How to Slim Down Calves Easily

How to Slim Down Calves Easily

The problem of too big calves on legs is capable of upsetting any girl and this problem actually has a number of other difficulties and additional problems that arise along with it. For instance, those problems may be connected with inconvenience when wearing boots, or the discomfort you might feel when wearing a short dress or a skirt. But you shouldn’t worry at all, since here we are going to introduce the top effective ways of slimming down the calves easily and quickly. So starting out the list of the main things that you should do we can speak about the following options!

How to Slim Down Calves Easily

Why Are My Calves Big?

So first of all you need to find out the reason of the appearance of big calf muscles, among which we can mention:

• Swelling of the extremities, which is accompanied with the varicose widening of the vessels. This might happen because of too loose tissue accompanied with unpleasant feelings and pain. In addition they might also cause some illnesses.

• Hyper-sthenic structure described as an inborn quality. The symptoms are the predominance of the muscular mass, big bones, and the stocky figure.

• The existence of fats around the area of the legs, which may become strongly pronounced after losing weight around the areas of the waist and the hips.

• Strongly overinflated muscles. Most often this kind of a phenomenon can be found in case of the sportswomen, professional ballerinas, those who are fond of running and of course as a result of excessively frequent fitness exercises.

How to Slim Down Calf Muscles?

Thus after finding out the main reasons that may cause this problem we can also start looking for some ways to get rid of big calf muscles. If the problem has been the excess accumulation of fats then you may try out one of the following options:

• Use regular wrappings with food film also opting for different ingredients and products. With the help of these procedures you will have significant improvements especially in terms of softening and smoothing the skin, which will be the result of the heating procedures. So this in its turn will bring to burning the additional and unnecessary fats of your body.

• Following the low-calorie diets is also a nice way to overcome problems of this type. You just need to find the exact options for you.

• In addition, you should also accomplish a set of simple exercises every day, aimed at working out the problematic areas. At the same time you will significantly improve your blood flow under the skin and it’s really important that the exercises can be carried out regularly without long pauses.

• You may also get rid of extra fats with the help of special massagers, which most often have tough applicators, be those made of plastic or wood. In any case you need to act carefully in order not to get injuries.

One more reason because of which those calves might appear is the excessive frequency of physical exercises and the excessive load, which often brings to the creation of excessive muscle mass. It’s important to remember that this might happen because of having too many proteins in daily ration too, since the excessive use of proteins also results in the growth of the muscles.

In order to prevent the possible future growth of the calves, you should be attentive about your ration especially focusing on limiting the overall amount of proteins consumed every day. If you feel proteins form a bigger percentage of your ration than it is expected, you’d better limit the consumption of such products as legumes, cheese, cottage cheese, milk and meat and the dishes made with them.

If you still can’t avoid or get rid of those unwanted big calf muscles you may at least try to decrease their mass to minimum, trying to decrease the physical load and the heavy exercises. For instance, you may use the elevator instead of climbing the stairs, not go for walks or running for incredibly long distances, and activities like cycling. If you go to the gym regularly, you may pick such exercises, which will not have any influence on the calves.

In addition, you may also try out the following set of activities, which might help you to get rid of big calves:

1. Plié Squat: This is one of the most popular exercises among the professional ballerinas. For this exercise you should stand straight, putting the feet parallel to the shoulders and do squats. It’s important to put the pressure on the thighs at the same time bending the knees as much as possible. After doing the first 20 squats you should make a leaning on the whole of the feet and after that the following 20 squats might be done standing on the tips of the toes. Still, you need to be very careful when doing this exercise, as there is a big risk of getting injuries.

2. Folding Knife: The following exercise we would like to talk about is folding knife, which requires to be sitting on the buttocks and thoroughly straightening the legs. Just like in case of stretches, you should lean forward and stretch your arms at the same time you should also try to touch your feet with your hands. You should then stay in that position for at least 1.5 minutes and repeat the exercise for 15 times.

3. Jumping: This is a simple yet effective exercise you may try out too. 15 minutes are enough and you will have really impressive results. All you need to do is jumping with the help of which the blood flow gets more intense and the fats and extra calories all vanish due to the great energy consumption.

4. Rolls: This exercise is aimed at stretching the shins. You should stand on your tiptoes and walk 30 times feeling the calves. Further you need to do abrupt rolls from the tips to the heels and walk again. For each time you will have one such roll and overall the rolls should be repeated at least 4 times.

5. One more exercise suggests that you strand straight putting the feet slightly wider than the pelvis. At first you need to shift the weight to the left leg lifting the right leg and bending it in the knee. Then you should breathe in and do the same with the right leg. You should repeat this exercise for 15 times for each leg and gradually increase the load.

6. Lunges: These are simplified variants of exercises, for which you should put your legs on the width of your shoulders and do a lunge at the same time following that the heel of the second leg doesn’t get cut from the floor. After a couple of seconds you may go back to your starting position.

7. For the next exercise you should stand straight, putting the legs on the width of the pelvis and putting the feet parallelly to each other. When breathing in you need to go up and while breathing out you should come back to your starting position. For the beginning you may begin with 20 repetitions, but by the time it should be increased to 30.

8. Lifting on Heels: This exercise might be accomplished in a variety of ways, due to which you may pick the one you liked most. You just need to stand straight shifting the weight to the right leg bending the left one in the knee. Then you need to stand on your heels at least for 15 times and repeat the exercise for the second leg too. You may also choose a more difficult alternative standing on the stairs instead of standing on the floor.

9. In addition, you may also stand on your knees and in order not to get bruises you may use a small rag. Your arms should be free and positioned forward, keeping the back straight. Then you just need to start sitting on one side and then on another, trying to press against the floor with your hip as tightly as possible. This should be repeated at least 20 times.

10. Batman! The last but not least effective exercise, which we would like to present to your attention is called Batman and the essence is grabbing a hair, holding the back and trying to stand close to it. Your feet should be positioned parallelly to each other. The right hand should be stretched forward stretching the heel and making an abrupt swing forwards. For each leg you should repeat this for 20 times.

Finally, in order to slim down the calves and to make them your secret ingredient for being more attractive and charming you should combine these exercises with healthy organized nutrition preferably following a healthy diet. Despite the fact that there hasn’t been developed any special ration for this, using the complex set of activities is better in any case.

Thus your nutrition should be balanced and limited in terms of salty and/or fatty dishes. If swelling disturbs you, you may use a small pillow to put it under your legs and keep it there for 15 minutes. Throughout the whole day you should also try to periodically lift your legs to avoid the swelling and other problems like that.

In addition, you may also do some small massage to relax your feet after exercises and have the desired results. The muscle pain will not be so noticeable due to that.

Thus here was another description of one more possible problem you might face. If you manage to follow the instructions and be careful when exercising, you will avoid such problems or get rid of quicker.

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