saline for Mascara Life: Your mascara is typically used daily and will run out, or you will think it has. Drop in some saline solution and it will mix with the dried mascara and extend the life of that cosmetic for weeks if not months. Thus you get more than you money’s worth with a simple hack.

20. Flatiron Maximum Efficiency: When styling your hair with a flat iron, turn the heat up to 365¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ªF for maximum result. This closes the hair cuticles, making it more resilient to damage and giving it a glossy shine. Too much heat will damage the hair, while too little will mean the style won’t last. 365¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ªF is the perfect balance.

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