How Women with Every Skin Tone Should Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

How Women with Every Skin Tone Should Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

We are often working professionals, who get too little sleep, experience too much stress, and don’t really find the time to make meals with too many nutrients. We often have amazing complexions that, if properly cared for, would be positively radiant. With just a little more laughter and a little more rest, we can give our skins just what they need to shine through without giving away the misery they must overcome daily. A biggest part of this conundrum we face in the beauty aspect is those pesky under-eye dark patches, which remind us of racoons or zombies. Or perhaps we resemble zombie raccoons. We surely want to help you in this, presenting the best ever beauty tips on how women with different skin tones can conceal dark under eye circles correctly!

How Women with Every Skin Tone Should Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

Each skin tone is different and finding the right concealer to hide those dark circles can be a daunting task even for a makeup artist, let alone the busy non-professionals we are in the fashion industry. If we do things right, we can look as fresh and glowing as we are deep down under the heaviness and grime from our daily lives. Makeup is like painting a portrait and your face is a canvas. I know that’s how I look at it every time I take out my concealer, blush, eye shadows, et al. When you hold those brushes in your hand, you yourself are the artist and must understand what colors and styles would best suit your natural contours. You must follow a basic color theory and this alone will help you master concealing the dark circles under your eyes, no matter your skin tone.

1. Determining Your Skin Tone: To find the right cover-up, you must first identify your skin tone and undertones. Even if you have a medium skin tone, you should also take into account the fact that your undertones can be warm, cool or neutral. On the other hand, if you believe you have a warm skin tone, you still need to determine whether your complexion is close to yellow, gold or orange undertones. This means that each individual has a personalized set of tones and colors, which can be identified by comparing with examples you may see online or in magazines, or simply having it checked out by a professional knowledgeable about the intricacies of the skin. To check it yourself, you need to hold up different colors beside your face in a mirror and thus compare. If the yellows are closer to your complexion, it means you have a warm undertone, while the greens would mean olive. A warning is given, however, about a lack of sleep or windy weather adding redness to your skin that is not its natural coloring.

2. Fair Skin With Pink Undertones: When you have fair skin with pink undertones, a bit like Amanda Seyfried, you also most likely have lighter colored hair and eyes. That lack of pigmentation causes more reddish or purplish dark circles to form, which can be rectified with a concealer that contains yellowish tones.

3. Fair Skin With Neutral Undertones: If you compare your skin with Emma Watson’s, where she has fair skin with neutral undertones, you understand that you do not have pink, yellow or olive coloring. Instead, you should be going more for the “beige’ description, and you know you are lucky because the additional pigmentation under the eyes is not as visible, at least not as often, depending on your daily activities. You can use a concealer that matches your own skin color or one with peach undertones to give your face a bit more of a lift.

4. Fair Skin With Warm Undertones: When under-eye circles have more of a greenish or bluish hue, you are looking at fair skin with warm undertones like that of Zhang Ziyi’s. This is most common as an undertone for most skin colors, no matter one’s nationality. An orange or reddish-orange concealer should do the job best in this case, as it matches the warmth perfectly.

How Women with Every Skin Tone Should Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

5. Medium Skin With Warm Undertones: Rihanna’s got the medium skin with the warm undertones that would benefit with the same type of concealer, just one suited for medium skin.

6. Medium Skin With Neutral Undertones: Medium skins like Penelope Cruz’s are prone to a bit more darkness under the eyes, but the neutral undertones mean you should follow the recipe that’s used for the fair neutrals. Furthermore, creamy formulas might be just a little more effective for better coverage.

7. Medium Skin With Cool Undertones: Cool, olive complexions, particularly with medium skin tones, often show off bluish or purplish dark circles under the eyes, which can be corrected with orange or peach concealer hues.

How Women with Every Skin Tone Should Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

8. Dark Skin With Warm Undertones: For dark skin (look to Lupita Nyong’o), however, you are looking at dark circles that are so dark-green that they look more gray. Here, a reddish-based concealer works like a charm. No need to worry! It is just like a secret camouflage.

9. Dark Skin With Cool Undertones: In the cooler skin undertones, those with dark skin tend to be the most underserves as their circles tend to be such a black purple they look almost dark gray. The most effective concealer here would be to use one that matches the skin color almost exactly. You may also want to do a color-correct with a deep red cream before adding the concealer for maximum coverage and effect. Just because you have cooler tones doesn’t mean you are not as beautiful as those with the warmer ones! It simply means you need to find the right products to ensure maximum coverage of signs of weariness, lack of proper sleep and nutrition, or stress.

10. Dark Skin With a Red Base: With Now, when we are looking at the redder undertones, there might be a need for mixing multiple concealers to catch the perfect hue. Naomi Campbell’s skin tone, for example is perfect for explaining what dark skin with a red base would look like. You will have a purplish tint under the eyes that you will need to get rid of. A touch of vibrant orange and/or gold and you might have just found your treasure.

How Women with Every Skin Tone Should Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

No matter what your skin tone is, just as it matters not what your undertones are, if you are able to correctly gauge your tones, you will not have trouble finding the right concealer for your dark circles forever casting a shadow under your eyes. The beauty fix at that point is quick, easy and perfectly painless. You will simply love the way you look!

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