Your Ultimate Skin Care Guide for When You Are in Your 40s

Your Ultimate Skin Care Guide for When You Are in Your 40s

Aging is hard enough without having to tweak your skin care routines. Between hormone changes, sunspots appearing, and all that other bit with skin starting to sag fine lines appear on the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth, while there’s an ever increase in body hair, particularly on the face. The menstrual cycle is affected, there’s a decline in estrogen (which defines us as female really) and certain key functions of cells begin to break down. These include fibroblasts producing collagen, so we see the dreaded cellulite really rear its ugly head, keratin and elastin, which are necessary for skin protection, and melanocytes that keep the skin even, firm and smooth.

Possibly one of the worst things we encounter is the peri-menopausal effects on the skin, including the small, rough bumps that thicken, enlarge and become quite the impossible feat to hide, no matter how much concealer we dab on. The hair can be removed, though quite a frustrating situation if you have already had the laser hair removal treatments beforehand. It’s all a bit daunting but we promise, this skin care guide for when you are in your 40s will help you through it all.

Your Ultimate Skin Care Guide for When You Are in Your 40s

You May Really Need That Skin Lightener

Whether you are fair or dark, you will most probably need a skin lightener to take care of those pesky brown spots; or at least cover them up for the short while you are out in society. After the age of 30, your skin begins to lose its monocyte cells, which had kept things regular and smooth to date. Now, you begin to form some irregular pigmentation, which can be counteracted with the help of Vitamin C. Natural skin lighteners with the vitamin as an active ingredient are known for effectively fading away those brown spots. You should beware that sometimes your skin may not react so well to the product and become red, dry, and/or irritated. Sensitive skins require serums that use non-acidic versions of the vitamin instead, using magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Using it under the sunscreen also makes it 4x more effective in the long run.

Honestly, Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

It may sound like a broken record for you to hear this and we are all guilty of forgoing the use of sunscreen on a daily basis, but you do not want to cause premature aging with too much UV ray exposure. After all, incidental exposure including that which you get while driving a car, sitting close to a window or simply dashing about for a few minutes under the sun can damage the skin irreparably. We know and we hear you. It’s not fun to cover your face and exposed skin with a lotion that may feel slightly sticky and will just take up some of your precious time in the morning. However, you should go for that zinc oxide in order to have the product feel lighter in weight while not clogging at your pores. It’s a good investment when you’re placing your money on your health and beauty.

That Facial Hair Will Need Managing

You thought waxing and shaving for years was hard enough, all that misery you were put through will only get worse if you don’t take care of your hair at the right time, properly. Your face may be getting fuzzier as you age through your 40s. Threading is one of the best options for your skin as it’s relatively painless, you’re not burning at any skin and you are pulling those unwanted whiskers right from the root. If anyone says cutting or shaving will do the trick, walk away. They know not of what they speak!

Your Neck is Important too!

The neck is often an overlooked but extremely important part of the body. Your age will begin to show quite a bit from your neck and the sun damage will do no less. Apply the sunscreen generously all around, a habit that you should make part of your daily routine. Skin serums with retinol are also a great choice to slather on before you sleep, keeping the skin smooth and even. Facial scrubs are no less a friend than the retinol infused serums, the exfoliation doing wonders for you to look your very best.

Professional Skincare Treatments Necessary

You derive to pamper yourself and when that pampering includes giving up your skin’s welfare to a professional, it’s one investment you do not want to stray from. The professionals can dramatically help enhance your skin’s tone and texture, bring a certain youthful spring to your face. Facials, chemical peels, micro-currents and Bio Brasions (which are a form of new microdermabrasion), all give the skin the boost it needs. You won’t be sorry you went!

Careful with the Acne Treatment

Monthly hormonal cystic breakouts are a common occurrence popping their head sin at all the wring times. It’s not consistent, but it is certainly common enough to be a worry for those over the age of 40. Sometimes it’s near the menstrual cycle, while others it need not be. In order to prevent this from occurring, particularly since they get worse with time if you are prone to the monthly breakouts, use a cyst-specific treatment on the areas that are mostly likely to suddenly turn an angry, bumpy red, and continue throughout the days of the cycle. You should continue with all the other routines you have for caring for the skin, as you do not want to cause dryness or make things worse, as may be the case if done otherwise.

Product Ingredients are the Most Important of All

What you want is potent and proven anti-aging formulas that increase cell metabolism, fill up wrinkles and straighten out fine lines, stimulate the creation of new collagen and keep the skin looking healthy and soft to the touch. Peptides and red rice extracts are great, particularly when paired with the amazing effects glycolic acids and retinol have. Vasodilators like ginseng and peppermint are perfect natural products to include on the menu, and when topically used, they dilate blood vessels and ensure the blood flows are rich in nutrients. You may need to consult a professional to see to your specific skin needs. After all, if you do not begin to care for your skin from a younger age, you may face quite a bit of trouble come time to retire.

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