7 Reasons Why Fashion Blogs Are Dying a Sure Death

7 Reasons Why Fashion Blogs Are Dying a Sure Death

Death is a tragedy, and the death of a fashion blog is no less reason to mourn. After all, so many of us are fashion bloggers of some sort. We love to share our thoughts, our designs, our outfits, our ideas on the issues surrounding the world of fashion. We love to critique and judge those on the catwalk, the Red Carpet, the fashion shows and anywhere else. There’s even a website for independent fashion bloggers. So a blog catering to bloggers in a certain niche, this one being fashion blogging. Google the word “fashion blogger’ and the results are amusing to say the least. Over half the sites on the primary page are there to help you become a fashion blogger. So why do I say that fashion blogs are dying a sure death? If so many sources are there to help you become a fashion blogger, how is it that the profession is facing itself in the mirror and slowly counting down its days?

7 Reasons Why Fashion Blogs Are Dying a Sure Death

It’s a hard truth we must face. For what we are looking at is the end of the era, where fashion blogs large and small, with quite a varied number of followers each, had become the link between real people and high fashion. What brought it about though? I blame technology. Actually many who speak the same language blame the advent of Instagram and easy shortcuts to get quick tidbits from favourite fashion bloggers without taking the time to read what they have to say. Long-winded posts are left untouched while images with short captions are prioritized. Blame the modern world and the current generations’ unquenchable need to get things done quickly, without delay. Time is money and too valuable to waste reading when a simple image and summary caption will do. It is the trap we all fall into, that none are exempt from.

At the end of the day, these 7 reasons are the biggest when it comes to why fashion blogs are withering away, dying a sure death before our eyes:

1. Instagram

Yes, as previously pointed out, Instagram is a huge culprit in this terrible scheme to end the fashion blogging era. You don’t need a website when you can easily put up pictures, and the captions and the hashtags and let the world follow you around instead. The largest blog sites do not have the same number of followers as an Instagram account does. It is, after all, simpler to simply check your Instagram feed than a webpage.

2. High Competition

This really does one in. A blogger myself, I know the competition out there. And even if it’s a personal blog about a certain topic or a certain place, you always seem to reach a point, where you are disappointed that someone else thought of something first. It grates on your nerves and you take a break, only to find a new hobby and either rarely or never come back. If it’s a new niche, uncharted grounds, you are doing great, but once you realize that every other person has taken an interest in starting their own blog about the same topics, you find yourself hard-pressed to beat the competition.

3. How Relatable are They Really?

You know it’s hard to relate to someone when they are in a class of their own. You’ve seen it at school, you see it around your city, and you most definitely see it when it comes to fashion bloggers. The Blonde Salad is but one example of a blogger making millions whilst so many struggle with minimum wage.

7 Reasons Why Fashion Blogs Are Dying a Sure Death

4. They can be All Over the Place

Sometimes you wonder what exactly the point of a particular fashion blog is. Are we looking at shoes, bags, dresses, seasonal clothing, or perfume? Where’s the brand or the direction? What exactly are you trying to convey? Unfortunately, most bloggers seem to think their pages are for advertisements and banner space. You may not be convinced that the sphere is dying, but you can most definitely admit to the lack of creativity all around.

5. So Little Content

If we are talking about a lack of direction and creativity, we can definitely talk about a lack of content. Fashion blogging isn’t just about showing off your outfits. Self-obsession doesn’t add to the popularity of a blog, the creative content does. Real, journalistic, creative content. When we read something, we want to learn something new, not simply have one’s personal opinions about pieces in her own closet slammed in our faces.

6. Looks Mean Everything

The most popular fashion blogs are run by rather beautiful individuals, who often end up grabbing a modelling contract themselves. The ordinary folks who are not of the ideal weight, height, or physical attractiveness are often sidelined in the world of fashion blogging. When it is the image that counts more than the content, you officially slam another dagger into the heart of the blogging sphere.

7. It is No Longer New

At the end of the day, what kills a particular trend is the fact that it has been duplicated so many times, overdone in so many ways, that it no longer holds any lustre. It has lost its shine. There are too many fashion bloggers who have beaten the same horse too many times. Personal style bloggers who have shown off their fashion sense time and again but offer nothing new. When a trend is no longer new, no matter how popular it may be, it is bound to end. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but the death of the trend is indisputable. So either the fashion blogging sphere will simply change with the times and take on a new personality, or it will die away with partial dignity (it cannot be full if so many have already wreaked havoc on its image). To new beginning then, we shall say!

Photos courtesy of Kayture, The Blonde Salad

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Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.