This Is What You Can Wear Leather Pants With

What To Wear Leather Pants With

Leather pants are gaining more and more popularity among young ladies and especially when coming with some alternatives like leather substitutes, they become more affordable and even more widespread among sassy fashionisers. Still, despite the fact that wearing leather pants may become a direct and irreplaceable way of catching and having everyone’s attention, there are certain things that should be taken into account when picking leather pants and especially when matching them with other pieces. So first of all you should take into account your body shape and figure, then pick something suitable for your complexion, and finally not forget about the combinations in which those pieces are supposed to come put into. Have a nosey at these important style tips teaching you how to wear leather pants and what to match them with for creating show-stopping and trendy looks!

What To Wear Leather Pants With

In order to pick the right options, you should know the basic forms of leather pants, which can generally be divided into three categories:

1. Straight shapes, which sort of repeat the shapes of classic straight pants most women opt for quite frequently,

2. Skinny types, which have the form of the legs and fit like skinny jeans, accentuating every single line and detail of your legs,

3. And cropped pants, which form some looks resembling breeches.

The varieties of leather pants range both in shape and color, as well as in style, from classic to modern. When picking leather pants, you should pay attention to both the occasion and the combo you are planning to get.

Who Can Wear Leather Pants and Who Can’t

This is the next significant question that we would like to discuss when talking about the basic peculiarities of leather pants. So if we were to point out the main details that may act as a hindrance on the way to wearing beautiful leather pants, we may speak about the following list of options:

1. Excess Weight in the Areas of Hips

You should really bear in mind that leather pants are not like the rest of the pants you’ve been wearing. Unlike the other pieces, leather pants do not conceal the imperfection of your figure, but emphasize and accentuate them even more.

2. Wide Hips

Taking this as such, it’s not really a disadvantage, but a type of characteristics of a body. However, when it comes to wearing leather pants, you will only play with volume even more. Skinny pants are the especially significant type of pants that we would like to note in this case. So straight types are at least the most recommended options. The cropped leather pants are not that preferable, either, since they make the figure heavier and will visually shorten the legs.

3. Short Legs

In this case, everything is quite clear and easy. What you should not do is wear cropped options. And if you have seen a very catchy and interesting type of cropped leather pants you simply can’t but wear, then you should match them with high-heeled lace up shoes having the shade of pants. One more important aspect we would like to note is that you should try to find the type of leather pants, which have a little high-waisted design, since those options, which are designed with the waistband positioned on the hips, will most probably make the legs shorter and add some more disadvantages to that, too. For instance, if you have narrow hips, the pants might slide off and show out your underwear. That’s why most of the ladies prefer wearing sweatshirts and other elongated garments with such pants in order to conceal the waistline.

So it’s not at all surprising that leather pants suit and fit the thin and slim ladies with normal hips and long legs perfectly. You should remember that if you don’t like yourself without pants, then you probably wouldn’t with them, either. Since leather pants are one of the trickiest garments, which reveal all of your imperfections right away.

How to Wear Leather Pants

How to Choose Leather Pants

Leather pants do differ in textile in a number of ways, including the principles of picking them. So when buying leather pants you should pay attention to the following aspects:

• Extra space: Leather pants should always have a little bit of extra space, since even if they fit you like your second skin, they will have the chance to lose their forms and shapes when wearing them often, and the consequences will be that your leather pants will be so altered that you won’t be able to fix that with any other garment. At the same time they shouldn’t look too loose on you.

• The pants from the same range of options might fit you differently, so if one option didn’t suit you that well, you should look for the other options, too.

What You Can and What You Can’t Wear With Leather Pants

The compatibility of leather pants is almost the same as in case of usual pants, including the classic and causal styles, country and many others. The most important thing is picking such combinations, which won’t look too provocative. Here are some more nuances for that:

• Leather pants should not be combined with pieces with shimmery texture. The shimmery fabrics, sequins, beads, all go under this category.

• Tops with a deep plunging neckline and other semi-transparent pieces should also be avoided in order not to risk with overdosing.

• If you are not a rocker, then you really shouldn’t go for all-leather combinations. Still, you may try matching your leather pants with some accessories like belts, shoes, handbags and leather jackets.

• Straight pants look great in business combinations. You may complete the image with a turtleneck or a top of light tone, topping it with a business style jacket. If the dress code in your workplace is not strict then you may wear cropped pants with boots.

• For the casual style you may pick leather pants as an irreplaceable element matching them with sweatshirts, jackets, and short dresses also including different tunics and pieces of that type. The shoes may be of any type, however, it’s better to opt for high heels for a better effect.

• The country style is a good alternative for those, who have just bought some beige or brownish leather pants. You may complete the looks made of them with checkered shirts, denim shirts, or linen options in natural tones. The furry and leather jackets will also finish up the look nicely. In this style with leather pants cowboy boots may also be worn, as well as booties, ballet flats, and ankle boots.

• For an evening out, or a party you may pick some elongated leather pants with a corset or a silk top. This is probably the only case when you may pick a little bit of sparkling things using brighter accessories and jewelry.

• For the street style looks you may also match your leather pants with denim pieces, also combining that with bright tight fitting T-shirts and comfy moccasins or converse shoes, creating quite cool looks for walks and shopping.

• Messy chic looks can be created matching leather pants with relaxed one-shoulder-off tops and a shorter jacket. In order not to have too sporty combos, you may also pick some velvet pieces as outerwear, adorned with sequins, beads and finishing off the look with heels.

• Matching leather pants with a trench with leopard prints will create a really bold image, making you the center of attention everywhere. Still, you need to be sure to pick black pants and match all that with a limited number of accessories.

• We should also note the glam-rock style as a separate and very specific direction the key elements of which are leather pants. For a combo like this you will need a denim jacket, a T-shirt, and boots. If you like the glam rock style more, then you may pick a tight-fitting top, ankle boots or shoes not forgetting about the jewelry. Headwear accessories like bandanas and kerchiefs can also be worn with such pieces. Leather bracelets and other accessories made of leather, like fringed handbags are also an option.

What With to Wear Leather Pants

What Type of Tops to Wear With Leather Pants

Leather pants can be matched both with leather tops and textile options. Leather jackets, leather trenches are all a nice choice with a combo of leather pants. Coats are not that interesting here, but wearing them is not a taboo.

In winter leather pants can be matched with fur coats and other luxurious pieces nicely. In fall they will also make a good pair with fur waistcoats and knitted cardigans.

These are the essential tips and pieces of advice that we would like to share with you, introducing the details and nuances that you should pay attention to when opting for leather pants. Being a trendy and stylish detail, the leather pants are turning into real fashion trends nowadays especially when coming in a wide variety of innovative designs and combinations. So master the know-hows of wearing the leather pants and you will be able to play with textures and shapes really successfully!

Tips for Wearing Leather Pants

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