MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Cosmetics comes up with the most comprehensive and the coolest makeup line for the upcoming holiday season, providing us with all the necessary products to glam up instantly, as well as bringing stylish gift sets for our closest ones. The MAC Keepsakes holiday 2014 makeup collection has it all, from gorgeous eyeshadow palettes in different shades to meet everyone’s interests to uber-gorgeous lipsticks and diverse makeup brush sets. Best of all, all these products come featured in lovely packaging, as well as quite often accompanied with stylish makeup bags. Browse through all the products found in the collection to find your perfect matches!

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Keepsakes Face Palette ($49.50 U.S. / $59.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

For those of you who prefer having all the necessary makeup products in a single compact case, this is the product you need! Available in two color options, Natural and Smoky, the newest Keepsakes Face Palette of MAC houses three versatile eyeshadows, a cream color base, an iridescent pressed powder and two lipsticks. The products come housed in a stylish glittering medallion-accented compact, having the royal style imprinted all over. Pick your favorite palette from these two options available:

Natural Face Palette

• In Good Taste – Shimmery nude with silver pearl (Lustre) (Eyeshadow)
• Royal Rendezvous – Midtone camel nude (Matte) (Eyeshadow)
• Heir of Sophistication – Reddish brown with pearl (Frost) (Eyeshadow)
• Sparkling Rose – Soft pink with gold frost (Iridescent Pressed Powder)
• Filigree – Soft nude brown with pearl (Cream Colour Base)
• Eloquence – Midtone blue pink (Amplified) (Lipstick)
• Sass – Deep blue magenta (Amplified) (Lipstick)

Smoky Face Palette

• Filament Platinum silver (Lustre) (Eyeshadow) (Permanent)
• Aristocrat Aura Dirty blue grey with silver pearl (Frost) (Eyeshadow)
• Carbon Intense black (Matte) (Eyeshadow) (Permanent)
• Born to Dazzle White gold champagne with pearl (Iridiescent Pressed Powder)
• Pearl Pale gold with icy shimmer (Cream Colour Base) (Permanent)
• Petulance Mauvey midtone nude (Amplified) (Lipstick)
• Evening Posh Clean bright red (Amplified) (Lipstick)

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Keepsakes Eye Kits ($39.50 U.S. / $47.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

If you love experimenting with various stylish eye makeup looks combining matching color shades like a pro, you’ll absolutely love these eye kits from MAC, available in three color variations: Plum, Beige and Smoky. Each of the compacts contains eight coordinated colors, as well as a mirror to make the application process much easier for you. The packaging is as sleek and regal as that of the face palettes: the eyeshadow palettes come packed inside a glittery gray, black and white case, each embellished with a chic cameo. Discover all the hues included in each eye kit below!

Plum Eyes

• Sensibility – Pale frosty pink (Frost)
• Plum Grand – Dirty frosty lavender (Veluxe Pearl)
• Taupeless – Icy pink with silver sparkle (Lustre)
• Magic Moor – Rich blackened plum with pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
• Subtly Elegant – Light grey lilac (Matte)
• Fashion Beat – Dirty violet grey (Lustre)
• Nocturnelle – Pinked-up chrome purple (Frost)
• Shadowy Lady – Blackened plum (Matte) (Permanent)

Beige Eyes

• Her Mistress – Soft pastel egg (Matte)
• Sweet Sovereign – Frosty gold champagne (Lustre)
• Quintessential – Dirty olive (Frost)
• Mystery – Muted plum brown (Satin) (Permanent)
• Omega – Soft muted beige taupe (Matte) (Permanent)
• Tempting – Sinfully rich coco (Lustre) (Permanent)
• Faire Maiden – Bright coppering gold (Lustre)
• Night Whisper – Rich black brown (Veluxe Pearl)

Smoky Eyes

• Fancy Dress – Chalky white beige (Matte)
• Kid – Soft beige (Veluxe Pearl)
• Satin Taupe – Taupe with silver shimmer (Frost)
• Noble Spirit – Warm black brown (Satin)
• Forgery – Sterling silver (Lustre)
• Honey Lust – Bronze dipped peach (Lustre)
• Divine Rule – Frosty grey mauve with silver pearl (Lustre)
• Carbon – Intense black (Matte)

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Keepsakes Eye Bags ($39.50 U.S. / $47.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Especially ideal as Christmas gifts, these eye bags bring all the necessary items for creating luxurious eye makeup looks. Each of the bags features two rich eyeshadow hues, an eye pencil and mascara. There are three options to choose from: Smoky, Plum and Brown.

