Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

Analyzing the basic spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends that have been observed and noted during the recent fashion shows, we encounter an array of super-dazzling, bright and creative styles and fashion motifs ranging from the inspiring retro vibes to fresh and innovative design solutions that take one’s breath away. Thanks to the big diversity of various styles available, creative fashionisers and It girls have all the possibilities to embellish the streets with their fab looks this spring, mirroring the hottest tendencies our favorite fashion designers brought forth in September. So pointing out the most significant and characteristic aspects of spring’s styles, we may speak about these fabulous fashion trends for spring/ summer 2015!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #1: Romantic Lace and Delicate Laser-Cut Details

The first and one of the most spectacular and beautiful spring 2015 fashion trends that we would like to speak about is the super scrupulous and delicate lace patterns found on a variety of gorgeous and innovative pieces presented by the most popular fashion designers and fashion houses. Thus, if we were to point out the most attractive and appealing options, the list of names would be quite a long one. For instance, we may speak about the super cute and colorful laser-cut lace patterns presented by Valentino especially noting the specific mishmash of the abstracted patterns and the meticulous lace. The colorful solutions were the following noteworthy aspect here. The super gorgeous bohemian take on lace presented by Zuhair Murad is the following, coming up as a basic means for creating transparency plays and curious texture effects with colorful yet mainly monochrome pieces. For some more casual and stylish interpretations you may also have a look at the tops using lace patterns presented by Louis Vuitton. Another noteworthy transparency with lace plays can be found in the show of Elie Saab, where we see the stunning floor length dresses of shades like black and white invading the runway with the all-lace textures. Givenchy doesn’t lag behind, either, presenting some really impressive options of lace patterns. Neither does Chloe coming up with more massive and catchy lace accents used all over the pieces.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Lace and Laser-Cut Details

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #2: Watercolor Prints

The following noteworthy alternatives we may discuss when speaking about the major fashion trends for spring 2015 are the watercolor prints, coming up with gorgeous accents and effects like iridescence covering the whole textures of pieces and creating the basic color plays for them, too. So the catchy interpretations include the colorful options from Chanel, encompassing green, red, fuchsia, brown, orange and other tones with the whole variety of their overtones and watercolor variants. The cute and pastel accents of Cacharel are just another interesting and noteworthy option for our consideration, putting the watercolor accents with the help of calm and soothing tones and achieving just as cute and nice combinations together. The more intense and bright combos by Emilio Pucci can’t be missed out of the list either, thus coming with watercolor accents over stripy patterns of shades like green, pink, purple, and brown. Transparency plays with watercolor accents are the following variants introduced by Badgley Mischka and suggesting some cool combinations with basically monochrome looks or else coming with overtone plays. Victoria Beckham also proved to be on the side of watercolor plays, doing that in a very delicate and interesting way thus picking two basic shades one of them being white as a background, and just playing with the overtones of the other shades for minimalistic yet effective accents.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Watercolor Prints

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #3: The School Style

Garments designed with the strict and schoolish accents also managed to catch our attention presenting such interpretations as those of Louis Vuitton. The legendary fashion house managed to add some modern and stylish details to the traditional school looks, thus combining bright shades like orange with the classic forms and colors like black and white, also keeping the forms within the accepted patterns simply slightly experimenting with the lengths of the garments. The cute skirt and top combos by Cacharel despite not preserving the traditional color interpretations also managed to preserve some of the traditional schoolish looks, especially in terms of the pleated skirts and the classic shirts. The super charming and creative design solutions by Olympia Le Tan can also be noted in this list, presenting some gorgeous and youthful combinations made with those slightly reshaped yet schoolish accents especially nicely matching with the headwear pieces like the small retro hats. In addition, the image of a schoolgirl also appeared to be the focus of Marc Jacobs, thus presenting some really revolutionary yet cool combinations, where the accessories like schoolish backpacks were the central elements.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: School Girl Style

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #4: Lacing As the Key to Chic

