Winter Highlighter Tips That Will Make You Glow

With winter chills already in the air and our summer sun-kissed glowing skin beginning to fade at a rapid pace, we need a little pick-me-up so that our faces still look like they’re bathed in light even when it begins to get dark at 5 pm. We need to shine like a star once more so that the seasonal affective disorder we all dread will throw us into a depressive state won’t be triggered by the lack of illumination in our skin, accentuated by the lack of sunlight turning it all matte and dreary. Fall brought with it the velvety finishes with the dark lipsticks and bold brows. When it comes to winter, I think we all just want to blend in with the pretty little snowflakes we try to catch on our noses.

Winter Highlighter Tips That Will Make You Glow

To look like we have a candle shining from within us, though we hope it’s not a Jack-‘o- lantern we appear like, dermatologist Jessica Weiser, MD, and makeup artist Kayleen AcAdams are some of the few, who have shared their winter highlighter tips for maintaining a glowing skin look.

The Need for Exfoliation

Most of the time, our skin responds best when it has been cleared of its long dead cells and allowed to rejuvenate. In order to clear up the bits that are no longer among the living, gentle exfoliators come in very handy to reopen any clogged pores and even out the texture of your prized hide.

Exfoliating pads with lactic acid are just perfect for this as you sweep them in a circular motion around your face two to three times a week, for about 5-10 minutes each. Plus, the pads are perfect for those with sensitive skin and will prevent irritation.

Oil it Up

Sometimes slathering on the face oils can help immensely in bringing your matte face back to life. You don’t want to look greasy to stay away from using petroleum jelly (unless it’s to moisturize skin overnight), but using small amounts of face oil under moisturizer can make a world of difference for how you look.

It will help reverse signs of aging, reduce inflammations, act as an antioxidant, keep the moisture in the skin and plump up the living cells. It’s an amazing feat that can be achieved with just a little dab of oil. Just make sure that what you get is good for all skin types.

Shimmering Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer with a bit of shimmer creates a luminous glow that can appear to be coming from under the skin itself. It gives an almost porcelain doll-like look that works great under makeup so that you do not look like a ghoul from Halloween, but instead appear to be a frost fairy. Of course, make sure the product you use is also SPF 15+.

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Combine with Mattifier

When you are moisturizing your skin, you will also need to have certain areas look more matte so that the shimmering shine has a stronger appeal on the senses. Using it on the forehead and the corners of the nose frees up every other high point on your face to shimmer in delight, creating an illusion through slight contrast in shine.

Winter Highlighter Tips That Will Make You Glow

Face Duster

You are going to need to use some powder on your face as well to add to the glowing look without particularly making it shine. Light, loose powder is perfect because you do not look sweaty or greasy, but you do look rather full of Vitamin D and pretty.

It will bring down the extra shine on your nose and forehead, leaving your cheekbones illuminated. You don’t want to cake on the product, so only apply to a few places on your face. You will thus make sure you look healthy as an ox and pretty as a snowflake yourself.

Makeup Illumination

Candlelit skin can be achieved through using foundation with an inherent shimmer or luminous effect to it. A highlighter can also be used under the eyes, on the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and on the Cupid ‘s bow above your lips so that you have beautiful coverage that catches the light from every angle.

Fat-Heavy Soaps

You may never have considered the fact that your soaps can affect the look of your skin but since you are likely to take warmer showers now in the winter, despite the fact that you should not make it too hot nor have it last longer than 10 minutes, a soap heavy in fat can add a layer of moisture to your skin and keep it looking nice and healthy.

Feast on the Glow

Foods heavy in Omega-3 are perfect to keep your skin glowing, and that doesn’t just include the face. Salmon, herring and trout are perfect sources for the oils. Carrots and sweet potatoes are perfect to feast on wherein the beta-carotene they contain ensures your skin stays nice and soft.

Watermelons, cantaloupes and mangoes help protect the skin from sunburns in general and are great for hydrating your body. Vitamin C stimulates the collagen synthesis and gets rid of those wrinkles that just cannot wait to spill the secret of your age. Eating kiwis, oranges, and grapefruits can help save the skin from that kind of torture.

Dark Chocolate is not only heavenly but also associated with softer, more hydrated skin. If you feel like eating something chocolaty, remember that the darker it is the better! That’s not to say that combining the dark chocolate with milk won’t just make matters better! It’s great for your teeth as well as your skin’s glow.

While we’re talking about dairy products, stick to yoghurts as well if you want your skin and nails to glow beautifully, while the biotic increases nail strength and the protein helps metabolize the fat. Furthermore, skin flare-ups can be avoided by snacking on almonds and sunflower seeds, while radiance can be achieved with leafy greens.

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