LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s Holiday 2014 Lookbook

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Holiday 2014 Lookbook

Lauren Conrad is known for her magical locks, those lovely tresses that look simply divine no matter how she dresses them. That glorious hair receives special mentions in magazines and entertainment portals, including the latest focus on the perfection of her shorter bob.

Now Lauren Conrad has released a new line for Kohl’s marking over five years of collaboration with the fashion line. She is the star in the latest photo shoot presenting the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s holiday 2014 looks. And boy does she look stunning! Hair, skin, style and impeccable fashion sense all in one, we are treated to one captivating collection. Themes include the Christmas eggnog, balloons and lovely Christmas trees, but there seems to be a clear lack of snow in this uniquely desirable line. Lightweight sweaters, party dresses, stylish outfits galore, we’ve got quite the wardrobe options to choose from this season!

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Holiday 2014 Lookbook

Joy to the World

It’s most definitely a joyous moment when we look in the mirror and see the sweetly adorable fuzzy baby pink sweater adorning our bodies with “JOY’ emblazoned over the chest is shimmering glitter. Of course, we cannot help but fall in love with the comfortable design of this fabulous piece.

Christmas Fairies

What would Christmas be without at least one angel in sight, or if lacking that, the lovely kind-hearted fairies that spread a message of love. Tulle bows and a flirty sweet design make this the perfect holiday dress to have in our closets. Who knows? We might just be able to spread a little more cheer as an angelic fairy ourselves!

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Holiday 2014 Lookbook

Crops and Minis

Somehow, we knew that the fashion line would simply not be complete without some form of crop top and mini skirt combination. Having the outfit look like the little black dress we dearly love with a spunky twist and white dots reminiscent of a night sky? Well, there couldn’t be anything we love more!

Pretty Flirty the Damsel Be

It’s a mini all right, but so flirty and sweet that we cannot help but add this piece to our closets. Mind you, it’s perfect for every season, though you may not want to be caught dead in a winter collection come summer 2015. Then again, it’s simply too lovely a dress to keep to a single season.

Santa’s Little Helper

If you thought the fairy dress was just divine, this charming outfit is certain to make you glow! White and fluffy sweater tucked into a tulle-topped skirt it is, particularly since it has a slight “Frozen’ look with the glittering snowflake across the chest. Such a perfect outfit for the Christmas morning brunch!

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Holiday 2014 Lookbook

Oh Floral So Chic

You thought the focus would be on the whites and fluffy charming pieces but LC fashion’s got some sexier, more professional outfits made for you as well. Skinnies with loose floral shirts paired with black pumps are just the right combination for your everyday get-togethers, sans the glitters and bows.

One Comfy Christmas Morning

If you are taking the day off and lounging at home, what better way to do than in a comfy long sweater over blue skinny jeans, while there are pretty little birds sharing the love on your chest? Of course, adding a bit of eggnog to the mix, or perhaps some Christmas cookies, wouldn’t hurt at all. And when you are stepping out that door, pretty little light brown ankle boots will complete the look like a charm!

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Holiday 2014 Lookbook

What’s Winter Without a Cozy Knit?

We know Lauren Conrad’s loving the mild California winters but for us in the north, we need something a bit more substantial and these knits are simply outstanding! Demure, sweet, sassy and perfectly comfortable, we are drawn to these pieces like a bee is to honey. The colors, the fabric, the design: we love it!

Complete with a Little Black Dress

Kohls’ LC line would simply not be complete without the little black dresses that suit any occasion. Whether it’s warm or frosty outside, these dresses are sleek, pretty and, without a doubt, perfectly fashionable. They hug the figure but have a soft touch. Somehow, they really remind us of cozy Christmas get-togethers, though we’re not quite sure how Conrad’s managed that.

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Holiday 2014 Lookbook

Photos courtesy of Kohl’s

Written by Tamar Najarian
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