Details are, in fact, important and the most popular fashion designers and houses nicely prove that for this season, coming up with creative interpretations for such design details as lacing, designed and styled in the most diverse and curious manners and fa‚Äö√†√∂‚àö√ºons possible. For instance, take inspiration from the stunning Givenchy made lace-up details, which apart from accentuating the transparency plays and the unique texture of the pieces also came paired with V-curves, thus creating even catchier exemplars of mysterious and appealing all-black looks. For some more minimalistic interpretations, where the lacing took rather smaller proportions, we can also have a look through the design alternatives suggested by Chloe, in case of which we deal with some tiny yet important accents with the straps again coming for the area of the neckline. The interesting big lacing details used for a number of curiously shaped pieces by Gucci couldn’t miss from our attention, either coming with bright shades and both casual and a bit experimental designs, which really had their significant place for the creation of this trend. Rebecca Minkoff in her turn also presented her versions of lace-up designs using them instead of halters for some crisscrossed combos, too. In addition, we may also speak about the curious and a bit tough variants suggested by Alexander McQueen, in case of which leather appears to be the primary fabric for the creation of strappy plays.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Lacing

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #5: Japanese Motifs

The following noteworthy and spectacular style interpretation that we would like to speak about is the Japanese inspiration, which also played a major role in the formation of the most popular fashion trends of the coming season. Thus, for some vivid examples we may turn to the alternatives suggested by Alexander McQueen, in the show of which we could see some obvious kimono cuts and specific forms like rounded shoulders, all matched with appealing shades and combinations. Other instances also include the shows of Maison Martin Margiela, where the resemblance with the sleeveless kimonos also came up with the specific color solutions and curious prints. Missoni can’t but also be included in the list of those names forming this trend, this time matching the kimono-inspired shapes with the specific transparency touches and nice overtone plays of the one and the same basic shade. Talking about Japanese inspired outerwear pieces, Temperley London is probably one of the first shows that comes to our mind, matching those silhouettes with the specific micro patterns and interesting color combinations. The show by Karen Walker is the following option we would like to speak about, which comes up with slight yet important hints of the kimono cut sleeves for a number of tops and outerwear pieces. Hervé Léger By Max Azria can’t be missed out of the top list, either, since the obvious inclination toward Japanese motives can be clearly seen here, too, presented with a number of colorful interpretations and creative color and pattern synthesis. Finally, it’s the modernized designs by Tibi that we would also like to mention here, coming up with more classic and traditional colors, generally excluding the prints and going for monochrome looks and combos more often.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Japanese Motifs

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #6: Denim, Denim, and Again Denim

This seems to be one of the most spectacularly rising and popular details that always happen to occupy the biggest and the trendiest places of the range of fashion motives for any season. Probably it’s all because of the uniqueness and the universality of denim pieces that underlie their success, and again we need to note denim pieces as one of the major fashion trends for the coming spring/ summer 2015 season. Thus, the all-denim interpretations by Stella McCartney are the first looks we would like to speak about here, presented with curious combinations of denim tops and skirts as well as all-denim jumpsuits coming with cropped bottoms and long sleeves. The classy maxi skirts with straight silhouettes presented during the Paul & Joe collection, as well as the sporty and comfy solutions of all-denim pieces from Sonia Rykiel can’t be missed out of the range either. Further come the nice options from Vanessa Bruno, where femininity is the primary focus of the pieces, followed by the chic with comfy alternatives from Chloe, the oversized and chic variants from Kenzo, the more diversified and perfected types of denim outerwear from Damir Doma. No less amazing are the uber classic and creative denim pieces by Trussardi, the sporty shorts and jackets from Dsquared2, military inspired looks from Gucci, the comfortable variants by Burberry Prorsum, where outerwear garments were again matched with denim, as well as the options from ICB by Prabal Gurung, Diesel Black Gold, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, J. Crew, and Karen Walker.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Denim

