What You Need to Know When Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Outfits

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Outfits

Matching correct details with each other is generally one of the trickiest and the most significant things that one should pay attention to in order to be able to create effective combinations and exactly matching garment duos. No less important is considering the principles of matching different tiny details like hairstyles with garments taking into account the color palette, the style the overall design inclination, and many more elements. Thus now we are going to speak about the magic and basic ways of matching your hairstyle with certain outfits in order to create some effective and great looks.

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Outfits

So the very first thing that you should pay attention to when picking a suitable hairstyle plus garment combination is the actual occasion for which you are designing and styling your looks. Further you should also consider the details like makeup, face shape (learn: How to Choose a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape), etc. So if you want to combine some uber stylish garments with just as stylish and cool hairstyles doing all that in the most extravagant and chic ways possible, then you should definitely have a look at the exemplars suggested by the world-renowned fashion designers and fashion houses for fashion weeks. You will really find a whole lot of inspiration and possible combo ideas there, which can in fact be realized for the most effective and cool occasions and combos.

So here are some general tip and tricks we would like to note first of all:

• When thinking about the priority of one of the details of such combinations you just should bear in mind that either your hairstyle should be harmoniously interconnected with your looks and other details like accessories, or it should act as a contrasting detail in order to counterbalance the overall impression created by the rest of the details. So the question depends on the fact about what you want to accentuate and focus the attention on. If that’s the super great quality of your hair, then you may have it perfectly dyed and styled while in case of wishing to accentuate the personal style, you need to put all in harmony with each other. So if you go for the ultra-fresh and new vibes in terms of garments, then you should really keep the hair simple to counterbalance the extravagant feel of the rest.

• If you don’t want to risk with extravagant garments and still want to look stylish and cute, you should not forget to make some accents on hair, be those some innovations of color solutions or just add some curious and beautiful details to the minimalistic garments you pick. If you have short hair, for instance, you can add some messy touches to the ‘do in order to create the right counterbalance for not looking too strict and “academic’.

• If you are a fan of the romantic style, encompassing ruffles, beads, and other details of this type, then you should avoid the romantic feel for your hair. This means the exclusion of curls and other styles like this, which will accentuate the floral thingies and romantic details even more creating the risk of overdosing with romantic vibes. So keep it straight and simple as much as possible in this case. For instance, you may opt for a straight and cute bob, matched with straight classic bangs. If you have long hair, you may keep it natural and slightly textured or try the beachy waves style.

• Those, who love ponytails and humble, not that catchy hairstyles, should go for some elements, which will still put some accents somewhere, for instance, picking some modern and stylish sunglasses to their looks or adding some messy touches to the ‘dos to spice up the looks a bit.

• Do not long for growing hair as long as possible if you have the chance to create some uber stylish and good-looking shorter looks instead. In fact, if short hairdos match your looks more, then you don’t have to have some long options for evening dresses, for instance!

• The wet hair effect is really having a moment during the recent fashion shows of the recent years, but it’s not that popular among ladies. Still, sometimes it is more than relevant and you just need to be bold and experiment, for instance, being able to match such hairstyles with evening dresses or jeans and a top in order to create some harmonious combinations. What doesn’t go for the wet effect is naturally straight hair, with which this effect might create the feel of coming right out of the shower. The same goes for thin hair.

Matching Hairstyles With Outfits

• Accessories for hair are other important and significant things that should be considered. For some ladies the existence of a headband or an accessory defines the existence of a hairdo, but that’s not always working since sometimes they should be really attentive when picking any accessory for hair. So if you like the girly coquettish style of Chanel, then a headband with a butterfly will be just the thing you need.

• One more important tip you need to keep in mind is that the older you are, the shorter the hair should be and the bigger the jewels should become. You can get inspired from the looks of the celebs belonging to the older generation and coming up with really cool combinations of hairstyles with garments experimenting with new and cool ‘dos with just as great play pairs.

• Still, you can create some uber effective and great combinations with your long hair and your older age, too! The trick is to keep a little bit of femininity and chic for every look you go for from everyday combos to evening looks.

• When starting to plan a look, the first choice goes for the garments and then passes to hairstyle. The less, the better is the popular saying for the choice of the hairstyle, emphasizing the unfailingly beautiful combinations that can be created with minimalistic and classic hairdos. What you may spice up your looks with can be a hair accessory or a design detail, while more sophisticated hairstyles will make a good match with minimalistically elegant pieces designed in the classic forms.

• Wavy hairstyles and looks like ponytails can also be matched really successfully with the style combinations created in the casual style. Texture is what you should pay attention to. Depending on the nature and type of the fabric you might have different experiences of styling the looks. On the other hand office looks require strict hairdos, which allow the use of bobby pins only.

• For voluminous garments you most probably need a simple minimalistic hairdo. A straight and sleek styling or some minimalistic options with slight braided details or twists can do really great in this case. If your dress has some voluminous and fluffy design details for the top part, then you need high updos like buns or knots. This is true about pieces like shirts with high collars.

• The classic forms of knee-length dresses matched with wavy shoulder length hair represent other ethereally successful combinations. If your dress is minimalistic, then you may spice up the look with some braided details.

• One thing you should not do is matching the everyday combos with sophisticated hairdos. This will look unnatural. Instead, you may go for some effective everyday ‘dos for the best matches.

• The combination of piece with plunge V-curves and high-located updos visually make you taller, so you may go for top knots and buns if you want to enjoy this detail, too.

• If you prefer the sporty and casual style then you might be not paying enough attention to your hairstyle. Still, this is one of the most effective ways of accentuating your personality and your good looks. So you may experiment with many details and elements, some of which will successfully accentuate your looks and add some more details to your practical outfits.

• If we were to speak about the combination of the off-shoulder pieces with proper hairdos, then neither too catchy nor too simple is what you need to look for. Side swept ballerina buns can be a great accompaniment for evening looks, while for casual pieces with the off-shoulder design you can go for the messy wavy hair, too, which should not be too voluminous still.

• Experimenting with a variety of options and never stopping trying out new looks is a good key to having unique and successful outcomes always. Boldness, time, patience and styling skills make up the pack you need to have for that.

• Finally, if you are planning to attend a formal evening, then it would be a really good idea to show the dress to the hairdresser before picking a proper hairdo, in order to form the overall image of what the look should or is expected to be like. The only case when the dress is picked after the choice of the hairdo is probably when you have short hair.

Matching Hairstyles With Clothing

So these are the top tips and tricks we would like to share with you providing you with the basic things you need to know about matching your looks in terms of garments and hairstyles. So do follow these instructions and you will really enjoy the results!

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