Easy Makeup Tips for Heart Shaped Faces

Easy Makeup Tips for Heart Shaped Faces

Matching the right makeup with the right type of face shape is one of the biggest questions of many girls. It is really important to learn how to apply makeup according to your own face shape in order to counterbalance for the shape accents and accentuate your best facial features maximum effectively. So now we are going to introduce the most significant principles that your should consider when picking a certain type of makeup for heart shaped faces.

The very first thing that you should remember in case of heart shaped face is that the forehead is relatively wide in this case, while the cheekbones are quite catchy, being followed with the relatively narrower chin. So these seemingly asymmetric accents should be accentuated in the way to fill in the areas with narrower outlines, also narrowing the wider parts, reaching the ideal form and the ideal emphasis for the whole face. If you think heart shaped face is not cute, the instances of popular people having this face shape will surprise you. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlet Johansson, Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian are all included in this list and they do look gorgeous all the time!

Still you, of course, face some risks when accentuating this type of face shape, because one single mistake may provoke going wrong with something. Not preserving the correct balance of accents is one of the primary causes of this. Thus here are some makeup tips for heart shaped faces we would like to speak about!

Easy Makeup Tips for Heart Shaped Faces

Contouring Tips for Heart Shaped Faces

The angular form of these faces is what you should bear in mind. Contouring may be your best friend for creating some symmetry for the wide forehead and the narrow chin. All you need to do is apply a bit of powder or foundation, which is 1-2 tones darker than your natural skin tone, to the top of the forehead and the temples, visually slimming the forehead in proportion to your chin. Make sure you blend the color well to create natural looks and shadows. It’s also important to preserve the balance between the areas, being sure to create the necessary bases for the further application of the highlights, preserving the lowlighting plus highlighting technique.

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Highlighting Correctly

So if you saw that contouring is meant to create shadows and to lowlight the certain parts of your face, highlighting is on the other side of the river, creating the accents that should be catchier. In case of heart-shaped faces those areas are the cheekbones and the eyes. What you should do in this case is apply a little bit of concealer or foundation in a lighter tone to your cheekbones, thus visually bringing them forward and detracting the attention from the forehead. Accentuating the areas under the eyes will also be a great help in making the center of the face the main focus of attention. One more thing that you may try out is apply a little bit of concealer to the chin and the jawline too, with the help of which you will visually broaden your chin creating additional balance. So this was the other side of the harmonious duo of highlighting and lowlighting like in case of Yin and Yang. It is really important to preserve the exact combination of these two components using the correct method for the exact areas.

The Right Brow Shape for Heart Shaped Faces

Brows are also very important for creating the correct makeup for the whole face. Grooming your brows is essential to make sure that your eyes are not drawn to the forehead. As for the brow shapes, the ideal options you may consider are the rounded arches, which will accentuate the heart shape at the same time softening the pointed chin. One more thing that you may go for is keeping your brows natural preserving the natural beauty they are adorned with. Thus, you may just go for some waxing in order to perfect the overall shape and the look of your brows and go on enjoying the classy and cool looks of yours further!

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Making the Eyes the Focus

There’s nothing better that you can do in order to create nice makeup accents for your face. You don’t need heavy makeup though. You can just play with dark eyeliner, blending the tone well to create a softer look. What you should not go for is accentuating the heavy angular lines, which will work the opposite way for you. Going for too heavy eye makeup is not what you need either, since you might create the impression of the eyes being smaller. Soft tones is what you need enabling you to pick options like soft pinks and beiges. Putting some accents on the lashes is another good idea you should consider. So you may use some brushes before using mascara, in order to soften and thicken the lashes and after that apply some lengthening mascara and finish it all off with a volumizing effect for the complete and absolute stun.

Sculpting Your Face with Blush

This is one more tiny and important detail you may pay attention to, because a little bit of blush will flatter your beautiful cheekbones like nothing else would! You should thus apply a little bit of blush directly under the apples going along the bottom of the cheekbones and also blending the hairline. Shades like muted soft pink will soften the angles of the cheeks, but you should really be careful with it, since sloping the blush downwards will create the opposite effect adding length to the chin, which is certainly not what you want. However, one thing you should always bear in mind is that you should not go too far with the application of your blush, keeping it with as moderate and slight proportions as possible, because unlike rounded face shapes, for heart-shaped faces the extra amount of blush will only make things worse creating some unnecessary accents on the cheeks. One more makeup tip you may use is doing a vertical sweep with the blush, sweeping it upwards.

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Don’t Forget About the Accents on the Lips

The last but not least important detail that you need to pay attention to is the lips. The heart shaped faces enable their owners to experiment with a wide diversity of lip accents. So you can boldly experiment with fuchsia, pink and classic sassy red tones, matching it with impressive eye makeup for the balanced and great combos. Adding some more lip liner to the bottom lip can also work well for adding some extra width to the narrower areas like the chin. Still you should again pay attention to blending the color well in order to create soft and natural lines. However, it’s not that you may go for the brightest tones for every day looks, since no matter how cool and sassy your looks might be with a bright red lipstick, you just need to replace it with something else having softer accents like pink shades.

Finally, in order to sum up, we can also point out the following quick notes to help you have a clearer understanding of the basic ways and tricks that makeup should be used for accentuating the heart-shaped face properly!

• Always make sure to check the exact complexion of your skin before passing to the application of any makeup product, since no matter how ideal and perfect those accents might be, if they don’t match the overall complexion of your skin, you will not be able to create anything of value. So be sure to combine the complexion with the face shape.

• The powder should be applied with a little bit darker tone to the forehead and the elongated tip of the chin.

• The lighter tone should be applied to the sides of the chin, thus visually widening it.

• The blush should be applied to the areas below the cheekbones, the cheeks all directed towards the central part of the ears.

• If you have slightly hollow cheeks you may also use light powder or light concealer to highlight them properly.

• If you have your cheekbones clearly visible and popping out, you may just hide them with a little bit of powder.

• You should also concentrate on making significant accents on the eyes using some brighter shadow and mascara if necessary.

• You shouldn’t overdose with the bright lipstick or lip shade, going for lighter and cooler tones more preferably.

• You shouldn’t use too much of eyebrow pencil either, yet slight accents might be quite effective and great.

• Don’t forget to make the transitions between the shades of different types smoothly and softly, blending the colors well and trying not to leave any remaining color on.

• Sweet and soft pinky, peachy, and pastel tones are what can be found and recommended for this face shape most often.

So here were the main basic things that we would like to present to your attention, providing you with some more interesting and tryworthy details. If you have a heart shaped face you can really create some ultra-feminine and catchy looks with the correctly picked makeup, always making sure to preserve the balanced looks and not overdosing with any proportions, which is no less important. The secret of success is in the details and the ways you use to match them. If you misuse any of those details you will risk going wrong with the whole of the final results. So do follow these makeup tips and tricks for heart shaped faces and enjoy the beautiful and fab looks of yours to the full!

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