8 Bedtime Snacks That Won’t Make You Gain Weight

8 Bedtime Snacks That Won't Make You Gain Weight

We know the old saying that we shouldn’t be eating after 6 pm, but when our bodies crave a snack and our stomachs won’t stop growling in anger, we are faced with a conundrum (plus, the whole evening slowing down your metabolism thing is pretty much just a myth). Do we give in to the relentless roaring and open that fridge or do we stop to consider the fact that we’ll just be gaining weight if we start snacking on junk food? The thought of junk might as well have set off fireworks in our tummies at that point, since thinking about food will often only make the cravings worse.

There is a solution however! We can snack late while keeping our weight balance and ensuring we stay healthy while we keep the growling of the stomach to a minimum. Eating at night is often associated with stress-snacking, often on food that’s high in calories and most definitely high in carbs. This will only make sleeping a restless ordeal, from which we will only wake up with a headache and the need to crawl back in bed the moment we step outside. Hunger is never a good companion to fall asleep with either, as it will lower the quality of your rest and you will be as famished as a wolf, which hasn’t eaten in a week come morning. The solution to all our problems? Eat a healthy low-calorie snack to stave off your hunger but not to affect your healthy eating schedule.

8 Bedtime Snacks That Won't Make You Gain Weight

So what should you stick to eating if you need a snack in the middle of the night? Here we present 8 healthy bedtime snacks that will never make you gain weight!

1. String Cheese: Even though it’s processed, it’s a perfect combination of protein and fat that fills us up. Plus, we can play with eat, eat it slowly, and really allow our bodies to enjoy it. Plus, dairy is often said to be a great way to put people to sleep. Why do you think we have children drink it before bed? Since cheese is also made of milk products, it only makes sense that it contains amino acids that bring on the slumber while keep our bellies full.

2. Cereal: Once again, it’s a processed product but when you grab one of those whole-grain, bran or corn flakes type of cereal, you are sure to be able to digest it quickly, adding in the dairy for extra effect, and feeding your stomach’s desire to be catered to. Just keep away from those chocolate or sugary types that are bound to have you bouncing off the walls.

3. Non-Fat Yoghurts: Out of all the possible yoghurts, a non-fat Greek yoghurt is probably your best bet. Have you noticed the inclusion of dairy products everywhere? Though this list is not yet catering to the vegans out there, bear with us; you’ll have your options. This yoghurt is not more than 150 calories and full of amino acids and protein. Yoghurt calms your stomach, helps with any heartburn or indigestion, and keeps you full while you get a really good night’s sleep.

4. Turkey Slices: We are talking about turkey breast slices here, preferably 2 of them and most definitely only the white meat. That amino acid we keep mentioning? Yeah, that’s the tryptophan that is loaded in the turkey breast. They are low in fat, high in protein, and a few slices aren’t going to add over 100 calories to your day’s count.

5. Peanut Butter and Apples: An unlikely combo to be sure but it should come as a rather tasty alternative for vegan snackers out there. While apples supply the fibre, the butter that can be from almonds or peanuts, depending on if you have an allergy or simply do not like one or the other, holds all the protein and will keep you full and feeling ready for bed in no time.

6. Baby Carrots: These are good. They are actually literally very, very good! Full of nutrition and with a satisfying crunch, each carrot’s all of 4 calories and packs a serious punch when it comes to knocking you out. This is most definitely a great alternative to snacking on chips while watching your favourite shows on rerun or marathon.

7. Banana: A single banana will do you a world of good, fill you up and put you to bed. It’s relaxing because of the tryptophan amino acids, it’s got the fibre we want, and there are no utensils left to wash as we can just throw the peel away. Or perhaps you’d like to slice one up, add almost or peanut butter to it and enjoy. They go great with sliced apples too if you want to make a fruit bowl!

8. Chocolate Pudding: Wait, wait, wait! We know what we’re talking about here! Choose the non-fat chocolate pudding and you won’t be getting more than 90 calories while you indulge in this spectacular sensation. It doesn’t contain the fat that’s going to add inches to your waist so just enjoy every last lick of this delectable snack. Pure heaven!

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