8 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Continue Making

8 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Continue Making

Along with the fashion tips and tricks that we continuously introduce to your attention, there are also some definite don’ts that we would like to note, in order to prevent any possible repetition of common fashion mistakes that we very often encounter with the looks of many ladies. So this time the list of don’ts goes as follows!

8 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Continue Making

1. Fishnet Stockings

One very important thing that you need to remember about fishnet tights and stockings is that they are so tightly connected with the women, who have not that clear and good reputation that opting for a combination including these accessories with miniskirts can become a real danger for you creating the risk of looking too provocative and just being misunderstood. So what you need to do is opt for fishnet with smaller size, matching it with knee length skirts and strict shoes also possible picking some creamy shades for the pieces for extra comfort. The previously noted options, however, make a definite don’t.

2. Matching Open Toe Shoes with Tights

This is the following really frequently repeated mistake by very many ladies. In fact, if the shoes are created with an open toe design, the designers really meant that! This means that the open parts are meant to show your toes and not the edges of the tights. Such combinations are not attractive to put it mildly, especially if the seams or the edges are roughly visible out of the open parts. So what’s the correct option for this is picking the right pieces for the right season wearing open toe shoes barefoot, not forgetting about pedicure, either!

3. No Bra! We Mean No!

No matter how much you like and get inspired by the models passing on the runway with no bra under their garments, this is real life and not a catwalk, so you should follow the simplest rules of etiquette hiding all the intimate parts of your body with the appropriate pieces. Sometimes those, who have smaller sized breast boast that they can wear any garments without bras unlike those, who really can’t because of the size of their bust, but we would object strongly here, too. It’s not all about wearing those pieces or not, it’s about demonstrating a proper mastering of the norms and regulations existing about proper everyday dress code. So for each piece you should have appropriate underwear, corresponding to it in terms of color, shape, design, etc.

4. Leggings with Cropped Tops

Leggings are becoming more and more popular recently, and the diverse combinations created with them really can’t be missed out from the attention of anyone. However, alongside with successful and great combinations, we may also encounter not too proficiently worked out and nice options like the combo of leggings and cropped tops. In fact, the common rule about wearing leggings (learn: How to Wear Leggings) states that they should be worn with tops and tunics having elongated forms so that they cover the buttocks. In the opposite case anything worn with these pieces will look vulgar and provocative instead of sensual and sultry.

5. Lavishly Picked Incompatible Prints and Patterns

The following don’t we would like to speak about is the incompatible combination of prints and patterns (check out: How to Mix Prints and Patterns) taken with really crazy numbers at a time. Animal prints can be one of the most great and suitable examples in this case (Learn: How to Wear Animal Prints). For instance, if you match leopard prints with tiger prints for the one and the same combination, in the best case out of the possible ones, you will just look funny. When creating an elegant and stylish image you should take just one accent for the whole combination working on it taking the background of something else, which does not relate to that specific print in any way expect for making a harmonious pair with it. Still, if you want to create something unique and super stylish with different prints for a single look, just ask for advice turning to the most critically thinking friends or looking for similar instances on the web. This might be both a suitable guidance and a great inspiration for you.

6. Picking Fur for Summer

Oh come on! Do you really think that your furry headwear accessory is a good choice for the warmer season? You would probably answer no to this question if ever asked. So the same refers to anything else, too! Even the handbags! You should exclude all that’s connected with fur from your wardrobe if you are waiting for the arrival of the warmer season already. No matter how extravagant and classy the suggestions from the fashion houses and designers may be, you still need not go to such extremes matching fur elements with open and light summer pieces, for instance, which will only create some ridiculous image if not worse.

7. Mixing the Styles

Apart from putting a taboo-like something on mixing similar prints, we would like to do the same for styles, too. Some people call style mixing eclectics, which supposes the experiments with various style elements out together for one look. Still, some professionals might have success in doing that but this is not what’s expected for your everyday looks. Not everyone will be able to admire your talent and individuality and treat you as a trendsetter for them. In fact, you will risk producing a wrong impression rather than impressing anyone with those sporty pants matched with high heels coming with the most improbable design variations possible.

8. Dark Underwear for White Pieces

So this is the last but not the least important don’t in our list frequently observed in case of many ladies. The color of the underwear plays a major role for the looks of a lady and you should definitely remember that if you are wearing a semi-transparent top or some knitted pieces or pieces made of soft elastic fabrics then dark lingerie is a no here. As for the dark guipure dresses, shades like beige, which are closer to the tone of your skin will do perfectly here. One more thing you should bear in mind is that the edges and the lines of the bottom pieces should not be visible from underneath a tight-fitting dress. If you can’t prevent that, then you’d better not wear that dress at all.

Thus, here were the most popular 8 style mistakes that many of you keep on making every time. We just hope that this list will be helpful for you providing you with other alternatives in order to look beautiful and professional all the time, no matter what the occasion and the look inclination may be.

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