Do Designers Pay Celebrities to Sit In The Front Row or Vice Versa?

Do Designers Pay Celebrities to Sit In The Front Row or Vice Versa?

While most of the girliest fashionisers are striving for finding a way to attend their favorite ultra-glamorous fashion shows (check out: How to Sneak Into Fashion Shows Without An Invitation) during the most popular fashion weeks throughout the world, many of the celebs afford that and not only do they have the chance to attend the shows of the most legendary and gigantic fashion houses, but they also get paid for that! And by saying this we mean that they really earn a lot for that single day, or better to say for the 15-minute show! So in order to feel whatever those celebs feel when being paid really considerable amounts of money for just coming and sitting in the front row, which is the never dying dream of very many ladies, we want to dish on the big question whether designers pay celebrities to sit front row or vice versa!

Do Designers Pay Celebrities to Sit In The Front Row or Vice Versa?
In order to make the things clearer, we can note that Rihanna, for instance, was paid about $100.000 for just sitting in the front row for Karl Lagerfeld’s fall show in 2012. According to some other rumors Jessica Chastain in her turn was paid around $80,000 for a show of Armani Privé. Again dating back to 2010s, we may also add the name of Beyonce, who is said to have received some $100,000, while some other celebs like Lily Allen prefer to pick anything from the whole range of garments! Actually, it’s not only that designer pay the celebrities for their attendance, but in the U.S. it’s a common practice to cover the expanses of the celebrities’ travels, luxury hotels, meals, clothes and even the makeup and hair done by the best stylists ever!

So thinking about this phenomenon we might wonder what the reason of involving celebs into the process of introducing and screening the fashion show might be, the answer to which is given by Lori Levine, the Founder and CEO of celebrity wrangling firm Flying Television. Thus according to her, “The right celebrity at a show can be huge for a brand. Fashion week has become so expensive, between putting together a show on location, producing samples‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö√Üproducing these shows can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. If you are going to spend that much money, a lot of times those budgets include funds to make sure celebrities attend.’

So the celebs are a sort of attention gatherers for the representatives of media, thus also being an object of discussion for the whole world! This is a great method for designers to “advertise’ their brands once more and to demonstrate the high quality of the designs, showing that A-list celebrities like them. It’s quite natural, since we all look to celebs for inspiration and whatever they wear becomes a huge trend shortly after their appearance in the public. Besides, having star-filled front row at their shows, designers secure more impressive reviews by major media outlets, such as Women’s Wear Daily.

“The brands with a lot of money behind them, the big denim brands that aren’t necessarily big with fashionistas, brands that are new to the runway‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇYou have to think about who you want buying your clothes and look at social media numbers,’ adds Lori, talking about the fashion houses, which tend to pay celebrities and It girls to attend their shows.

This phenomenon is slowly also gaining popularity among famous personal style bloggers and people, who have a big army of followers on their social accounts, such as Instagram. Brands find them as potential “sales managers’ for their products, and invite them to sit front row during their shows (this might be free of charge, but that’s something thrilling for those invited people). After all, posting photos straight from the show and showing certain designs from the brands’ collections targets some 2 million or more people (their followers), among whom there would certainly be potential customers too!

For instance, famous photographer Murad Osmann (1.7+ million followers on Instagram) and her uber-successful #followmeto photo series heroine Natalia Zakharova (360.000 followers on Instagram) were invited by Tommy Hilfiger to watch the famous designer’s SS 2015 collection show. Straight from the show, Murad posted a “#followmeto Tommy Hilfiger fashion show in New York’ photo, which instantly got 100k likes. This means additional 100k people learnt about the spring 2015 fashion show of Mr. Hilfiger (after all, not all of us are such big fashion enthusiasts, who know everything that’s going on in the fashion world) and there certainly would be ones, who instantly went to find more news about the new collection, making a wishlist and buying their favorite designs from the fashion line.

Do Designers Pay Celebrities to Sit In The Front Row or Vice Versa?
On the other hand, there exists the vice versa tendency as well, according to which many celebs do want to go to shows for free in order just to prove that they are really worth being paid! However, this doesn’t mean that every single celeb we notice in the front row has been paid by the designers. In fact, most of the times they just come to support someone, be that a model or a designer who is their good friend.

For instance, everyone would dream to still in the front row of a Chanel show. The same way, Marc Jacobs attracts his fans due to his creative performances, which everyone would love to see, and Zac Posen is a celebrity favorite. Burberry also doesn’t pay anyone to attend its shows, since after all it’s Burberry and who wouldn’t love to be present there?

For many of us, it’s quite unsearchable why designers would pay celebrities to attend their shows (as it’s the dream of many of us to be present there, even if we are to pay them big sums of money for this). However, it’s a fashion business and you also need to be in this business to understand what goes in this world and to get to know its rules for surviving and flourishing, why not?!

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