Smoky Eye Bag

• Treasure Me In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow – Light silver
• Tall, Dark & Handsome In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow – Soft black with silver sparkle
• In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara – Black
• Engraved Powerpoint Eye Pencil – Rich Black

Plum Eye Bag

• Triple Impact In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow – Opalescent pink
• Round Midnight In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow – Rich reddish plum
• In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara – Black
• Permaplum Powerpoint Eye Pencil – Deeply plum with dark shimmer

Brown Eye Bag

• Just Gleaming In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow – Peachy nude
• Stolen Moment In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow – Mauvey nude
• In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara – Black
• Stubborn Brown Powerpoint Eye Pencil – Deep rich brown

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Keepsakes Lip Bags ($39.50 U.S. / $47.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

The collection also brings lovely lip bags composed of posh lipstick, lipglass and lip pencil shades. Again we have three options to choose from: Red, Nude and Coral.

Red Lip Bag

• Ruby Woo – Vivid blue-red (Matte) (Lipstick)
• Ruby Woo – Bright red (Lipglass)
• Ruby Woo – Bright red (Lip Pencil)

Nude Lip Bag

• Kiss the King – Peachy coral (Lustre) (Lipstick)
• Chic Supremacy – Soft creamy yellow nude (Lipglass)
• Boldly Bare – Dirty red brown (Lip Pencil)

Coral Lip Bag

• Coral Bliss – Frosted light coral (Lipstick)
• Razzledazzler – Light cream peach (Lipglass)
• Lasting Sensation – Bright coral (Lip Pencil)

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Keepsakes Lip + Eye Bags ($59.50 U.S. / $71.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Exclusive MAC retailers will also provide you with lip + eye bags, each featuring quads of four eyeshadows, a rich lipstick and a lipglass, all coming packed inside a sleek clutch with a cameo zipper pull. Gold and Silver are the color options available.

Gold Lip + Eye Bag

• Rarified Mineralize Eyeshadow x4 – Light silver frost, soft grey frost, soft lavender, dark grey frost
• Posh Tone Minralize Rich Lipstick – Soft warm nude
• Modest Mineralize Rich Lpistick – Soft beige with light frost

Silver Lip + Eye Bag

• Precious Heirloom Mineralize Eye Shadow x4 – Light beige, golden nude, golden olive, rich chocolate brown
• Dreaminess Mineralize Rich Lipstick – Soft cool pink cream
• Modern Romance Mineralize Rich Lipstick – Midtone cool rose with frost

MAC Keepsakes Viva Glamorous Lip Palette ($40.00 U.S. / $48.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

For those, who so much loved MAC’s collaborations with Rihanna, the collection also features a special edition Viva Glamorous lip palette, housing six gorgeous lip shades, which are:
• Viva Glam I Lipstick – Intense brownish blue-red (Matte)
• Viva Glam II Lipstick – Muted pink beige with shimmer (Satin)
• Viva Glam III Lipstick – Muted brownish plum (Matte)
• Viva Glam IV Lipstick – Neutral pink with pearl (Lustre)
• Viva Glam V Lipstick – Midtone rose with gold pearl (Frost)
• Viva Glam VI Lipstick – Terracotta plum with pearl (Lustre)

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

MAC Keepsakes Viva Glamorous ($30.00 U.S. / $36.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

There is also a special lip set, bringing two lovely lipstick shades captured inside a glam red bag.
• Viva Glam Rihanna I Lipstick – Frosty blue-red (Frost)
• Viva Glam Rihanna II Lipstick – Cool mauve with red frost (Frost)

MAC Keepsakes Brush Kits ($52.50 U.S. / $63.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

In addition to the highly saturated and rich makeup products, the holiday collection of MAC also brings three brush kits in Mineralize, Studio and In Extra Dimension, each featuring certain brushes for perfect makeup application. The brushes are housed inside sleek, holiday-ready glittering bags in black, gray and white, embellished with a satin ribbon and a cameo medallion. The options available are:

Mineralize Brush Kit

• 187SE Duo Fibre Face Brush
• 130SE Short Duo Fibre Brush
• 286SE Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush
• 287SE Duo Fibre Eye Shadow Brush

Studio Brush Kit

• 129SE Powder/Blush Brush
• 190SE Foundation Brush
• 224SE Tapered Blending Brush
• 213SE Fluff Brush
• 209SE Eye Liner Brush

In Extra Dimension Brush Kit

• 127SE Split Fibre Face Brush
• 128SE Split Fibre Cheek Brush
• 234SE Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush
• 235SE Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush

MAC Keepsakes Hanging Travel Bag ($49.50 U.S. / $59.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Set to be available exclusively online on MAC’s official website, this is a versatile makeup bag in black, embellished with a satin ribbon and a black cameo. It has zipped subdivisions for each makeup product.

The MAC Keepsakes holiday 2014 makeup collection is set to hit the online website of the brand on October 19th. The products will be available in all MAC locations of North America starting from October 23rd, and worldwide (except China) in November. So keep your eye on the collection to grab your favorite products!

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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