10 Incredible Spring 2015 Designer Bags We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On

2015 Handbag Trends: Spring 2015 Designer Bags

The spring/summer 2015 catwalk handbags have us utterly enchanted. A woman can never have too many bags, just as she can never have too many shoes. Mix and match and you find that each outfit truly requires a different shape, a different style, a different color or simply something out-of-this-world different. That’s simply the beauty of it. One’s fashion sense is also an art, while the accessories are but the tools used to perfect the base that has been drawn. You can imagine our excitement as we watch Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada and all the others step onto that catwalk to show off each piece of creative talent that we may add to our never-ending collections.

2015 Handbag Trends: Spring 2015 Designer Bags

1. Valentino’s Floral Printed Bag

Let’s start with Valentino; we believe the contrasting blues and whites, mixed with a light touch of lilac, have done wonders to bring this floral print to the forefront of the showcased bags. Bold and eye-catching, it is sure to spruce up a simple dress and give it the necessary kick to let the whole of your beauty shine through.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Valentino

2. Loewe’s Pink Triangular Clutch

Loewe‘s brought an interesting choice of shape to the table with this odd but rather interesting pink triangular bag, complete with a bow and simple stitching. It is easy to hold onto without the need for a strap, allowing for less clutter on the bag and better symmetry. One cannot deny that it would be a rather interesting addition to any closet.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Loewe

3. Christopher Kane’s Perfect Blue Bag

We like this. We really like this Christopher Kane bag in a perfect shade of blue, made to look like a small briefcase from olden English homes. We love its simplicity, we love its shape and we most definitely love the pretty little jewel adorning its face. Really, there’s nothing we don’t quite love about it.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Christopher Kane

4. Dolce & Gabbana’s Heart Bag

Pretty metal heart-shaped bags are totally vintage and yet totally in style. A piece fit for the nobility, this lovely Dolce & Gabbana does its brand justice by providing a momentary lapse in time wherein one somehow sews the threads of the past with the modern desire for individuality.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Dolce & Gabbana

5. Lanvin’s Minimalist Bag

Lanvin‘s leather beauty is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces we have seen on this catwalk. A sleek modern design, it seems perfect for ensuring papers are not unnecessarily folded and the professional woman is provided with the peace of mind knowing her bag will certainly not take up much in terms of office space.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Lanvin

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Rounded Clutch

It’s round, it’s been imprinted with the faded colours of the rainbow and it’s a Marc by Marc Jacobs masterpiece. This unusual design brings bags into the 21st century while keeping to the functionality and ability to serve as an eye-catching accessory. Quite slim in design, this pretty little leather piece will definitely save space and fit just about anywhere.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Marc by Marc Jacobs

7. Marques Almeida’s Snakeskin Bag

Snakeskin is back in fashion and the colourful boldness only adds to its allure. Marques Almeida has produced a line of bags, including clutches and small coin purses, in order to cater to every woman’s needs. Real snakeskin hues might have looked better, but then again, these are better at grabbing attention.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Marques Almeida

8. Alexander Wang’s Sneaker Bag

Apparently our running shoes can also be carried around as purses. At least, this seems to be Alexander Wang‘s vision as his latest designs are paraded down the catwalk. Uniquely crafted, the sky blues, blacks and whites certainly cannot be passed without at least a double take.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Alexander Wang

9. Louis Vuitton’s Thunderbolt Bag

Thunderbolts and chains have become the inspiration of Louis Vuitton‘s latest designs and all we can think of are superheroes. Mind you, if carrying these intriguing pieces around will encourage every woman’s dream of fighting for the good of mankind, I say we should be getting one into every closet!

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Louis Vuitton

10. Versace’s Slim Bag

And finally, we simply must mention the Versace bag, with its bold industrial look, its focus on efficiency and its desire to be present in every boardroom and office setting. Slim and charismatic in its own right, this bag certainly takes the cake.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Valentino

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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