Best Fall Makeup Shades to Match Your Outfits

Best Fall Makeup Shades to Match Your Outfits

Fall is the very special time of the year, when you want to be poetic trying a certain range of highly saturated and nature-inspired shades, each so soft and sensual. Fall makeup usually takes its hues from nature and elements; however, it surely needs to match your outfits too. Surely, we first update our wardrobes according to the fall trends, only after which we try to find the most matching fall makeup for our outfits. If you want to be the dreamy autumn girl this year, make sure you learn how to match your fall makeup with your clothes in order to add warmth and a cheerful touch to your looks!

Best Fall Makeup Shades to Match Your Outfits

Common Fall Colors in Your Wardrobes

To understand the principles of matching your makeup with your clothing pieces, it’s a good idea to learn what colors you usually can find in a stylish fall wardrobe. Traditional autumnal hues are based on the extensive and rich palette of gold. This timeless and opulent shade makes perfect color pairs with brown and beige, which are better to take as a base, spicing it up with slight golden accents in order not to look too festive. The same brown shades look incredible in combination with all sorts of deep green tones, including bottle green, khaki tones, olive and emerald green.

Blue (preferably saturated options) is the next must in a stylish fall wardrobe. While in summer it usually comes in delicate pastel tones, in fall it shows all its strong character and boldness, bringing such stylish variations as navy blue, royal and sapphire blue. These shades are in a perfect harmony with orange, mustard yellow or berry tones, including crimson, purple and plum.

Generally, autumnal shades are supposed to radiate warmth, this way adding a pocketful of sunshine to your gloomy days, as if warming you inside and out, while keeping you stylish too. This is the reason why too bright and flashy tones aren’t that desirable in fall as warm, rich and muted ones, which sometimes might be quite dark. Thus, gray, burgundy and deep purple are some other shades you can consider.

Timeless combinations of black and white are always relevant in a classic style, no matter it’s summer or fall. However, in fall, white is usually used to a minimum, while black still triumphs. Anyways, you can always replace black with brown, and white with beige or cream to create warmer looks.

As for fall fashion accessories, for the best outcomes you can always go for such accents and details that are closely associated with nature and that are made of natural materials. Thus, think wooden accessories, ones featuring semi-precious and precious stones in muted fall shades, as well as gold, of course, which will highlight your perfect summer tan.

Coming to the characteristic fall styles, we should first of all mention the conservative style rejecting too strict clothes. Romantic outfits are also an option, as this is the best season to show your romantic character through fashion. In addition to minimalist and monochrome looks, you can always experiment with volume, layers and texture, as well as rich patterns and prints. Try timeless leather and suede trends, as well as experiment with the lovely ethnic style, the country, military or safari styles!

Best Fall Makeup Shades for Your Clothing

Knowing all the basics about a stylish fall wardrobe, you’ll be able to easily pick the correct makeup shades accordingly. Natural, light and minimal makeup is the perfect option to match all the above-mentioned clothing colors. Make sure not to go over the top with color accents: the focus should be placed either on the lips or the eyes, which is the golden makeup rule. You can highlight you lips with wine or crimson lipstick shades, while brown eyeshadows applied in the smokey manner are perfect for fall eye makeup. What you should really avoid is cold shades. Candy hues, gold and green are other stunning options to consider for eye makeup. Bright colors are permissible for evening looks; however, you still need to decide whether to put the focus on the eyes or the lips. As for daywear look, stick to all the possible earth shades. In terms of mascara, go for either black or brown tones, while colorful options should be used very carefully.

Foundation/ Powder

Since the fall nature of a woman is rather striking and bright, the makeup should be gentle and hardly visible to balance things out. When it comes to choosing the correct foundation tone, you’d better adhere to the warm shades of beige, taking into account your own skin tone. Make sure to use a clear, transparent primer. Beauties with freckles usually try to use several layers of a darker toned foundation, trying to mask those playful freckles, however, this is one of the biggest mistakes. The artificial and unnatural skin tones will instantly pop out in daylight, making the look cakey. So you should always consider your freckles as details capable of adding lots of playfulness and liveliness to your looks! Still, if you want to prevent the emergence of new freckles, use a tinted day cream, and sunscreen.

If you give preference to powder rather than foundation for the daily usage, go for a light beige tone with a slight yellowish accent. Bronzed tones can refresh tanned skin perfectly. Also keep in mind that you can always use darker toned powders as blushes in fall.

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Best Fall Makeup Shades to Match Your Outfits

Blush Tones for Fall

When choosing a blush, stick to the same principle of looking for natural tones. Go for transparent warm shades, reddish brown, terra cotta, deep peach tones or shades of walnut. A bronzing powder can also do here. Discard any cold pink blush shades.

Best Fall Lipstick Colors

Lipstick tones with silver or pearl undertones are absolutely not suitable for a fall makeup. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your look, that can only be a golden glow. You can also use a transparent lip-gloss with a warm flickering effect. As for the best fall lip colors, think warm shades of red, including the sassy cherry red, orange, coral, reddish brown and dark currant. If the focus of your makeup is placed on the eyes, go for salmon lips for a balancing effect. Too light, pale and pastel tones of lipsticks will not look good with your bright fall outfits. Also avoid all sorts of pinks, gray and blue highlights.

Best Fall Eye Makeup Shades

Coming to the most beautiful part of a woman’s face, we also want to speak about the basic color combinations you can try for your fall eye makeup. And, of course, it all starts with perfectly shaped eyebrows! You’d better highlight your brows with natural tones of brown, ranging from the lightest one to dark chocolate. Go for the option that best suits your natural brow tone.

You’d better avoid any dark colors and sharp lines in fall. Instead, blending the correct tones you can create a soft and striking look. All sorts of earth tones are an absolute do here. They should be applied thinly, gradually adding colors and blending them well. Other than that, you can try orange, golden brown, olive green shades, as well as such color combinations as yellow with green, yellow with brown, copper with coral, purple with blue, or red with brown. Make sure to avoid cold shades, including silver and pearl tones.

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To emphasize your eye shape and add depth to your eye makeup, go for eye pencils and eyeliner in warm tones, including shades of brown, green, deep blue, and dark red. Black should be used as rarely as possible here.

As for the perfect mascara tone, again think brown, dark green or black. For extravaganza needed that much on special occasions, you can apply a thin layer of copper, green or blue mascara over your ordinary black mascara applied.

Perfect Fall Nails

Last but not least, make sure to pay attention to your nails too, as having well groomed nails you show how coquettish and elegant you are. Thus, all those intense jewel tones can do here, including deep blues, reds, greens, burgundy, brown and black tones. Just make sure to match the shade of your nails with your fall outfit. In case, you want to inject playfulness to your looks, you can also try interesting fall nail art designs!

Unlike summer, when your style gets maximum casual and comfy, fall is all about elegance and a romantic style. Paying attention to the main principles of matching fall makeup with your clothing pieces, you are sure to create super-dazzling looks for any occasion! So embrace fall fully experimenting with these astounding makeup and clothing color combos!

Photos courtesy of Teni Panosian, Vogue

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