Stick to These Fashion Tips If You Are Over 30

Fashion Tips For Women Over 30

It is said that you should follow fashion until 30, but when you already have it, the only thing that’s worth following is your personal style. Thus this is exactly the age when women become more serious and stable compared with their crazy nature of the teenage years, so this does require some special consideration in terms of garments and overall guard-de-robe contents, too. So here we are with the most significant and vital fashion tips for women over 30, which can be taken into account in order to come up with the most exact and stylish looks possible.

Fashion Tips For Women Over 30

Characteristic Features of the Style of Women Over 30

Thus speaking about the essential aspects of the style of women over 30 the very first thing that we should note is elegance, which by no means supposes the pure existence of boring and monotone combos. Just the contrary! The keyword for this style is individualism joint with that very feel of elegance present for every look. This is the period of life of a woman when she clearly understands what’s best for her in terms of colors, garment styles and shapes and overall designs, too. So it’s now that the basic wardrobe of a woman is utterly formed. Still, this doesn’t exclude the possibility of matching the individual preferences with the trendiest fashion vibes, too. In addition, no matter how clearly and firmly the ideas about specific preferences may be formed, the period from 30 to 40 is just the time for new experiments and changes! Though the latter do not refer to the crazy mishmashes of styles characteristic of the young years, but they do include a significant proportion of innovation and fresh interpretations.

What to Wear?

The principle of fresh looks and combos does work here, and what you should be guided with is the general inclination to wear whatever you didn’t before. For instance, if you have been wearing tight-fitting pencil type skirts all the time, it’s high time you changed the style towards flair and free models thus going for pleated or lighter options. If you have not been wearing garments like wide-leg pants (check out: How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants) and jumpsuits (learn: How to Wear Jumpsuits), then you’ve been missing quite a lot! So do use the right time to fill in for that gap. If you like shiny and glittery details it’s quite possible that after using such things for a couple of times you will certainly feel the freshness and the great impression you produce on everyone.

Speaking about the overall shapes, we can recommend designs like pencil skirts with high waisted design solutions, which will help you look cute and unique at the same time. The trick is the fact that such models nicely frame your body and accentuate it at the same time looking elegant and chic as required. Combining flare shapes of high-waisted skirts with classy shirts of matching and harmoniously picked colors is the next way to achieve perfection!

What you should, in fact, have for your great feel of the modern trends and stylish combos is the details and the separate design motives of pieces ranging from tops, shirts, and other such pieces to handbags and accessories. The creation of the exact pairs of colors and shapes can also become a great alternative for those, who don’t want to go for some radical changes. On the other hand, for those who would like to opt for some incredibly bold solutions we can also recommend trying out the newest suggestions from the fashion world! The result is that despite the fact that these looks still convey the individual style of yours, they also reflect your perfect knowledge and mastering of the world trends.

As for the general styling we can also recommend using some details from the avant-garde style, which are not a basic piece of a woman’s daily wardrobe but are really necessary for the creation of some creative and nicely experimental looks. Colors, patterns, shapes, and many other things can work for the creation of great and nicely accentuated combinations. This way you will also be able to discover some new and super comfortable options for your looks of any purpose. Of course, you should also think well about the correct pick of design patterns, color combos and pairs of garments with outerwear pieces, paying attention to each of which will lead you to complete success.

The Absolute Don’ts That You Should Not Try Out

In addition, we should also speak about the top list of the garments, which women over 30 should not even think of wearing or doing or at least start thinking of doing those things in another way! The list thus goes as follows:

• Any garments, which would be appropriate and relevant for teenagers. The Barbie-style pieces are also included in this list. So are the neon painted tops adorned with beads, followed with T-shirts having some suspicious prints and other designs of this type.

• Too explicit and provocative design of garments be those super short skirts, cropped tops with explicitly open belly, catchy plunge V-curves and much more.

• Cheap accessories. You have the chance to create the greatest combos ever and for that you need to focus on spending some money and having fun to the full.

• Stylish clothing with incorrectly picked accessories is capable of wrongly accentuating your looks as well as making you risk having looks, which are rather cheap and tasteless.

• Any type of ultra-modern and risky components like too extravagant shoes are also included in this range urging you to preserve the harmony of whatever they bring in every time. Still, in order to have some modern and classic designs you may opt for a classic form of high heels that will be unfailing and beautiful.

• If you are over 30 and you look a bit younger you should not accentuate that with garments, which are meant for those, who are way younger. You will only make things difficult to fix further.

• You should avoid showing the belonging to a certain subculture, either thus also risking creating some excessive sexuality and provocative looks, which are not what’s recommended either.