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #7: Transparency Plays

Weightless and super delicate transparent pieces are the following focus of the talented and creative designers for the season thus suggesting the most wonderful and just amazing pieces and combinations that you may ever imagine! The color palette and the shapes being totally diverse and stunning, these pieces really managed to create a separate amazing fashion trend. So first of all it’s all about the uber imaginative and just breathtaking interpretations by Chloe, coming up with monochrome looks, yet very curiously picked textures, designs, and shades. Erdem decided to choose another fab alternative for see-through clothing pieces thus matching design patterns like embroidery with the transparency plays of black chiffon, solving the problem of color combinations and that of the overall design innovation of the pieces. Ralph Lauren is the next fashion designer having picked the weightless and sky-touching design for a number of dresses, again suggesting the monochrome looks yet putting all with the multiple payers of tulle put all around the pieces. Combining pleated designs with calm and soothing color combinations J. Mendel managed to create some really noteworthy alternatives. Badgley Mischka doesn’t lag behind either, thus suggesting using multiple layers of the same fabric like tulle or chiffon colored identically. Of course, when we speak about weightless pieces the traditional light and gorgeous looks from Monique Lhuillier are probably the first things that come to our minds and that’s not in vain, since the newest collection also has some really noteworthy alternatives of the light and beautiful dresses coming with a number of impressive interpretations. Marques’ Almeida, Blumarine, Rochas, John Richmond, Missoni, Alberta Ferretti, Valentino, Zuhair Murad, Ellie Saab, and John Galliano are also included in the list of the most spectacular and noteworthy designs creating transparency plays with delicate fabrics. The uber sheer and gorgeous designs from Roksanda Ilincic, Emilia Wickstead and Marques’Almeida can also be included in the list of the most significant designs combining design solutions like color contrasts, shimmery textures, and color blocking with bright colors.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Transparency

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #8: Artistic Fashion

The following noteworthy design interpretation that formed a whole fashion trend for the season is the principle of organizing the design patterns into curious, quite impressive and colorful looks, most frequently used for pieces like dresses and resulting in the creation of real pieces of art! So this was the pick of such popular fashion houses as Mary Katrantzou, during the show of which we could note the synthesis of several design patterns at once including the transparency plays, the classic color combinations and the mishmashes of colorful images resembling butterflies and combining colors like blue, black, and purple. The show of Peter Pilotto presented another way of matching color contrasts with colorful backgrounds, thus presenting the paisley resembling patterns made with white and coral shades further put on the background of curious and neomodern patterns encompassing shades like purple, yellow, and fuchsia. As for the interpretation from Christopher Kane, classics and touches of minimalism can be apparently seen here, demonstrated with the help of a color trio including black, white, and blue tones, and having black chiffon as a basic background. The images of random knots created with these shades are the other spectacular artsy interpretations that the designers could experiment with.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Artistic Fashion

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #9: Wide Leg Pants and Culottes as Renovated Chic

The next eye-catching and quite spectacular spring 2015 trend that we can single out is the renovated comeback of the wide-leg pants and culottes again acquiring the most diversified and spectacular design solutions ever. So speaking about the basic solutions that wide-leg pants come up with for the season we may note such options as the shimmery variants we saw during the Tom Ford fashion show, where the darker tones were arranged into quite interesting design combinations. The design combinations of trendy patterns like stripes with trendy color pairs like red and white also prove to be quite well compatible with the wide-leg silhouettes especially when coming in pair with identically designed long-sleeved and tight-fitting turtlenecks. This is what we discover looking through the collection of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. For even brighter and more intense color solutions, you may also have a look at the wonderful and super gorgeous options from Antonio Berardi, in case of which the shimmery textures were combined with different tone plays of classic red. Alice + Olivia is the following creator of wide-leg pants, this time matching these designs with all-straight shapes and some cropped shapes, too. As for some inspiration for stylish culottes, browse through the collections of Jil Sander, Marni, Sportmax and Armani.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Wide-Leg Pants and Culottes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #10: Masculine Influences

The widest diversity of shirts, blazers, smocking and other masculine fashion inspired pieces used for the catchiest combinations and looks also manage to appear in the list of top trends for spring/ summer 2015, thus marking the perfect renovation of the classic and traditional silhouettes and pieces. For instance, incredibly chic are the curious monochrome looks we encounter during the fashion show of Paul Smith, where the classic patterns like stripes made of gray and black come to join the monochrome shirt dress with minimalistic touches. The matchy-matchy style by Richard Nicolli is the following noteworthy interpretation of this trend, combining the classic blazers with pieces like shorts, finishing all off with the checkered patterns of blue and white. Finally, we may also speak about pieces like the pure white vest + culottes combos from Temperley London coming up with some bolder accents and very interesting design solutions for the whole silhouette. In addition, we may also speak about the gorgeous interpretations of masculine fashion spotted at Paco Rabanne, Jil Sander, Jean Paul Gaultier and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Masculine Fashion

