Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces

No matter what trends come and go, you should always pick a new style taking your personal features and body proportions into account. This surely refers to choosing a new haircut as well, as here you need to strongly follow certain rules in order to find the most matching alternative for your own facial features. Choosing a hairstyle for your face shape requires determining your own facial form first, after which you can browse through a myriad of looks presented by our favorite celebrities to find inspiration and go for the correct option. Our extensive list of trendy hairstyles for round faces can be an endless fountain of inspiration for you to find some stylish haircut and hair styling techniques every now and then.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hairstyle for Round Faces #1: Selena Gomez Chignon

Who said that those with a round face shape should always go for loose hairstyles only? Actually, for special occasions a correctly chosen updo is perhaps the best alternative you can consider. A great idea is copying Selena Gomez’s super-elegant chignon with a slightly textured front part used to slightly elongate her round face and create the perfect balance between her amazing facial features.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Selena Gomez

Hairstyle for Round Faces #2: Cameron Diaz Boho Waves

Stunning beauty Cameron Diaz always manages to look like a hundred bucks, no matter it’s about a glam red carpet occasion or daily strolls in the casual style. Her perfectly chosen hairstyles always manage to highlight her best features and give the ideal proportions to her face. This long center-parted wavy ‘do of hers with a romantic boho vibe is just another cool hairstyle for round face shapes that you can consider!

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Cameron Diaz

Hairstyle for Round Faces #3: Drew Barrymore Effortless Updo

Gorgeous Drew Barrymore is another celebrity, who occasionally masters the art of wearing stunning updo hairstyels for round faces, looking amazing as always. Her center-parted loose effortless ‘do with front flyways is especially a stunning option you can consider for glam parties. Using correct makeup accents is just another technique you can match with your hairstyle to create the ideal balance between you features.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Drew Barrymore

Hairstyle for Round Faces #4: Kate Bosworth Center-Parted Half Updo

A center-parted ‘do is always a great option if you have a round face shape, since it manages to slightly elongate the face making it look just ideal. This super-sleek center-parted half up half down hairstyle that Kate Bosworth sported is just amazing especially for special occasions, especially when matched with a bold red lipstick.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Kate Bosworth

Hairstyle for Round Faces #5: Emma Stone Retro Waves

Playing with different styles, ranging from the minimalistic and classy to casual and boho, can definitely lead to perfect outcomes as well. Emma Stone decided to embrace her glam retro side, wearing this Old Hollywood inspired retro curly ‘do with side-parted long bangs loosely attached to the side. This is yet another unique party hairstyle for round faces you can consider!

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Emma Stone

Hairstyle for Round Faces #6: Kate Winslet Bobby Pinned Updo

Continuing to discover more stunning party hairstyles for round faces, we come to the uber-dramatic and elegant look of Kate Winslet. She sported a bobby pinned faux bob updo with a side parting with slight wavy finishes. This is a stunning look for all those, who have long hair and want to try some shorter haircuts without going for a dramatic change.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Kate Winslet

Hairstyle for Round Faces #7: Michelle Williams Pixie With a Headband

There are surely lots of stunning short hairstyles for round faces you can try. A cool alternative is the look Michelle Williams sported at 2013 Costume Institute Gala. She styled her longer pixie cut with a jeweled headband, deep side parting her bangs. This ‘do made her look like real a princess.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Michelle Williams

Hairstyle for Round Faces #8: Ginnifer Goodwin Layered Razor Cut

Super-cute experiments with short haircuts and lovely hair accessories bring us the layered razor cut of Ginnifer Goodwin, who brushed her hair forward, finishing it all off with a thin gold headband for the maximum edge. The bold red lipstick created a perfect contrast with her jet-black hair, taking a no less important role in balancing her look.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Ginnifer Goodwin

Hairstyle for Round Faces #9: Katy Perry Beehive

Wearing this super-high beehive with baby bangs Katy Perry managed not only to look elegant and feminine, but also elongated her round face slightly, making her best features pop. The classic jet-black color looked so harmonious with her elegant ‘do, just like her minimalist makeup with the focus placed on the lashes.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Katy Perry

Hairstyle for Round Faces #10: Miranda Kerr Messy Ponytail

Cutie pie Miranda Kerr shines like a star wherever she goes. To give an effortless vibe to one of her party looks, she opted for a slightly messy high ponytail with a textured front part that made her face look like oval. The uber-bright and bold makeup accents perfected her face ideally!

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Miranda Kerr

Hairstyle for Round Faces #11: Kate Upton Bobby Pinned Updo

Kate Upton’s voluminous bobby pinned updo created the illusion of a longer face and made her beautiful features pop out. To get this effortless and classy look, you’ll need to curl the front section of your hair and then backcomb it, twisting the remaining hair into an updo and securing it with bobby pins.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Kate Upton

Hairstyle for Round Faces #12: Mila Kunis Sleek and Straight Long Hair

Long hair always proves to be the best option for those with round faces, especially when styled in a sleek and straight manner, like we see it in case of Mila Kunis. The center parting and the slight volume given to the sides of the hair perfectly accentuated her best facial features. To get this ‘do you just need to straighten your hair with a flat iron and apply some essential oils for extra shine.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Mila Kunis

Hairstyle for Round Faces #13: Mandy Moore Messy Updo

To make her face look slightly slimmer and longer, Mandy Moore decided to style her medium-length hair into an uber-messy and voluminous ‘do with lots of texture applied to the roots. This made her look playful, youthful and effortlessly chic, balancing the proportions of her face just ideally!

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Mandy Moore

Hairstyle for Round Faces #14: Jennifer Hudson Spiked Pixie

The back-combed and textured spiked pixie in the jet-black color of Jennifer Hudson put the focus on her wide forehead, this way creating the illusion of a longer face. It looked just so edgy and cool especially in combination with the bold makeup consisting of red lips and black cat eyes.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Jennifer Hudson

Hairstyle for Round Faces #15: Aishwarya Rai Long Curls

Beauty queen Aishwarya Rai put the focus on her lavish locks, letting them loose and wavy for extra volume and shine. The side-parted ‘do of hers had sleek finished up on the crown and curled down perfectly, making her cute round face look so ideally proportioned.

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces: Aishwarya Rai

These are only some cool hairstyle ideas for round faces that you can give a try, ranging from the super-short alternatives to lavish long locks. Checking what celebs wear from time to time, you’ll find more inspiration and more awesome ways of styling your hair. What you should always focus on is your best facial features, trying to highlight them through the correctly picked hairstyles and makeup styles. So be well informed about your face shape and try to be creative, looking unique, fresh and stylish every time you make an appearance in public!

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