10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles Inspired from Celebs

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles Inspired from Celebs

Retro hairstyles are all the rage right now and you should not be missing out yourself! Remember those days where you teased your hair so it would look “oh-so-70s’ style? Or perhaps you are reminiscing your days as you grew up in the ’90s, in the days of the Spice Girls and S Club 7? Whatever your definition of retro, you are always looking backwards at times long past and mirroring the styles and fashion of the period. Who needs wigs when you can simply curl your hair into that ’80s Grease look or give yourself an Audrey Hepburn cut to feel like the rebellious princess you have always dreamed you are.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles Inspired from Celebs

Celebs are no less fashion savvy when it comes to bringing back the retro hair trends, as we have seen in the crazy volumes and cascading waves in the hairstyles of late. It was hard to pick the best of the most dramatic of the celebrity retro hairdos we loved most, but there are a few that were way too adorable to pass by without a shout-out or mention.

1. The 60s Volume of Blake Lively

Blake Lively rocked this outlandish but rather stylish voluminous masterpiece as her waves were swept back and fastened tightly before allowing for the magnificent mane to frame her head in unkempt waves. Simply lovely!

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Blake Lively

2. Hillary Duff’s Voluminous Retro ‘Do

Hillary Duff was no less enchanting in her ‘do similar to Blake’s, but this time with a clearly visible black spiked headband pulling back the hair the crown and letting the waves spill from a voluminous half-up, half-down stylish design.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Hilary Duff

3. Lydia Bright’s Old Hollywood Look

Lydia Bright added a curl to her bangs in the side-sweep as her classic beauty emanated during the TVChoice Awards. Nothing like an Old Hollywood look to sweep away the audience and leave those present utterly enthralled.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Lydia Bright

4. Elsa Pataky’s Side-Swept Locks

Elsa Pataky awed the audience at the “Thor’ Premiere with her side-swept soft waves accented by minimalist makeup and dark-lidded cat-eyes. This is such a glam hairdo despite the simple techniques required for styling it.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Elsa Pataky

5. Paloma Faith’s Victory Rolls

It’s not every day you see a chic woman rocking very Grinch-style, or perhaps Hunger Games-style victory rolls, but sweet Paloma Faith managed to pass it off with an accent of thick brows, bright lipstick and heavy adornments. We’re not quite sure if she set a trend yet, but she was most definitely bold and glam wearing this ‘do.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Paloma Faith

6. Maggie Q’s Center-Part Hair

The side-part is perfect for the retro side-swept waves, but it’s the center-part that brings back all those ’90s memories of Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera. Massive volume, a center-part and pin-straight hair is most definitely a classic we still uphold. Apparently the center-part can also bring back memories of the 60s and Maggie Q’s high-volume version rocked the 2010 CW Network Upfront event. We definitely miss this look. The side-swept Old Hollywood has become too common once again.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Maggie Q

7. Kimbra’s Thickest Curls

Kimbra could not have reminded of “Pretty in Pink’ or any other retro classic better if she had walked out of a time machine coming from half a century ago. Her bright red lipstick only completed the look as she reminded the audience of olden Hollywood and high school graduation with her voluminous hair and thick, think curls during the 2013 Grammy’s. We like it all right, but wonder if this retro look could truly make a comeback.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Kimbra

8. Amy Hiedemann’s Curled Bangs

Bold Red lipstick with long black false lashes does wonders to really bring out the retro, particularly when coupled with huge curls in one’s long bangs. Amy Hiedemann most definitely doesn’t thread carefully when it comes to bringing back those retro styles! The look she opted for gave her a genteel appearance, complete with light pink lipstick and smoldering dark eyes tastefully accented with thick lashes.

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Amy Heidermann

9. Dita Von Teese’s Pompadour

Elegance is the middle name of Dita Von Teese, who somehow manages to remind us of the Adam’s Family and a First Lady all in one breath. A lingerie line does seem to suit her in a rather unexpected manner however. Her coifed pompadour, voluminous and pinned-back for maximum effect, is no less perfectly Dita Von Teese. Add in her signature thickly black-lined eyes and red lips and you have one badass lady you don’t want to cross. We are absolutely loving the style and dearly hoping she keeps on sporting it!

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Dita Von Teese

10. Kimberly Walsh’s Bouffant

Kimberly Walsh was as glamorous as always at the “Strictly Come Dancing’ red carpet launch. Her long curly version of the style most definitely took the audience by storm, while we may continue giving out those compliments. She most definitely deserves them!

10 Dramatic Retro Hairstyles: Kimberley Walsh

This list of the hottest retro hairstyles celebrities have sported is too diverse and cool to be ignored, and we are more than sure that it caters to the needs and style demands of every type of fashioniser. So be bold and go retro embracing these dramatic ‘dos!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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