Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: DSquared2

We literally got infatuated with the vast variety of trendy prints and patterns spotted during the recent fashion shows and ever since then our imagination hasn’t stopped working on the most creative and unique ways possible of wearing them. While buying those ready-to-wear clothing pieces is a dream for any fashion-forward girl, not everyone can afford having a wardrobe stocked with the best ever designer clothes and accessories we all admire watching during the most popular fashion shows. However, these uber-imaginative and cool nail art designs inspired from the spring 2015 runway bring so many possibilities and opportunities when it comes to rocking the prettiest colors, prints and design details that got us bewitched back in September. So just grab your favorite nail polish colors, bring out the artist hidden in you and try to illustrate these outstanding patterns and images on your fingertips!

1. DSquared2 Inspired Graphic Geometric Nail Art

What we especially loved about the new DSquared2 spring 2015 collection was the big abundance of juicy colors and eye-catching oversized graphic and geometric prints and patterns that looked so harmonious with the overall sporty chic style of the clothing pieces demonstrated. Think bright yellows, greens, reds, blues and pinks infused with touches of glitter and whites and you’ll hardly resist the temptation of recreating this trendy nail design that is all brightness and summer!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: DSquared2

2. Tommy Hilfiger Inspired Magic Nail Art

The magical circus mood that reigned on the runway during the newest Tommy Hilfiger spring 2015 collection can hardly ever be neglected or forgotten. We loved that hippie style mixed with spellful star prints and glittery stripes to bits and doing a separate nail design dedicated to this theme was something natural for us. The versatility of the colors picked for this nail design makes this style a perfect choice both for summer and fall, for special occasions and relaxed strolls in the city.

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Tommy Hilfiger

3. Moschino Inspired Barbie Nails

It turns out this is Barbie’s world now, as the pretty doll inspired style has taken the fashion industry by storm recently. First it was surely Moschino that came up with an extensive line featuring all the dreamy clothes and accessories our favorite doll has always sported, infecting our mind with this pink Disney style. And while she loves playing dress up, she’s a smart girls to pay attention to small details too. This Barbie nail art design can be a contagious style for all those girly girls, who are bold enough to mix bright colors and prints.

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Moschino

4. Givenchy’s Intricate Lace Patterns on Our Nails

It was a super fierce and powerful collection with so much attention to small details, intricate lace and lacing, as well as designs that at times took us back in the history. No wonder, Riccardo Tisci’s mainly black-and-white Givenchy collection for spring 2015 managed to be included in the list of the top collections for the new season, which has the ideal piece for any occasion and style. Using these lavish patterns and charming details in your nail designs can lead you to the most elegant and spectacular outcomes!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Givenchy

5. Michael Kors’ Bursts of Floral Patterns

The theme of floral patterns is something eternal in the fashion industry, yet it always manages to look fresh and innovative thanks to the new style interpretations of our talented fashion designers. Michael Kors is one name to be remembered, when it comes to the most feminine and whimsical fashion, and his florals can’t be any prettier this spring. Creating a beautiful contrast between colors like deep blue and bright mustard yellow, you can come up with a similar nail art design that pictures the best and the most fanciful of the prints we saw in the Michael Kors spring 2015 collection.

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Michael Kors

6. Emilio Pucci’s Hippie Patterned Nail Art

The seventies era is having a big moment in the new world and what we especially love about this trend is the hippie-happy patterns and prints some designers bring for spring. Emilio Pucci’s bright orange color and those psychedelic prints penetrated into our minds so deeply that we couldn’t but come up with a lovely spring-ready nail art design blending the best of this collection.

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Emilio Pucci

7. Fendi’s Pretty Orchid Motifs

For his new Fendi spring 2015 collection, Karl Lagerfeld opted for a big abundance of orchid motifs in the modest blue and black tones, at times matched with architectural patterns for the avant-garde feel. The touches of white and light gray come to slightly brighten up the mood, creating the ideal balance between the dark background of the patterns and the blue of the orchids. This Fendi inspired nail design is exquisite and elegant, featuring so many intricate patterns that look that perfectly balanced and classy thanks to the use of timeless shades. This makes it possible to wear this nail art with a variety of outfits and to numerous places.

