8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls

We all wake up some mornings, stare at our hair in the mirror and realize we really do not want to spend a full hour making ourselves look coiffed and presentable before the world today. We don’t want to get up so early some days, while on others we simply cannot get our hair to stay the way we want it to. Admit it, we all get lazy at one point or another and if we work from home or just need to run out for an errand and come back, we really do not want to be spending precious time mastering the artistry of a beautiful hairstyle. From time to time, you will want something that looks very chic but was easy to do in the first place as you rush out to meet your date for the night. No matter what you want the easy hairstyles for, here are a few easy and cute hairstyles for lazy girls along with their tutorials for you!

Grown-up Topsy Tail

For this look, what you need to do is to tie your hair at mid-height, take a strand and wrap around the elastic band to cover it up, securing it with a bobby pin. Next you tie a clear elastic about 3 inches down to create the first section, separate the section into 2 creating a hole and flip the rest of the tail through, creating a pretty partially braided look. Pull the hair to adjust and do the same for as many sections as you wish. It’s interesting to look at, easy to do and different from your everyday mid-height ponytail.

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: Bubble Ponytail

Banded Pony

Tease your hair and pull up into a high ponytail. Move about 2 inches down and tie another elastic, before repeating the same until you reach the end of the hair strands. Then go back up so that you can loosen each section slightly but gently tugging on it. This creates a braided hair illusion when seen from afar but is much easier to do and all it requires is a few elastic bands.

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: Banded Ponytail

Effortless High Pony

Normally, a high ponytail reminds us of a look that spells you just left the gym. In this case, you make it look flouncier, more secure and most definitely more polished. Add a slight curl to the end of your hair in a minute or two, pull out a small section at the start of your hairline and clip it away for later use. Flip your head and gather your hair into a high ponytail, secure it and make sure there’s a slight bump to it. Tease the bit you left a little and then pull it back to wrap around the tail, ensuring that you’ve left a little volume at the top. Voila!

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: High Ponytail

Classic Side Ponytail

You can do a classic side ponytail or a classic side bun, but the latter looks a little more sophisticated. For best result, teas around the crown and separate your hair into 3 sections, 1 in back and 2 in front (one on each side of the face, parting at the ear). The back section should be pulled into a ponytail on the side with the most hair, falling behind and under the ear, and tied before taking one section of the hair left and wrapping it around the elastic band, holding in place with bobby pins and then bringing the other section to do the same. For the bun, you should then fold the tail in two and secure with pins also.

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: Side Ponytail

Headband Tuck

This is a really easy style as well and all it requires is a brush to tease your hair a bit and then a headband to place over your head. You will then begin tucking your hair into your headband from the top down by gently pulling the hair back towards your ears and then tucking down under. Work with the hair on one side until you reach just behind the ears and then move to the other side to make things easier for you. Then move to the back and pull hair into sections, ticking them around your band. Keep the look fluffy and messy and it will only look more adorable.

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: Headband Tuck

Textured Sock Bun

This one’s really easy as well, since all you will need is a sock that you have no use for, would be better if it was longer in length to give the bun a fuller look, and roll it up kind of loosely for more volume. Tie your hair with an elastic band as high as you want, put your hand in the sock that now looks like a doughnut and pull it to the middle of the tail before starting to wrap the ends around the sock, then slowly roll upwards, making sure the hair is covering all parts of the sock. Add spray if you want to keep the flyaways at bay and just roll back out when you get back in the evening. Easy as that!

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: Sock Bun

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Basic Boho Braids

Think cowgirl braids with a twist! What you will need here is a few elastic bands and a bit of time on your hands to do a few braids. Mind you, this can be done without a mirror as well so those long commutes on the bus or train can come in handy. Separate the hair into 3 sections, and start braiding from around the shoulder to ensure it has the loose, laid-back boho look. The hair that’s been left in front braid into little braids; that will add some character to the look. With both side braided and the bit in front also done up, loosen the larger ones a little and tuck in a feather or two for a more Bohemian look if you wish.

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: Boho Braids

Twisted Together

This is one of the easiest looks you can have that is both elegant and takes little to no time at all. What you need to do is grab a strand as thick as you’d like and twist it to the back of the head where you pin it in place before doing the same with a strand from the other side. Once both sides are pinned just smooth out the twisted look, tuck in the ends of the strands under one another, and spray with hairspray to finish off if you wish. Leave rest of your hair tousled and loose. It’s a perfect summer look!

8 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Lazy Girls: Twists

Photos courtesy of Camille Styles, Freckled Fox, Twist Me Pretty

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