Gluten-Free Diet Plan: Tips and Benefits

Gluten-Free Diet Plan: Tips and Benefits

We continue introducing the most effective and amazing diet plans and the following option in the row is the gluten-free diet, which has a number of peculiarities and characteristic features making it different from all the rest of options we have spoken about before. So the main peculiarity of this diet is that it’s recommended in case of celiac disease and wheat allergies. This diet plan has really become quite popular and widespread especially among the celebs, who intentionally cut down on gluten to clear up their organism, get healthier, fitter, and to lose weight, of course. Even some of the doctors note that we should absolutely exclude gluten from out daily ration in order to get rid of the constant syndrome of fatigue.
So first of all you should know that gluten is an element, which is formed with the combination of two types of simple proteins that are responsible for gifting the flour dough with elasticity and stickiness at the same time securing the attractive softness and elasticity of the ready baked products. Unfortunately, the one and the same component of the molecular structure of wheat, rye, and barley can present a deadly danger for those, who are predisposed for autoimmune disorder called celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Diet Plan: Tips and Benefits

Therapeutic Gluten-Free Diet

So most frequently gluten is said to be the protein of wheat, rye, and barley, but in fact this is the result of the interaction of two simple proteins – prolamin and glutelin. This is why gluten is one of the central elements for the elasticity and softness of dough.

This way or another, gluten is contained in the majority of cereals, but the crucial factor is the consistency and the quality of prolamines in it. The prolamines of wheat called gliadins, rye called secalins, and barley called hordeins sometimes evoke unexpected and unpleasant immune reaction demonstrated with rash. This refers to people of any age and may even cause some delays of growth in case of children.

So refusing to eat products containing gluten is the very first measure that needs to be taken in this case, even if you have simple doubts about having such allergies or celiac disease. These two types of disorders are not synonymous to each other, since the mechanisms according to which they appear are quite different. In case of allergies the bodies that encounter the allergen substance take it as a pathogen of diseases and produce an allergic backlash against it. This might be demonstrated with symptoms like those you have in case of flu or intoxication, which is less frequent. So these are rhinitis, swelling, cough, itching, etc. The good news is that such problems may be cured or avoided excluding the contact with the allergens as well as by means of taking antihistamines. In many cases the body adapts itself to stop treating those substances as viruses and the allergic reactions stop as such.

As for celiac disease, this is quite a different and hard immune problem the bases of which are the genetic problems. Like in case of any other immune disease, in case of this one the organism starts attacking its own tissue during which the antiglobulin substances, provoked by gluten attack the villi of the small intestine. The results of this reaction might really be tragic. When the wholeness of the intestine gets distorted, its functions of transportation and assimilation of vital substances fail getting the people, who suffer from it fall into the risky categories of osteoporosis, lymphoma, and various dystrophies. The organism becomes fragile and vulnerable for infections too. Thus, the gluten-free diet is one of the basic components of the set measures that are generally taken in this case, and at times it becomes one of the main conditions of the continuation of life as such.

Gluten-Free Diet for Losing Weight

However, such problems are not the only cases for which the gluten-free diet plan may be used. It is quite applicable in case you want to lose weight too and that’s what many nutritionists also recommend this diet plan. The essence of opting for this diet lies in the simple fact that gluten is contained in the biggest part of products containing carbohydrates and cutting down on them you automatically take the ration of healthy nutrition. In addition, the overwhelming amount of the additives used for semi-fabricated products and industrially processed products use gluten as an auxiliary substance, which becomes the base for the hidden calories. So you should pick as little of refined food as possible in order to have healthy nutrition and no excess weight.

Thus, the main products that are included in the ration of the gluten-free diet are those, which have been subjected to minimal processing. Those are fresh meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, legumes, eggs, and milk without additives. If you pick this diet then you will have limited access to bread, baked products, confectionery, and desserts, due to which the organism gets re-adapted and starts consuming the excessive accumulations of fats and of course later stopping to store them again.

The gluten-free diet plan may become a step forward to the development of gourmet inclinations. You may substitute wheat, rye, and barley with exotic cereals and pseudo cereals such as amaranth, quinoa, broomcorn, sorghum, sago, Tef, which have a range of useful micro-elements and interesting tastes.

Many specialists believe that using gluten is the gateway to the creation of toxic overload since the proteins increase the permeability of the walls of the small intestine, and this affects the duration and the quality of the digestion of food. In order to bring the intestine back to its normal state and to reduce the permeability you need to go for this diet for at least two months.

The regulation of the digestive processes will be reflected on your well-being and of course your metabolism, which will allow you to notice the results quite soon. That’s why it’s recommended to go for this diet for not less than 8 weeks, after which you should be guided by the results and the assessment of your doctor. According to the feedback, this diet allows you to lose up to 3 kg in a week. This ration is combined with daily physical activities, due to its diversity and the possibility of forming an energetically complete menu.

The Main Don’ts of Gluten-Free Diet

So the products, which are included in the list of don’ts for gluten-free diet, go as follows!