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #11: Pleated Designs

Pleats are the following uber noteworthy and spectacular design details that we would like to speak about, taking into account the super big number of shows, which had this element as a central design innovation and solution for combinations. Thus, we may discuss the wonderful and sporty miniskirts from Topshop Unique, which came combining classic shapes and shades with bold solutions, as well as the impressive shimmery textures from Barbara Cassasola, the main trick about which is the combination of shimmery and matte textures creating monochrome pairs yet with really catchy texture and silhouette plays. Similar techniques involving some more colors for contrast can also be found in the pieces from Margaret Howell, where one more neutral color is added to the general shade pairs of the looks, for instance, creating combos of gray pleated skirts matched with white shirts and gray jackets.
Bold splits are the next interesting match with pleated designs presented by Hermes and picking shades like khaki as the central detail for the skirts. For more feminine and subtle looks you may also have a look at the fashion show of Chloe, in case of which we discover a whole conglomeration of weightless dresses forming really awe-inspiring combos with the pleated designs. For more youthful and bolder variants you may also have a look at the miniskirts suggested by Isabel Marant, where the pleated textures come with an even more diversified color palette.
Bright and chic with traditional and classic can also be found in the fashion show of Salvatore Ferragamo. Abstracted design synthesis are also here forming an important aspect in the collection of Antonio Marras, where the color and shape combos really acquire various and multi-functional implementations.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Pleats

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #12: 3D Textures

3D textures form another imaginative and really resourceful design solution that can be noted in the range of the top trends of the season. Such are the suggestions from Monique Lhuillier in case of which we have shades like bright yellow combined with transparent textures for tea length skirts, followed with the golden accents presented by Denis Basso, and finished up with the ethereal black and white shapes also having their significant place for the creation of this trend. The thematically shaded 3D appliqués from Zuhair Murad also have an important place here introducing probably the most feminine interpretations of this lovely trend. The fluffy and cute suggestions from Rodarte are other curious and specific interpretations in this respect. Finally, it’s the catchy and massive florals by Rebecca Taylor that come as the classic variants of 3D patterns, being equally chic and fabulous as the designs that we noted previously. The fashion shows of Vionnet, Dries van Noten and Burberry Prorsum are also included in the list of the top looks. We are especially head over heels with the 3D floral appliqués decorating the see-through designs of Michael Kors and Valentin Yudashkin.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: 3D Textures

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #13: Cropped Tops

The cropped tops and the bra tops are the following never-ending trends for the recent seasons, holding their strong positions for the new spring too. This is the pick of Donna Karan, during the show of which we could see the combo of a pure white bra top and a classic red tea length skirt. The option from Phillip Lim is also quite noteworthy, coming with the shimmery navy blue texture matched with the specific shapes and designs of the pants created with identical shades. The black and white pairs also found their reflection in the range of the trends coming with black bra tops and forming the design focus of Delpozo. The chic alternatives suggested by Miu Miu can also be noted here, coming with 3D patterns, ruffles, and many other specific elements.
Sonia Rykiel also has come up with something unique and cool matching the forms of bandeaus with crisscrossed patterns and generally classic shades. However, we may also speak about the colorful interpretations especially well put in the show of Zadig & Voltaire, where the brightest shades are exemplified with the brightest combos of cropped tops.
Black and white also have some more design variations forming another alternative of such looks in compositions with cropped tops presented by Balmain. Sporty chic is also here coming with the forms of sports bras for the show of Paco Rabanne. In addition, we can’t but also speak about the transparency plays with bandeaus by Balenciaga, the classic forms of Marni, the innovative long-sleeved pieces from Versace, the brighter interpretations from Fausto Puglisi, the shimmery and uber cool looks from Tom Ford, the strapless cropped tops with florals from Matthew Williamson, the sporty denim looks from Diesel Black Gold, the feminine and chic cropped tops from Carolina Herrera, the minimalistic looks by Louise Alsop, the fluttery options from Issa, the gray with white looks by Sibling, the sheer and subtle looks from Rebecca Taylor, and the classy interpretations by Nicole Miller.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Cropped Tops

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #14: Fringes

Fringe has always been one of the most steady and never changing fashion trends of almost any season, always coming up with some new interpretations and design combinations matching classic shades like black and white most frequently coming with monochrome looks, as well as with interesting texture and shade combinations and overall shape experiments. This season, fringe details get even more powerful, coming with lots of innovation and creative style solutions. Thus, speaking with examples we may note the curious variants of shimmery silver with white fringes by Whistles, the massive and elongated options from Giles, and the all-black looks from PPQ. As for monochrome looks, we may also note the minimalistic combinations from Elie Tahari, the catchy black looks from Osklen, and the asymmetrical designs from Milly, as well as the cool fringed looks from Marco de Vincenzo. The options by Angelo Marani, Fendi and Blugirl may also be included in the catchiest suggestions coming up with a unique and cool interpretation of the chicest synthesis with fringes.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Fringes

