Best Wedding Hairstyles That Will Turn You into a Real Goddess

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Emmy Rossum

The bells are ringing and your wedding day has arrived. You have always dreamed of walking down the aisle in style, inspiring awe in the congregation. You are the queen that day, but more so, you are the goddess worshiped by the groom. You must, therefore, look the part. A dress alone can do wonders to bring one to his knees, but the complete look is what will enthral all for the times to come. Your hair, your accessories, they all deserve mention as they will not only make you look the part, but you must feel as if the Heavens belong to you. As every woman strives to appear the goddess on her wedding day, we have some rather divine wedding hairstyles for you!

Polished Elegance

Emmy Rossum was looking as regal as ever, reminding us of the Mother of the Gods with her Grace Kelly inspired braided chignon that looked exquisite under a pearl and precious stone tiara with earrings to match. We are awestruck by the sleek elegance of the style, complementing her lady-like demeanour. There’s a certain air of nobility when the tiara is added to a sleek hairdo instead of a puffy prom-queen style, which wouldn’t suit a woman as well as it suits a younger girl. The braided chignon adds character and depth, while the tiara’s line leading into the chignon is quite pleasant to look at.

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Emmy Rossum

Posh Royalty

If the dress is ornate and rather dramatically enhanced, a sleek hairdo consisting of pulling the hair back tight from the crown and then coiling into a flawless braided bun is certainly a style we would go for and one that Amanda Seyfried rocks perfectly. Adding a few extensions to a sleek ponytail that you start with, the foundation must be laid right if the look is to be as polished as it is here.

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Amanda Seyfried

Just a Fairy Tale

Ashley Madekwe reminds us of Cinderella getting married after Prince Charming, who has finally found the owner of that infamous glass shoe. With a glittery delicate broach adorning her hair that’s been pulled into a loose but textured top knot, the fairy tale look is hard to resist. She reminds us of shimmering fairies in the night sky, while playful young maidens tittle and play in the fields. We can almost hear “Once upon a time‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ’ in the background!

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Ashley Madweke

Morning Goddess

A goddess looks spectacular, no matter the time of day and the slightly tousled low chignon Jennifer Lawrence has crafted is simply too lovely for words. Highlights in the hair add to the allure of the tousled style while glittering longer earrings give the ‘do a bit more glam. Simple is often the best route to take and not every goddess must be extravagant in her fashion sense. We like to think of this one as more of having a fun romantic, romantic appeal.

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Jennifer Lawrence

Ocean’s Divinity

You may look beautiful in white but when on the beach your hair will be tousled and loosened by the wind. Normally, women opt for sultry waves, but Julianne Hough has something better up her sleeve. Still looking au-natural, an intentionally unkempt slightly casual style, which includes a bright that serves like a crown and is twisted in the back. Those with shoulder-length hair would definitely benefit from the sea goddess look this inspires!

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Julianne Hough

Heavenly Braids

Braids of all types can be the perfect hairstyle to complete the overall look for the goddess in all of us. It’s fresh, it’s easy and it can be played with to create such sensational designs. It’s edgy more so that sleek lady-like but it’s got a character that defines the one who sports the look. It is pretty enough to capture attention but not so much so that it leaves the gown pale in comparison. On the contrary, it allows one’s eyes to feast on the gown’s decadent beauty. A side-parted style is best, especially on those with darker hair colors. Braiding from both sides, you can have them meet and continue down one shoulder to give it a more demure allure.

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Lucy Liu

Glitzy Short Bob

Just because you are a goddess doesn’t mean you cannot keep your hair short and stylish! On the contrary, side-swept straight bangs, a shaggy pixie-cut and a diamond encrusted bold headband are more than enough to make a statement and show off how regal you truly are. After all, a “Roman Holiday’ would do us all a world of good and it doesn’t take away from the position we hold.

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Michelle Williams

Alluring Mermaid

We love the seas and we most certainly love the style created by hair guru Giannandrea for Naomi Watts. It’s not strict in structure nor are tendrils allowed to frame the face. In a looser, softer fashion, the hair is pulled away from the face and styled to match a woman’s sensibility, according to the coiffeur. The hair at the crown is given volume while the rest is pulled into the lovely French twist that has us ooh-ing and aah-ing over the look.

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Naomi Watts

The Queen Regent

Nicole Kidman’s sultry updo rather reminds us of the style the queen regent sports on CW’s “Reign’ television program following the early life of Mary, Queen of Scotland. The elaborate bun has been twisted, pinned in a rather askew manner, accented with a loose braid and emphasized with a gold-gilded pin that makes the look so very interesting from any angle you look at it. It’s textured and a little tousled so it doesn’t look perfectly coiffed but nonetheless is perfectly ladylike.

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Nicole Kidman

Queen of the Waves

Of course, every list must include those seductive waves that only look all that much better when accented with both highlights and lowlights. The trick to make it perfect is to start about a few inches down from the root and use a one-and-a-half inch curling iron without pinning it up for best results. Lots of soft hairspray and a quick flip and tousle for added volume should do the trick quite nicely!

Divine Wedding Hairstyles For a Goddess Look: Rihanna

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