• Wheat in all forms, including any kind of flour and cereals, such as semolina, Poltavka, Artek, couscous, bulgur, spelled and wheat starch, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and other such additives and thickeners.

• Rye in all forms, including any kind of rye flour with caution – kvass wort.

• Barley in all forms, including barley flour and all kinds of grains, such as barley, pearl barley, barley malt, maltose and products (molasses, vinegar, extracts, flavorings).

• Oats in all forms, including oatmeal and cereals – oat itself does not contain potentially harmful proteins, but because of the existing technologies of oat processing the ready products with oats almost always have traces of gluten.

• Pasta and other such products, pastries, baked goods, bread and cereal mixes containing flour and cereals with gluten. Whole grain food and food from fermented grain gluten (“Ezekiel bread”) are useful in general, but they are banned in case of a gluten-free diet.

Dairy Products

• Yogurt with additives (thickeners, flavors, cookies and crispy balls, etc.).

• Drinking dairy products with cereals.

• Milk-vegetable underflow.

• Cottage cheese products with vegetable fat and additives (curd, curds, etc.).

• Ice Cream (you may see the composition).

• Cheese (you may see the composition).

Meat, Semi-Fabricated Products and Sweets

• Meat and canned fish (you may see the composition).

• Sausage and meat products, sausages.

• Any meat and fish products in breading.

• Canned vegetables with additives (you may see the composition).

• Crab sticks.

• The instant beverage mixes.

• Candy, halva, lucuma and similar desserts.

Sauces and Spices

• Virtually all the common thick sauces of industrial production: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise. For detailed information you may also see the composition.

• Component mixtures for spicing with starch, flavor enhancers, herbal supplements.

• Bouillon cubes.

Under Suspicion

Here is the list of products that should be abandoned if the origin is not specified or is ambiguous:

• Soy sauce (in the original composition only soybeans are allowed, but sometimes wheat is added).

• Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (sports nutrition) – gluten-free diet only allows soy types.

• Dextrin (sweetener) is typically made from corn, but may contain wheat.

• Caramel is made from corn syrup, which can contain maltose (containing in barley).

This list is not the thorough description of all the products that are not allowed for the gluten-free diet. So in order to choose the products correctly you should read the composition of those products attentively, bearing in mind that the primary sources of gluten are wheat, rye, and barley. In order to have the full list of prohibited products, especially if you are on gluten-free diet because of health problems you should consult your doctor and only rely on his advice.

The Diet Suggested by Doctor Frank Lipman

Doctor Lipman is one of the best specialists in developing gluten-free diet. He is one of the supporters of the idea that you should follow the gluten-free diet not only for medical measures, but also in case you want to lose weight. He is sure that the gluten abuse, which may be found not only in obvious products but in a range of semi-fabricated products and sauces, has brought to an explosion of celiac disease. Since the ration of the parents contains too much gluten, the immune systems of the children who are born simply can’t bear it. In addition, the doctor is sure that the chronical fatigue, discomfort, migraine are all connected with the gluten abuse. He has even come to the conclusion that the 99% of the world suffers from gluten intolerance and only some small percent of all have that with especially serious complications requiring immediate measures. The nature of gluten is like that of a worm, which penetrates into the immune system and slowly starts affecting the autoimmune and hormonal systems causing disorders connected with the gastrointestinal track, and also resulting in the worsening of the condition of the skin without any apparent reasons because of which the tries to lose weight or even to gain weight do not give any results. So in order to get rid of gluten the doctor suggests excluding not only food, which contains gluten but also the dairy products. The lactose intolerance often accompanies gluten intolerance, besides, according to him, milk and the products made from it hinder the work of the intestine and provoke skin problems. So you should take up good habits in order to have healthy generation coming after you.

The Necessary Products of the Gluten-Free Diet Suggested by Doctor Lipman

• Marine fish, avocado, and other sources of healthy fat that is the unsaturated fatty acids, essential for healthy skin and functioning of the internal organs.

• Fresh berries (especially blueberries!) preferably rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which are necessary for detoxification and proper maintenance of immunity.

• Fermented food (pickled vegetables, kimchi, presoaked gluten-free cereals), being the source of the natural prebiotics and bioavailable trace elements, which help to maintain proper digestion and strengthen the protective functions of the organism.

Finally, speaking about the popularity of the gluten-free diet, we may also add that this has been the choice of very many celebs, who claim to understand and realize the importance of getting rid of gluten in order to secure their healthy and fit looks and life. So in the list of names we can note Zooey Deschanel, Dana Delany, Geri Halliwell, and Miley Cyrus, who follow this diet according to medical indications. In addition, we can also note the names of Cate Blanchett, and Lady Gaga, who opt for this diet for the sake of beauty, as well as Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba. As for Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, they have taken up this diet for the sake of their children since the daughter of Gwyneth struggles against celiac disease, while the Victoria’s son has epilepsy, in case of which gluten is a contraindication.

Thus, the gluten-free diet plan is yet another interesting and useful diet that we would like to present to your attention! What you need to do is just consult the doctor to find out whether your body is ready for it or not and if yes go on to have a healthy and fit body for a long-long time!

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