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Fendi

8. Roberto Cavalli’s Exotic and Vivid Patterns

For the fans of the bold and eye-catching, we offer this Roberto Cavalli inspired nail design, fusing bright shades with vivacious prints that promise to brighten up even the dullest and most monochrome outfits of yours. Think royal blues matched with reds, pinks, touches of glitter and black and you’ll get what making a strong fashion statement means!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Roberto Cavalli

9. Dolce & Gabbana’s Spanish Influence On Our Nails

We can’t help being bewitched by each and every collection Dolce & Gabbana comes up with and the famous Italian fashion house’s spring 2015 dramatic line is no exception. This time Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana cited the Spanish influence over Sicily, bringing a range of intricately detailed clothing pieces and accessories all drenched in reds, blacks and some enchanting florals. Our D&G inspired nail art design truly manages to transfer all the opulent feel these clothing pieces have.

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Dolce & Gabbana

10. Etro Inspired Ethnic Nail Art

When on the hunt for the most beautiful ethnic fashion pieces, you can always rely on Etro. The luxurious Italian brand can never have enough of those eye-feasting rich prints and patterns bearing an ethnic influence and the brand’s spring 2015 line is no exception to this end. Taking the intricate turquoises and the powerful ethnic motifs of this collection, you’ll manage to come up with a nail design that will draw all eyes on you!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Etro

11. Christian Dior’s Tiny Floral Patterns

You might have definitely be charmed by those tiny fantasy floral patterns that decorated the futuristic designs of Raf Simons for the newest Christian Dior spring 2015 collection. They do capture one’s heart with their sweetness and simplicity. Illustrating them on our nails on a simple white background can certainly lead to the most innocent looks ever!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Christian Dior

12. Diane von Furstenberg’s Flirty Gingham Patterns’ Influence on Our Nails

Spring 2015 is all about gingham patterns and charming florals, and the fusion of the two can be found in the lovely Diane von Furstenberg spring 2015 collection. Mixing versatile grays with whites and dusty pinks, the talented designer managed to come up with a line that has femininity imprinted all over. Picturing those whimsical motifs on your nails, you’ll surely learn how to land in the spotlight instantly!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Diane von Furstenberg

13. Burberry’s Lovely Bugs Inspired Nail Art

For Burbery’s spring 2015 collection Christopher Bailey found his inspiration in British countryside’s nature, particularly citing the whimsical butterflies, bees and bugs in his designs in the most charming ways possible. In its turn, this has inspired us to present spring’s sweetest nail design ever, blending pretty blues with pinks and purples and featuring abstract insect patterns and word prints. What’s not to love?

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Burberry Prorsum

14. Carolina Herrera’s Graphic Florals

Think roses, lilies, tulips mixed with some abstract graphic shapes and you’ll understand all the charm of the newest Carolina Herrera spring 2015 collection! Feminine and pretty as it is, the collection does manage to be one of the most beautiful sources of inspiration for coming up with stylish nail art designs for spring and summer, and not only. Lacking creativity and imagination? Be guided by our Herrera inspired nail design!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Carolina Herrera

15. Mary Katrantzou’s Outwordly Patterns’ Inspiration

For absolutely one-of-a-kind nail designs, you’d better check out Mary Katrantzou’s spring 2015 collection, as it is flooded with curious prints and patterns and some glittery shades that can be used for something equally bedazzling. This is perhaps the most artistic nail design of this list of ours, as it features colors and irregular curvy lines applied in a random order for the absolute stun!

Nail Art Designs Inspired From Spring 2015 Runway: Mary Katrantzou

Real bright minds and devoted fans of nail art can find inspiration in anything surrounding them, yet the runway is the most foolproof and colorful source of inspiration for them. Spring 2015 promises to be lively and bold and you can make it even more fashionable, recreating any of these runway inspired nail art designs!

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