20 Statement-Making Accessories from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015

20 Statement-Making Accessories from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015

Continuing our scrutiny inside the popular fashion weeks and the catchiest fashion accessories that were noted during the fashion shows of the most gigantic and great fashion houses and designers, we come to Milan Fashion Week, discussing all the peculiarities of the looks and combos observed here. So this time we focus on the 20 statement-making accessories from Milan Fashion Week spring 2015, which really managed to capture our imagination and to make us remember those great and creative looks for quite a while. Thus, pointing out the main list of the pieces and vibes we can note the following charming details worth investing in!

20 Statement-Making Accessories from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015

1. 3D Textured Sumptuous Handbags from Bottega Veneta

This uber classic and at the same time creative range of pieces noticed during the Bottega Veneta show for Milan Fashion Week simply can’t be any more perfect, coming with the greatest variety of texture solutions and color combinations, including tones of silver, gray and milky and creating some noteworthy interpretations with the geometrical shapes and designs.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Bottega Veneta Handbags

2. Floral Shoes from Emilio Pucci

The following interesting and nice design interpretation aimed at presenting the most unique and creative pieces for the coming season could be seen during the show of Emilio Pucci, the pieces of which were adorned with some embroidery and beadwork, generally creating some perfect and ultra-feminine feel.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Emilio Pucci Shoes

3. Reinterpretation of Reptile Skin by Roberto Cavalli

The following catchy and uber creative alternative presented to your attention is the reinvention or the reinterpretation of the reptile skin models and designs, which have become quite popular and never-dying for any season and era. This time Roberto Cavalli comes up with something new and great presenting all-black and uber-classy shapes and forms.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Roberto Cavalli Handbags

4. Fringed Handbags from Etro

Another ideal and extremely strong personality-stating piece could be found during the Etro show, which came up with the fringed alternatives of the ethnic-inspired handbags, also including some color diversity and pattern diversity based on the older motives.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Etro Handbags

5. Ultra-Strict and Classic from Versace

Sorry-I’m-for-classics is the philosophy of this uber powerful and strong fashion house, presenting the classiest black with metallic combinations, all put on the background of the graphical shapes and ethereal combinations eventually resulting in the creation of really catchy shapes and forms.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Versace Handbags

6. Bi-Color Ankle Strap Heels from Tod’s

Creativity is really limitless and the following proof is the uber resourceful and chic color combination of coral and cream tones matched into a fabulous and chic design of ankle strap heels all designed by talented Tod’s designer team.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Tod's Shoes

7. Ermanno Scervino Taking the Art of Handbags a Step Further

Here we have an absolutely unique and cute reinterpretation of what a cute and small handbag is supposed to be coming with interesting design patterns, textures, colors and much more. But when it comes to picking one option you should pick the tone you like the most since the pieces this time overwhelmingly have just one shade.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Ermanno Scervino Handbags

8. Embroidered Handbags from Blumarine

Embroidery as such is a powerful tool for the creation of the trendiest and the most unique looks, matching all the rest of vibes and design patterns with classy forms of garments like handbags or belts. And that’s exactly what Blumarine made use of this time, coming up with some more curious and great pieces.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Blumarine Handbags

9. Sassy Retro-Inspired Hats from Marco De Vincenzo

What makes these looks so special is probably the uber extravagant and chic way of matching them with the rest of the garments, also creating some unique silhouettes, which do differ from everything we’ve see previously.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Marco de Vincenzo Hats

10. Prada Classy and Modern Handbags

Coming up with the classiest and the sassiest interpretations and solutions ever, this fabulous brand also takes time to build one more perfect and cool interpretation of stylish with retro mishmashes illustrated with the irreplaceable feel of femininity and chic. That’s the formula of the newest modern with classic handbag by Prada.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Prada Handbags

11. Uber Sweet and Creative Bags from Moschino

Well, we have seen quite many creative and beautiful suggestions and experiments for both shoes and handbags not speaking of the other tiny details used. However, what Moschino came up with this time is a totally sweet and cute solution for a piece like handbag, suggesting putting all that like Barbie and presenting the cutest heart-shaped and quilted pinky handbags. This is how Moschino group propaganda of staying creative and inventive no matter what is unleashed and developed this time coming with the newest looks and vibes.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Moschino Handbags

12. Golden Shoes from Just Cavalli

Luxurious has to be here too and the wonderful collection from Just Cavalli is the next strong statement for those looks. The golden details and the classy ankle straps do manage to create some personality statement at the same time not overdoing with the proportions.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Just Cavalli Shoes

13. Extra-Small and Cute Bags from Fendi

What Fendi came up with during the recent fashion week is the creativity, charm and chic matched with the most soothing and calm color palette one can find. Putting all that on extremely small-sized shapes, we have some cute and comfy alternatives for the season.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Fendi Handbags

14. Statement-Making Sunglasses from Prada

One more well-put detail from Prada comes as the absolutely stunning and innovative sunglasses, joining some interesting color plays like black, white and brown, and putting all that on quite impressive and cool and a little bit oversized frames.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Prada Sunglasses

15. Fendi Multi-Strapped Heels

One more amazing suggestion from Fendi comes up as the stunning pair of multi-strapped heels with double ankle straps, joining the open toe shapes with the interesting texture of the heels and putting all that on the white background still preserving some touches of gold too.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Fendi Shoes

16. Alberta Ferretti Version of Fringed Handbags

Going on with the cutest design solutions for popular vibes, we come to the collection of Alberta Ferretti, who has provided us with a new variant of creating fringed handbags, basing most of the design on knitted and embroidered details and keeping the looks monochrome and classy at the same time.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Alberta Ferretti Handbags

17. Fausto Puglisi flats

What Fausto Puglisi suggests for the coming spring of 2015 is the lavishly beaded and fluffily designed details for the cute and comfy open toe flats, which can make a good accompaniment for your walks and other events and activities like that.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Fausto Puglisi Flats

18. Francesco Scognamiglio Multi-Strapped Heels

Letting the multi-strapped designs of these looks go up to the below knee level the designer managed to come up with really impressive solutions for classy black and white monochrome looks matching the rest of the minimalistic pieces nicely.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Francesco Scognamiglio Shoes

19. Gucci Classic Handbags

Gucci simply couldn’t refrain from demonstrating what Gucci-made classics looks like and that’s why here it comes with the absolutely interestingly textured brown handbag, having some darkened edges, which resemble the vintage pieces of the ladies we are used to seeing in movies. Matching that with an identically colored narrow belt you have a universal pair for everything.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Gucci Handbags

20. Extravagant and Chic Shoes from No. 21

Finally, the last but not least impressive suggestion comes from No. 21, which presents probably the most extravagant and chic variant of shoes ever, designing the usual open toe shapes with a big decorative detail for symmetrically put locations, also creating the background with dark brown ribbons folded all over the texture of the shoes and having some external parts.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: No.21 Shoes

This was our basic list of the most impressive and memorable fashion accessories spotted during Milan Fashion Week spring 2015, which provide you with really interesting alternatives for your further successful looks. So go on picking and creating stylish combos and don’t forget to take into account every detail and every proportion in order to come up with harmonious and really imaginative combinations just like the designers having presented their collections during Milan Fashion Week did. As for us, we will continue introducing the top looks and vibes for you to be more precise and to make up your mind easier. So also be sure to check out the coming reviews about the rest of the fashion weeks and basic fashion trends too!

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