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #15: Checkered Patterns

Checks are the next impressive design interpretations we may speak about especially emphasizing the black and white looks coming with various sizes and proportions in the fashion shows of Oscar de la Renta, where tiny black and white checks were the central elements of the semi-transparent textures, the looks from Diane von Furstenberg coming with bigger sized gingham patterns, and the red with white options from Altuzarra. The suggestions from Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, Yves Salomon, and Trademark can’t but be noted in the list of the top looks as well.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Checkered Patterns

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #16: Stripes

Stripes are the following interesting trend for spring 2015, the most interesting aspect about which is the universality and the unique compatibility of the pieces including classic shapes and uber feminine silhouettes. For instance, we may speak about the voluminous looks from Altuzarra, matching the black and white shades in a single elongated look again, the striking orange with black synthesis from DKNY matching those stripes of the top with the abstracted patterns of the bottom, the classic forms of black and white stripes from Naeem Khan, similar types of color combos from Giambattista Valli, the three-color combinations from Sonia Rykiel, and the minimalistic looks from Chanel. For even brighter interpretations we may also have a look at the collections of Temperley London, Paul Smith, and Preen. Giles and Topshop Unique may also be included in the list of the fashion houses presenting the top impressive and catchy combinations encompassing a list of other innovative and cool design details. The absolutely creative and stunning looks from Fisico, Stella Jean and Emporio Armani can’t but be noted in the list of the top trendsetters.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Stripes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #17: Shirts Under and Over Dresses

Generally layering is super cool this spring! Consequently, another interesting and innovative tendency is combining unmatchable pieces with each other for striking combinations, including pairs of shirts and skirts, as well as shirts and dresses. Think creative shirts worn over dresses and skirts as seen at Marissa Webb, or try to copy such looks featuring the amazing color duos of blue and purple from Rebecca Taylor, the asymmetrical designs from Koonhor, as well as the stunning shirt under dress looks from Givenchy, the sheer looks from Rochas, and the bright pinky looks from Olympia le Tan.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Shirts Worn Under Dresses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #18: Sporty Chic

What Adeam, Alexander Wang and Milly came up with for the season forms another specific and spectacular trend for spring, combining the classic and sporty looks with the renovated forms and colors thus creating some really bright and tasteful combinations. Sporty chic is always there, however, it has become a more important trend recently, quite often coming matched with classic and elegant pieces for one-of-a-kind looks. The design interpretations from Kenzo, Viktor & Rolf, Paco Rabanne, Fay, Amanda Wakeley, Pringle of Scotland, and Jean-Pierre Braganza can also be noted in the sporty chic trend. Similarly, we may also speak about the suggestions from L.A.M.B., Lacoste, Alexander Wang, and DKNY forming another creative aspect of such looks.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Sporty Chic

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #19: Shirts With Stylish Collars

Shirts came worn not only under and over the dresses, but also reigned the entire fashion month, coming in a variety of shapes and styles appropriate for different occasions. The strict buttoned-up collars come to be the hottest shirt styles for this spring thanks to the stunning interpretations of Guy Laroche, Holly Fulton, Rochas, Ashley Williams and many others. We also loved the flowing and breezy options of Chloe, the breathtakingly dramatic shirts of Louis Vuitton with high frilled necklines adorned with black ribbons, the collarless options of Mulberry, and the imaginative open-back cropped shirts of Miu Miu.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Shirts With Stylish Collars

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Shirts With Stylish Collars

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #20: Asymmetrical Shapes

Asymmetrical shapes are the next curious style interpretation that can be noted in the list of the top spring 2015 trends, coming presented by Valentino, Maison Martin Margiela, and Paco Rabanne. Asymmetrical solutions are especially well demonstrated with the hems, featuring both radical and less noticeable contrasts. In addition, when it comes to asymmetrical necklines, we may also note the suggestions from Versace, Emporio Armani, Costume National, Anthony Vaccarello and Angelos Bratis, in case of which we may note some even more diversified color and shape combinations for more creative and cooler outcomes for the top part of the pieces.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Asymmetrical Shapes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #21: Floral Patterns

