20 Concealer Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Under eye dark spots, pesky pimples, uneven skin and brown spots all drive us crazy when it comes time to needing our skin to be clean and clear and under control. Furthermore, unwanted skin problems on the face and body crop up when least expected and most certainly when they are entirely unwanted. Then again, we can’t imagine ever wanting less than flawless skin. This is why concealers are such lifesavers, a lady’s best friend and an important addition to any makeup purse.

20 Concealer Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

However, we often do not know the best ways to use those concealers of ours, sticking to having only one, putting them on wrong and simply not understanding the extent of the wonder, which is the concealer. Here are some concealer makeup hacks that you should always remember, both in makeup application and simply evening out the look of your skin.

1. Foundation First

If you use foundation first, you will notice that there will be little need to use so much concealer on the problem areas, whereas using it first and then applying the foundation means you’ll be smudging much of it off.

2. Replacing Concealer

If you notice that you have run out of concealer but do have liquid foundation, place a small dot of the latter over the pimple, wait until it dries out a little so it reaches concealer consistency and then blend it in with the skin. If you do it too soon, you will only be rubbing it off.

3. Each Concealer Is Different

If you have bluish under-eye circles, use a pink or peach-toned concealer, while a tallow-toned concealer works to even out the skin tone as a whole and the green is used to cover up red spots and blemishes.

4. Triangles Instead of Dots or Lines

Normally you hear that instead of putting dots under the eyes when applying concealer, you should do horizontal or diagonal lines, ensuring you get every part of the skin necessary.

However, an even better hack is to draw a triangle, lightly fill it in, and then smudge it to even out the complexion. This brings the focus to the eyes as it’s like a flashlight shown over your skin.

5. Green Before Skin Tone Concealer

We don’t know if you know that there are different colors in the concealer section and green is one of them. The reason the green exists is to completely blot out the red of the pimple when you dab it right onto the breakout, while you should then cover this up with a skin toned concealer, effectively camouflaging the pesky thing.

6. Ring Finger Should Do the Dabbing

When it comes to under-eye circles, often an orange or peach color will do perfectly. To dab it on however and blend it into the skin, the ring finger applies just the right amount of weak pressure needed to protect the delicate skin of the area.

7. Powder over Concealer

If your breakouts are on the back or on your chest, cover with a concealer that matches your personal skin tone, hiding the blemish, while adding some powder over it will keep the concealer in place so it doesn’t rub off over the course of the day.

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8. For Brighter Eyes

A concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone works wonders in bringing out the natural beauty of your eyes. Just rub it on the inner V of your lids, across the middle section of the top lid and just below the brow bone. Your eyes will look more youthful, better rested and perfectly natural.

9. Make Brows Pop

You can also use the concealer pencil that’s slightly lighter in color to line the brow, top and bottom, really making the look pop out. Use your finger to blend it in, the warmth of your fingers melting the product into place.

10. Use for Better Eyeshadow Grip

Dab a bit of concealer on the eyelids in order to make sure the powder shadow will not collect in the creases or fall off throughout the night. Plus, this way you do not need to buy eyeshadow primer.

11. Don’t Forget Certain Areas of the Eyes

The shadowed section between the bridge of the nose and the eyes are often affected by your stress and lack of proper sleep as well. Don’t forget to spread the concealer to that region as well.

12. Q-Tips Make for Great Application Tools

You may not need a brush for makeup application in some instances and putting on concealer is one. A Q-tip works wonders in letting your control how much pressure you put, while protecting the skin with its cotton tip.

13. Blotting is Good

You don’t want the concealer to be getting into the eye creases so it’s best to just blot the excess product with a thin tissue, ensuring your concealer doesn’t retain a cakey look.

14. Perfect for Sharpening Cat Eye

We often make mistakes when using our eyeliner to draw those sultry cat eyes and concealer can be used to help sharper the look without having us remove the whole thing and try again.

15. Great for Lips As Well

You can use the concealer applied with a fine brush around the lips to really bring out the pouty look, thus preventing the bleeding out of the color as well. You can create a plumper illusion as well by filling in the middle section of the lips with a light concealer and blending it in. It adds certain shine and depth to the look, while looking just perfect when you also add a nude gloss.

Furthermore, you can reshape the look of the lips by covering the whole thing with concealer and then tracing with a lip pencil just outside the natural lines, filling in the whole of the lip with the pencil for added effect and finish off with a lip stain or gloss.

16. Shades of Lip Gloss

You can lighten up the shades of the lip gloss by mixing it in with light concealer. This achieves a brighter look with less stain on the lips, giving it a sheer luminosity.

17. Double Shades

You may not realize it but a simple concealer in 2 different shades, one lighter than your skin and the other darker, gives you an advantage in mastering the contouring process. Pencil concealers are best to use here for maximum control.

The lighter concealer should be used where the light naturally hits, while the darker is to be used on areas that are naturally shadowed. Use a buffing brush to blend it all in and voila! You have a contoured look without much hassle.

18. Sexy Collarbones

How many times have you heard people say that collarbones on a woman are rather sexy? To get the sexy night time look, all you have to do is shrug up your shoulders, trace the natural contours with a concealer that you have 2 shades darker than your skin tone and then highlight that with one that is 2 shades lighter.

You are thus contouring on the neck and shoulder area, while you should also blend it all together with a brush to get rid of the harsh lines, if any.

19. Concealer Makes for Great Skin Tint

Mixing concealer that is a touch darker than your skin with moisturizer creates the perfect product to tint your skin slightly, without the added effects of unwanted chemicals. It’s subtle, but it will give you the sun-kissed look you are craving during these winter months.

20. Keep More Than One Concealer

We don’t have flawless skins and will need different types of concealers at different points in time so being prepared is your best bet!

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