Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

We hope to defy aging with every last ounce of energy in our bodies. We live in perpetual fear of the graying hair, the fine lines around the eyes, the sagging skin and brown spots appearing. We worry about the drop in estrogen leading to increased facial hair and the fact that we will develop cellulite, get fat, sag in the buttocks and more. We are afraid and that makes things worse, for instead of coming up with a solution to our problems, we are constantly scrambling about trying to cover up the effects of the years behind us. Below, we present your ultimate anti-aging beauty guide for your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond, which will help you confront and overcome common beauty problems!

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

Skin Care In Your 20s

When we’re in our 20s we are more or less carefree. That doesn’t mean we don’t start noticing that we no longer look as fresh and glowing as we did but 5-10 years ago. We are happy our bodies have matured, but now we just stress ourselves out, that stress then clearly showing up on our faces. We worry and that creates lines on our foreheads we have a hard time getting rid of. We know we have the energy so we take on project after project in the hopes of creating something of ourselves but forgetting that we can only do so much before the workload also leads to a lack of proper nutrition, a lack of proper and restful sleep and a lack of time spent just relaxing with a good book that’s not meant to enhance our careers. As we forget that, we realize we have suddenly reached our 30s and are less than as fit as we wanted to be.

What we should be doing in our 20s is:

• Thinking about what the skin will begin to need as we start to age in terms of collagen and elastin. We want our skins to look full, healthy and cellulite free for as long as possible. Antioxidants and exfoliation will help us keep our youthful appearance.

• Honestly, do not forget that sunscreen. It may be a nuisance to apply throughout the day, but you will thank that greasy product later in life when you are not staring at mottled skin damaged by the sun’s rays.

• Eating right and getting all the nutrients. Yes, you don’t have the time to cook and you are often going for that fast food. It may be cliché to say this, but DON’T! Get your lean proteins, your healthy fats and eat your fruits, your veggies, your legumes and avoid anything that’s either high in sugar or sodium. You will regret it if you do not heed this advice.

What you shouldn’t be doing in your 20s is:

• Going to tanning salons. Good god, we do not understand this obsession with getting as dark as possible. We are not saying you should look a pasty white, but even those of darker skin keep frequenting the tanning beds these days. Not only is that color unnecessary, but the way you obtain it only enhances the aging of your skin.

• Using the acne products you used as a teenager. Chances are that your hormones have balanced somewhat, but even if they have not, go to your dermatologist and you will be given a list of new products that will not be irritating your more mature skin. You should be changing the products you use as you age for each is made to have maximum effect on a certain skin type at a certain age.

• Using products that include parabens alcohol, sulphate, phthalates, or synthetic colors and fragrances. They may be cheap but they really do a number on your skin.

• Sleeping with makeup on. The ingredients in the makeup may not always have the best effect on your skin. You should get into the habit of cleaning up your face, cleansing the oil and makeup off and going to bed looking and feeling fresh after a night of fun.

Skin Care In Your 30s

Come our 30s, you really start to see those wrinkles. At this point in life, you may be married and you may have kids. Of course, both the pregnancies and the actual childrearing will have their effects on your health and well being, translating into the aging process. The more stress you put yourself through, the more the aging will show up and can be terribly hard to cover. You may not have time to exercise, particularly as you did before you began a family or threw yourself steadfast into your career, however, you will need to take your age into consideration and plan out who and what you want to be as you move up into your 40s. Once you have an image, make a plan and stick with it.

Things to make sure you are doing during these 10 years include:

• Exercising. As we said, we know you don’t have time. But even if it is 30 min a day after everyone’s asleep or early in the morning before they all get up, you need some time for you. The exercise in the morning has amazing health benefits as well. You do not need to head to a gym either. Yoga at home, running around the block, anything really will do the trick.

• Starting with anti-aging products that build on the products you used to use in your 20s. You want antioxidants, collagen producers and Vitamin A. Feed your skin what it needs and you won’t be sorry.

• Moisturizing as often as you can. Honestly, your skin is going to dry out and the more it does, the worse those wrinkles are going to get. Stay away from UV light and keep the skin hydrated in order to look like the youthful self you feel you are inside.

• The neck, the chest and the backs of your hands are often ignored but you should be catering to the needs of your skin most in these areas where the effects of aging are most likely to show up.

What you should not be doing, however, is not getting enough quality sleep, which then leads to weight problems, weakened immune systems and slowed thinking and/or reflexes. You also should keep on exfoliating, particularly since there may be a lot of dead skin to get rid of as your age progresses and you enter your 40s. We don’t want our skin looking dull now, do we?

Skin Care In Your 40s and Beyond

Once you’re in your 40s, we know you will really begin panicking. And as you celebrate birthday after birthday, you will be feeling like you are nearing the end of it. Your beauty will be affected by the stress of your approaching half-century birthday. You will look at your life and see children grown up so fast, you hardly had time to be their friends and teach them the necessities and secrets of life. You will need a bit of help during this time and topical treatments prescribed by your dermatologist might just do the trick. Keep on eating healthy and keep on exercising. You want your cleansers to have anti-aging effects and you will want to exfoliate at least a few times a week. Look for washes that include all three: glycolic, salicyclic and azelaic acids.

What you don’t want to be doing is using a soap to wash your face or else you’re going to see some terrible dryness and possibly even irritation due to it. Do not forget that you still need to work to keep your body as healthy as it was in the years past. You probably have to work harder as well. Do what is right for you though, as your body will clue you in to what works and what does not.

At the end of the day, the truth is that we will be getting older and our skin will start to shows signs of aging. What we can do is fight the onset of early aging and ensure we are exuding a healthy glow, even as we enter our senior years.

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