Floral patterns form the following catchy and curious fashion trend for spring 2015, especially taking into account the viability and the universality of these designs. Thus they come as one of the major fashion trends once more, acquiring such interpretations as the massive florals of Erdem, the shimmery and a bit minimalized suggestions from Peter Pilotto, and the voluminous and gorgeous pairs of black and golden from Marchesa. The fashion collections of Simone Rocha, Jonathan Saunders and Matthew Williamson can also be included in the top sources of inspiration to this end, forming another specific and cool variation of this classy trend.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Floral Prints

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #22: Suede

The pieces coming with suede textures can’t but be noted in the list of the trendiest and the catchiest looks of the coming season. Thus speaking about both outerwear and basic garments, we may note the suggestions like those by Derek Lam, combining the suede textures with tones like brown. Emilio Pucci, came up with the combo of brown shade with suede for pants this time, while Jason Wu presented dark green shades for pieces like coats. We also loved Loewe’s yellowish creamy suede pieces, Miu Miu’s suede layers of brown with green background, Valentino’s brown, pink, blue, creamy, and white stripes for A-line dresses, and Gucci’s classic red tones for the chicest suede looks ever.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Suede

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #23: Military Inspiration

Finally, it’s all about the military inspired looks that we would like to speak about here introducing such design combinations as the pairs of maxi skirts with tank tops both coming with identical military inspired shades presented by Irfe, the classic shirtdresses by Gucci having the specific khaki shade, the creamy combos of shirts and skirts by Mulberry, and the lighter toned looks from Hunter Original. No less amazing are the classy military looks from Marc Jacobs, the oversized and flare silhouettes by Ralph Lauren, the suede textures with similar patterns from Jason Wu, the oversized looks from Marisa Webb, the catchy texture plays by Peter Som, the fringe-inspired looks from Nicholas K, and the looks like those of L.A.M.B., Greg Lauren, Band of Outsiders, Rodarte, J. Crew, Rag & Bone, Max Mara and Bouchra Jarrar.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Military Fashion

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #24: Victorian Fashion

Being probably the most elegant and refined fashion trend for spring 2015, Victoriana comes to charm all the fans of the exquisite and romantic, promising to make your appearance at special parties really memorable. So it’s all about fine lace, floor-sweeping skirts, heavy embellishments and gathered necklines, as spotted at Kew Gardens, Erdem, Vivienne Westwood Red Label and Marchesa.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Victorian Fashion

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #25: Subtle 1970s Fashion

We are always super excited to try trends coming from the past, and this season’s fashion trends give us the opportunity to embrace the subtle hippie motifs of the ’70s. From the fringe details and versatile denim to suede, slightly roomy and flared pants, as well as floppy hats, the designers bring the most iconic shapes and design elements of this beautiful fashion era for us to look creative and special this spring. For inspiration, check out the beautiful spring 2015 collections of Sonia Rykiel, Etro, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Paul & Joe, Matthew Williamson, Tommy Hilfiger, Prada and Max Mara.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: 1970s Fashion

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #26: Safari With a Modern Spin

So if we have military as one of the biggest spring 2015 fashion trends, it doesn’t meant we don’t want to have some safari motifs in our wardrobes. Coming with modern interpretations and some charming minimalism, safari fashion triumphs this spring too. Some of the most incredible safari style interpretations can be found in the spring 2015 collections of Ralph Lauren, Nicholas K, Sonia Rykiel, Giles and Acne Studios.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Safari Fashion

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #27: Bohemian Chic

Enchanting bohemian chic motifs come to make this spring ultimately romantic and carefree, bringing soft and flowing silhouettes, beautiful prints and patterns, lace and small details that charm instantly. Thanks to Vera Wang, Etro, Valentino, Chloe, Dries Van Noten, Joseph Altuzarra, Alberta Ferretti and Emilio Pucci we have yet another mesmerizing trend for spring. And you can always turn to Free People for some fresh takes on the boho chic style.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Bohemian Fashion