• You should only go for pieces like miniskirts if you have flawless legs. If not, then limiting with knee-length options is a good idea.

• Do not go to extreme lengths to follow all the trends of fashion. The excessive extravagant and ultra-modern interpretations can sometimes be too provocative in your case.

Style Tips For Women Over 30

The Absolute Dos for Women Over 30

On the other hand, here is the list of the garments and other details that you should, in fact have included in our daily wardrobe if you are over 30. So the list goes as follows:

1. Classy body-con dress, which will become your savior for the most diverse and important events you might happen to attend. The little black dress is the following do you should have in your wardrobe. If you have managed to find the very exact dress, which matches your body and complexion then do wear it more often. For festive occasions you may opt for pieces of dark blue, red, and silvery gray tone. If you like disco parties then you can also pick the combo of a tight-fitting tunic with stylish leggings preferably of dark blue or black tone. Matching this with pumps you will create an irresistible look. Going for sweater dresses is another great idea for colder season. It should be creative and have a body-flattering shape. You should also pick suitable stockings for it and match all with the suitable pairs of boots.

2. A classy knee-length skirt more preferably of the pencil type is one of the most universal and cool options and in order to have the widest diversity of solutions it would be great to pick options in classic shades, like navy blue and black. So you can boldly go for combos involving white shirts with black pencil skirts, while the duo of a white shirt with a red skirt will create an effective atmosphere for you. You can tuck the shirt into the skirt or just leave it outside, possibly accentuating the look with a wide leather belt.

3. The more tops the better. This is one of the must-haves of your looks, creating one more cool alternative for the variety of the winter-inspired looks for the colder season, which will come sooner than you may imagine.

4. A simple shirt of white tone and a black T-shirt for the universal and classic combinations are the following interesting aspect of the looks.

5. One more thing that you should definitely have is a pair of sumptuous shoes, which will match any combination and looks. The classic black pumps are always on of the classiest and most ethereal exemplars. The universality is that no matter what you pick to put on, they will look great both with blue jeans and with an expensive suit.

6. A quality lipstick matching the tone of your skin is the following thing we would like to speak about. What you should pay attention to is the way it lies on your lips and the shade it has. Even if you haven’t found your universal and ideal tone yet, you should not stop searching.

7. Sumptuous jewelry can also be a great compliment to your best looks. So don’t miss the chance to buy something chic and expensive for you when having the right chance! If you don’t like gold or diamonds, you can of course pick something else like expensive watches or hand-made works.

8. Some classy and universal handbags are the following things that you need to pay attention to. Do not hesitate to spend some money (even if you think it’s a really big sum) on buying a sumptuous and classy handbag of your dream!

9. The modern suit and pants combo is the following option we would like to speak about. This pair is probably the most practical and gorgeously comfy combination that you may think of. It’s of course possible that this duo has some milder and darker tones, but when it comes to business meetings or conferences to important places they will really save the day.

10. Do not save money on expensive and gorgeous underwear, especially if you have spotted a nice lace option somewhere. Do flatter yourself with this kind of extravaganza, which will make your mood go higher every time you see your flawless body in those beautiful pieces.

11. Having a gorgeous dress for special events is also a good idea. So don’t forget to buy a dress for such occasions as weddings, parties, and evenings out.

12. Classy watches are also included in the list being the following details that can accentuate your looks and speak of your interesting personality. You can even buy not too expensive options, but you should make sure that they match different looks and different styles. However, classic and expensive watches are a marker of chic and perfect taste.

13. A suitcase might sound ridiculous to you, but in fact many ladies still keep their old-fashioned suitcases with them without feeling the need to replace them with a new and modern option.

14. Finally, one more thing we would like to note as a do is a chic and expensive perfume, which will again accentuate your personality and add some charisma to you looks. The scent you opt for does speak of your character and nature a lot so be wise and watchful when picking the one and only fave of yours, which will be synonymous with your presence after getting it (check out: How to Choose Your Signature Perfume).

15. Despite the fact that jeans are also a necessary component of your everyday looks, after 30 you should concentrate on classic options avoiding the looks, which are designed and adorned with beads, sequins, appliques, and other elements like ripped details and patchwork. The classic forms are what you need to consider also getting the possibility to create combinations with different looks.

Summing up our useful style tips for women over 30, we may just note that saying wardrobe of a woman over 30 we mean a range of classic, elegant, and chic pieces, which at the same time manage not to seem boring or repeated. The great feel of style and creativity is what you need for the creation of the perfect and the most suitable looks. One more thing that spices up any look is the self-confidence being the next necessary aspect.

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