DIY Organic Hair Serum Recipes

DIY Organic Hair Serum Recipes

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the dream of any lady and it’s not an easy task to keep hair in a healthy and good condition always. A really big diversity of cosmetic means and products is always ready to come up with the most effective solutions and effects they have and all of the folk treatments are also included in this range. Thus with the help of DIY organic hair serums you may speed up the growth of the hair, protect it from getting weaker and splitting, and get rid of such widespread problems as dandruff.

So in order to prepare a hair serum you need both cosmetic means and dairy products. The latter include products acquired during the process of curdling milk. What’s common for these products is their consistency and the way of applying them. Most often they are just rubbed into the scalp and the roots or applied to the ends. Each product has its specific aim and each helps to get rid of a specific problem.

DIY Organic Hair Serum Recipes

DIY Hair Serum for Speeding up the Hair Growth

So starting with the hair serum for speeding up the hair growth we can first of all emphasize the importance of vitamins and natural basic oils in those products. So these serums should be rubbed into the scalp as close to the roots as possible, due to which the elements have the chance to penetrate into the follicles of the hair and activate them. You can prepare such treatments yourself at home too!

So the base of these treatments should be oils of jojoba and coconut, which should be taken with 25 ml each. They should then be mixed with 10 drops of essential oils of juniper and bay, and the ready mass should be further poured into a glass container. For the best results you should apply this mixture to dry hair. In addition, you may also warm it up a little bit in order to enhance its influence on the follicles. After applying it to the hair you should brush through the hair and make a bun topping the head with a film and keep it like that for 30-40 minutes. Afterwards your hair should be washed and what you should bear in mind as well is that the results are not going to be immediately visible. However, after some 2-3 weeks you will definitely feel some improvements like new hair still soft and tiny though.

You can also try out another way of applying this serum, thus doing that for wet and clean hair and not washing the treatment later. The method of application depends on the quality of the hair. If the hair starts getting heavier even because of just a little amount of oil then you should try the first option.

In order to speed up the process of hair growth you may also try out the milk serum with yeast. The latter is one of the most popular products for hair masks, since it nourishes the skin of the scalp and also has a positive influence on the follicles. In addition, this is also a good mixture for adding some more volume to the hair. Thus 300 ml of the serum should be heated until getting warm (nearly 40‚Äö√Ö‚àûC), after which it should be mixed with 4 tbsp. of dry yeast and applied to the scalp after mixing all well. Then the hair should be covered with a film and washed in 30 minutes. The serum is again used for washing the hair and can be prepared with 1:1 proportions with water. Thus you should wash your hair with it and again cover it up for 15 more minutes, after which you may wash your hair with simple water. If you would also like to have some additional shine on your hair, then you may also add some lemon juice to the serum.

DIY Hair Serum for the Split Hair Ends

Organic hair serums are ideal treatments for hair keeping it in a good condition always. If you want to get rid of problems like split hair ends, then you should follow these tips, opting for special and uber effective products.

So as a rule, such problems are treated with avocado, wheat, or jojoba oils, which may be applied to the hair with small proportions. If you overdose with the latter you will risk having visually oily hair ends. In addition, you shouldn’t wash away any of them either. For summer days many girls also use coconut oil. It doesn’t make the hair feel heavier. Their function is protecting the cuts on the hair from further splitting and from the environmental conditions that might be a risk for your hair.

In some cases, it’s impossible to use these oil serums, especially if we are speaking about owners of thin hair. So that’s why we always recommend using the ready-made products or a milk serum for that. In addition, some ladies also use Vitamin E, which can easily be found everywhere.

As for the readymade cosmetic means, the first thing that you need to have a look at is the list of the ingredients giving the preference to natural elements. The exclusion of chemicals and elements like silicone is also quite important, since despite the fact that it gifts the hair with a natural shine, it also weakens the hair essentially.

The milk serum for split hair ends is really extremely simple in terms of preparation and usage. It should thus be heated to 40‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ñ‚Äö√†√ªC, after which you should wash your hair with it or just pour the serum into a spray and use it to spread the mass to all over the hair ends. It’s really light and if you’re not feeling discomfort because of the specific smell, you may also add a couple of drops of essential oils.

How to Prepare a Milk Hair Serum?

The milky liquid that appears as a result of fermentation contains a number of useful elements. The Vitamins of B group, collagen, proteins, etc. are the ingredients, which secure the healthy glow and the strength of your hair also giving you a chance to get rid of dandruff. So there are two main ways of using it. For the first option you may use the serum on the hair only, while the second option suggests getting rid of scalp skin problems.

So for the start you should make the serum, which is most often made of sour milk. For that you need to take 1 liters of the milk and pour it in a container. After this the liquid with the milk should be put in a warm place for about 24 hours. During that period the milk will go sour, still if you don’t see any changes or if the milk is souring too slowly, you may also add a piece of rye bread to it. Afterwards this mixture should be poured into a pan and heated further until the flakes of the curd start appearing. So the mixture should be filtered through gauze, after which you might have to wait for quite a while.

If you want to wait for the preparation of the serum you can also try out a liter of the freshest features poured into a pan also mixing it with 0.5 lemon. This mixture should be kept on fire before it starts making curb.

So it’s not only the serum that might be used for preparing a hair care treatment but you may also prepare masks, shampoos, and other useful products. If you have decided to use the serum without adding anything, then this is just the case for enhancing the functions it has.

Many ladies also have an experience of having masks with burdock shampoo, and this oil is significantly useful for the hair despite being quite heavy. So it should be mixed with water with 1:1 proportions and used to wash the hair afterwards, using the first half of the mixture and leaving the second to be used later in five minutes.

So here was another comprehensive and quite interesting guide that we would like to present to your attention, speaking about the most popular DIY organic hair serum recipes. Summing up what we have already noted we can add that the most important thing is allowing the useful elements penetrate into your skin and secure the overall good looks. Such details and elements are also used for getting rid of dandruff, speeding up the hair growth, and strengthening the whole texture of the hair. You may also use milk serum as a cosmetic product, which usually serves as a great help with the choice of the masks and other treatments. Simply look for the ingredients of any product you buy and also be sure to take into account your hair specifications and the individual characteristics of your scalp and its skin. As for the preparation of treatments, just be sure to follow the proportions exactly. So go on to try out these useful treatments and enjoy the most memorable looks ever!

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