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #28: Shiny Mood Is On

The party-ready mood is on this spring thanks to the timeless metallic shades and shiny materials used, including the creative foil finishes. From Tom Ford’s black dresses with gold and silver finishes and Mary Katrantzou’s metallic designs to Saint Laurent’s shiny pieces put in the most stunning shades and patterns, as well as the foil-esque fabrics spotted at Giles and Markus Lupfer, festive sparkling pieces come in a variety of styles, promising to make you shine on throughout the bright season.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Shiny Fabrics

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #29: Playful Tassels

Apart from the season’s hottest trend of using fringe details, many fashion houses also present decorative and playful tassels as great design details for adding lots of interest to simple pieces. So if it’s not fringe, than it’s tassels, and you are going to see lots of such motifs this spring! Some creative interpretations of the tassel trend were spotted at the spring 2015 fashion shows of Paul Smith, Preen and Whistles.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Tassels

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #30: The Comeback of Oversize

Providing lots of movement and texture, oversized pieces always look cool, especially when coming in the simplest shades and shapes. So if minimalism is your style and you love playing with looks fusing sporty motifs with some subtle androgynous accents and plain shapes, then spring’s oversize trend is right for you! Find your inspiration in the newest collections of Hermes, Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Giles, DSquared2 and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Oversize Fashion

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #31: Flouncy Ruffles and Frills

To perfectly embody the breezy warm days of the warm months, many fashion designers quite often turn to playful ruffles and frills, each time using them in the most creative ways possible. These details are also perfect for boosting femininity in your looks. We have some uber-stylish designs featuring lightweight ruffles and frills for the new season too, including the girly dresses, skirts and tops from Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, Valentino, Moschino, Miu Miu and Sally LaPointe.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Ruffles and Pleats

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #32: Heavy Embellishments for Maximum Chic

Spring is all about attracting loads of attention and being that perfect shining star wherever you go. This is what our favorite designers prove through their new collections drenched in heavy embellishments that can hardly go by unnoticed. Maximalists will especially adore the bejeweled designs of Dolce & Gabbana, each of which seems to be a real masterpiece! No less spectacular are the sequins, feathers and perspex details spotted at Erdem, Emilio Pucci, Saint Laurent and Christopher Kane.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Heavy Embellishments

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #33: Creative Cut-Outs, Slits, Off-Shoulders and Plunging Necklines

Generally speaking, there was lots of boldness demonstrated on the major catwalks during these fashion weeks. The desire to reveal skin without looking extravagant led many designers to come up with the most creative cuts, slits, plunging necklines and off-the-shoulder designs for the new season. Especially striking were the cage-like dresses of Balmain along with those daring cut-outs and plunging necklines. Versus Versace demonstrated maximum boldness through so many provocative slits, deep V-necks and cuts. We also loved the creative takes on this trend of Jacquemus, Versace, Sonia Rykiel, Givenchy, Acne Studios, Valentino and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Cuts, Slits, Plunging Necklines

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #34: Spring Fur and Feathery Motifs

Who said that fur is only for keeping you warm: it can actually be some decorative detail for making your spring looks extravagant and cool. This is what we learn from the spring 2015 collections of Sonia Rykiel, J. Mendel, Tod’s, Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger. Still, if fur is too much for you to try in spring, you can experiment with the whimsical allure of feathery motifs presented by Fendi, Burberry Prorsum, MSGM, Emporio Armani, DSquared2 and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Fur and Feathers

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #35: The Rise of Leather

Being used both as small accents for making minimalist looks spectacular and as the main fabric for creating statement-making outfits, leather was spotted a lot in the major fashion capitals during the recent fashion weeks too. Coming both in the traditional shades and in some bright hues for attracting extra attention, it becomes one of the best spring 2015 fashion trends for the fans of the luxury and the classy. Moschino, Philipp Plein, Trussardi, DSquared2, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Tod’s are some of the names you need to remember when looking for inspiration for creative leather clothing pieces!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Leather

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #36: Polished Elegance and Femininity

Last but not least, we can hardly survive any season without the iconic feminine and elegant looks that come to be the most winning options for any occasion and any time of the year. The spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends also present some extremely polished elegant and feminine looks, like those spotted at Altuzarra, Ermanno Scervino, Cushnie et Ochs, BCBG Max Azria, Hugo Boss, Gucci and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Elegance and Femininity

These were the basic spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends we would like to note, introducing the catchiest design interpretations and exemplars from the top popular fashion houses and brands. We do hope that this will be a great source of inspiration for you for providing bright ideas for creating new looks and even more creative combinations!

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

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