Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles That Will Flatter Everyone

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles That Will Flatter Everyone

It’s rare to see models out with shorter haircuts since stylists require longer manes to work with when creating fashionable masterpieces. Honestly, not every woman is brave enough to get rid of her locks either, often crying after seeing those lovely tresses adorning the salon floors. That’s not to say that shorter bobs cannot be sexy, nor that pixie-cuts are now stunning themselves, but it’s hard to give up silky long hair when you’re so used to the heavy weight of it on your shoulders and back. With the longer locks, there is so much one can do to style it up and down. There is also so much more hair care that’s required of the average woman, not to mention the costs when entering a salon looking for a specific hairdo to be done.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles That Will Flatter Everyone

There are many short haircuts that are simply adorable however, and can make a girl look and feel as sexy as she should! Here we present some lovely short bob hairstyles that a modern woman would certainly love to sport!

1. Sienna Miller’s Classy Short Bob

Sienna Miller has found the right style for her lovely face, as she has added bangs that have been parted both ways to her mesmerizing cut, which needs no help in bringing out her inner beauty.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Sienna Miller

2. Taylor Swift’s Curly Bob

Tailor Swift is beautiful beyond belief but with her short cut barely reaching the base of her neck when waved as it is, there’s no doubt that she is stunning. That hair only adds to her appeal. A side-part gives her hair a fuller look while the cascading waves seem to be reflecting the light. It’s lovely, quite simply.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Taylor Swift

3. Jessica Szohr’s Wavy Bob

Contrasting colors in the hair as it gradually moves from dark to light enhances the appeal of this lovely haircut, particularly where there’s volume added through a side-part. Soft waves fall down to the base of her neck and accentuate the stunning beauty of her eyes.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Jessica Szohr

4. Hilary Rhoda’s Tousled Short Bob

Long layers on a short fringe cut look positively mesmerizing; especially with the wind-tousled side-part Hilary Rhoda rocks. This look is bound to bring out your best features and remind you that you are most certainly still a young woman, no matter what your real age may be.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Hilary Rhoda

5. January Jones’ Center-Part Sleek Bob

Sleek finishes look great with a short bob cut and this lovely lady looks pretty, particularly with those honey-blonde tones added to accentuate the look. It is light and airy and reminds us of the summer months, even if we are heading straight into the heart of winter in 2 months.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: January Jones

6. Coco Rocha’s Structured Bob

Coco Rocha is one strict Canadian model it seems, with her pin-straight hair and equally straight bangs. It’s short and almost puritan in style but with an angular face, one could definitely pull it off without appearing to be too unrelenting and inflexible. On the contrary, on the right person, this look can be positively radiant!

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Coco Rocha

7. Emma Stone’s Short Bob With Bangs

Ah, Emma Stone! We cannot imagine this spellbinding beauty in anything other than a short bob. Side-swept bangs from a side-part look so perfectly lovely, especially with that hair color, while tucking one side behind her ear gives her an almost ethereal quality. This style suits her best and those eyes only light up her stunning looks.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Emma Stone

8. Jennifer Lawrence’s Textured Short Bob

A side-parted, tucked behind the ear wavy short bob is actually a good look for Jennifer Lawrence. She looks sleek and stylish and almost natural with her blonde locks cut in such a manner. It’s captivating to say the least and we like it quite a bit!

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Jennifer Lawrence

9. Clemence Poesy’s Messy Short Bob

It shouldn’t only be the side-part that gets all the attention, though it certainly is a beautiful manner of styling shorter hair. The middle part, or in this case the zigzag part is also quite enticing, particularly when on a short bob where the longest pieces brush the shoulders slightly. Long layers add volume to the look and with the strands in front flipped outwards, it is one hell of a party look! Actually, we may as well dub it as a perfect Christmas holiday short-haired look.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Clemence Poesy

10. Anne Hathaway’s Naturally Textured Short Bob

Not only an amazing actress, Anne Hathaway is quite simply a fashion guru in my eyes. She also does rather look like a pixie with this side-parted short bob that can actually be described better as a deluxe bob. Longer on one side, even with the side-sweep, the asymmetrical look does wonders for bringing the focus to her incredible smile!

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Anne Hathaway

11. Lily Collins’ Retro Short Bob

Lily Collins goes all retro on us after stepping onto the red carpet with a riskier but positively glamorous short bob haircut that kind of reminds us of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. The side part is perfect with this look, while having the ends flipped outward and sporting larger curls adds extra effect. Of course, this style allows her to show off the lovely little tattoo on her back, while her stunning features are lit up with the lack of hair falling in her face.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Lily Collins

12. Nicole Richie’s Purple Bob

We can’t help but add the brazen bold of purple dyed hair on Nicole Richie to the list of favorite styles. Though, we would definitely suggest using the look with fuller hair if you must dye it purple. It appears rather sparse at the top due to the color and the way it’s been styled. However, the slight waves turning it large curls at the ends are lovely and can be emulated on any individual with any color of hair; it’s most definitely not reserved only for the electric purples.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Nicole Richie

13. Marion Cotillard’s Straight Short Bob

Marion Cotillard looks sharp and sweet with this side-parted sleek short bob to bring out the contours of her beautiful face. She reminds us of an innocent governess in some ways and somehow beckons even the most reluctant of individuals to fall in love. Most definitely a favorite!

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Marion Cotillard

14. Kat Graham’s Face-Framing Short Bob

Kat Graham definitely looks adorable with her short bob that frames her heart-shaped face perfectly. With fake lashes to steal the show as well, this pretty starlet is nothing if not stunning with short hair. If anything, we wish more people on the streets would dare to try this style, letting the ends curl inwards towards the neck. The slight side-part make the face really pop and the look all the more desirable.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Kat Graham

15. Karlie Kloss’ Side-Swept Glam Short Bob

Short bob hairstyles can also be super romantic, as we learn it from Karlie Kloss’ side-swept curly short bob. It perfectly emphasizes the glamorous dangling diamond earrings she wears, while making her look unbelievably sweet and elegant.

Lovely Short Bob Hairstyles: Karlie Kloss

As you may have learnt from our list of chic short bob hairstyles, styling short hair can be extremely interesting too leading to memorable looks that will even make those long-haired beauties feel jealous. So will you have your hair cut or will you resist the temptation?

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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