How to Get Skinny Legs: The Perfect Workout Plan

How to Get Skinny Legs: The Perfect Workout Plan

Having beautiful and skinny legs is a dream that haunts many of us. Achieving this is not easy, and if you believe that the fighter in you has died long ago, then we are sorry to tell you that this is not going to work. Just like any set of exercises, these ones too need careful planning, determination and strong will (after all, where there’s a will there’s a way). Now let’s work out a perfect workout plan together to get tones legs easily! Here are the simple steps on how to get skinny legs!

How to Get Skinny Legs: The Perfect Workout Plan

Weight Training for Perfect Legs

If you are afraid that because of weight training your body is going to become all bulky and too massive for a woman, remember that carefully planned weight training is one way to go towards beautifully skinny legs. Your body will NOT become disproportionate for one simple reason: as a woman, you are genetically protected from building too much muscle. Also, keep in mind that an ideal weight training is the one combined with leading a healthy way of life, which involves consuming all the right products. So what to do and how much to do? Hang on; we have got all the answers you are looking for.

Ideally, we would recommend you doing 8-12 repetitions per set, each exercise involving 3 sets. Do not let the rests between the sets last longer than a minute. Try doing weight training 2 times a week, allowing 3 days between the workouts.

Exercising with Special Machines and Sport Equipment

One thing you should always remember is that before starting any workout, you need to do pre-workout warm-up exercises for about 5 minutes. Warm-up exercises for legs include skipping, cycling, running on a treadmill and so on. The main exercises designed for training your legs include:

Squats with a Bar

Lifting the bar, stand still and spread your legs a little wider than shoulder width. Keeping your head straight, bend your knees and try to get your thighs parallel with the floor and make sure your butt stays still and does not go back when you squat. To return to the starting position, make pressure on your heels.

Lunges with Dumbbells

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, spread your arms, keeping your back straight. Step forward with your right leg, bend your knee so that it forms a 90 degree angle. Let your left leg get close to the floor, but not touch it. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Using Leg Extensions Machine

Leg extension exercises help to gain muscles on thighs and give them distinct, convex shape along their length. These exercises are performed on special machines where the person who is exercising gets her legs under special rollers and does the exercise by bending and straightening the knees. The leg extension machine helps to tone both the inner and outer parts of your thighs. To achieve the best results for outer thighs, sit properly on the machine, extend your legs in front of you and try to lift the pad, keeping your toes pointed all the time. After holding the pad in top position for several seconds, lower it down. For inner thighs, repeat the same exercise, this time leaning your back forward and keeping your butt at the base of the seat of the machine.

Using Leg Curl Machine

Leg curl is designed for “treating” your hamstrings and glutes. Hamstrings are the muscles at the back of the upper leg, and glutes are the muscles of your buttock. Unlike the extension machine, you use the leg curl machine by lying down on your stomach on specially designed bench and putting your feet under the pad at the end of the machine. Slightly arching your back, try to lift the pad as high as you can. Again after holding it up for several seconds, lower it down.

Using Calf Rise Machine

Another machine that is very effective in leg toning process is the calf rice machine. The machine consists of shoulder pads that you adjust according to your height. It also has a special foot plate for your toes. Standing on the foot plate (make sure that only your toes are touching the plate), get hold of the special handles and try to stand on your toes. After 2-3 seconds lower your toes. During the exercise it is prohibited to bend your knees, so make sure you keep them straight and unbend all the time. One thing you should always keep in mind while using the calf machine is that the slower you lower your toes, the more effective the exercise will be.

What About…the Fat?

You will not get the toned thighs and legs you have always dreamt about only by using the above-mentioned exercises. For the results of your endeavors to be visible, you need to get rid of the fat that is already stored in your body, the fat that needs to be burned. There’s no better fat removing technique than cardio exercises. Cardio exercises, which are sometimes called aerobic exercises, are “physical exercises of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process”.

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT comes to the aid of those, who are looking for a quick way to remove the excess fat from their body. The whole essence of HIIT is doing fast cardio exercises and taking very short breaks. There are all sorts of cardio exercises to choose from, and you are free to choose any of them (depending on which one you feel the most comfortable doing): swimming, sprinting, cycling are all welcome. So how and where do we start? As always, we start with a short (2-3 minutes) warm-up. Devote 20 seconds to sprinting (make sure to run the fastest you can). Have a 10 seconds rest. Another 20 seconds sprint. Repeat the same pattern to get 8 20 second sprints. The whole process will take 4 minutes, but after you are done, you are going to feel like you have been training all day long, which only proves the effectiveness of the exercise.

Remember that HIIT should be performed on days when you do not lift any weights. Devote 3 days a week to HIIT and make sure those days do not coincide with your weight training days.

The exercises described above are by no means easy, you need to possess great stamina to get to positive results in due time. But, as they say, nothing worth having comes easy. So prepare yourself mentally and go get those perfect legs! We know you can do it, you are strong enough! Have faith in yourself, because with right attitude and planning, there are no “impossibles” in exercising.

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