Easy Stretching Exercises to Try At Home

Easy Stretching Exercises to Try At Home

Stretching at home includes exercises of muscles, which allow keeping the correct posture and get rid of the possible pains of muscles, thus also increasing the mobility and the flexibility of the body. One more cool thing about stretching exercises is that after doing them the muscles get relaxed and the body becomes more elastic, improving the blood circulation. So here we are with some easy stretching exercises you can try at home and have the fit and sporty body that you most probably would like to have.

Easy Stretching Exercises to Try At Home

How to Prepare the Muscles for Stretching?

First of all you need to bear in mind a range of rules, which are essential for the primary preparation, going as follows:

• The very first thing that you need to do before stretching is warm-up. Exercises like rope workout, running, jumping will all do.

• In addition, it’s absolutely not true that the muscles have to be stretched until the intensity of feeling pain. In fact, what you actually need is the regular repetition of the exercises and not the unbearable pain, which will not let you go on with the other exercises the same way.

• One more thing that you should remember is that the exercises should be done without intervals and strictly following the order.

Stretching Exercises at Home

1. Open your legs at the width of your shoulders and put your hands on your hips. Then do some side bending to the right and to the left 12 times.

2. Open the legs at the shoulder width and put the hands on hips. Make rotations with your body 8 times for each side.

3. Opening the legs at the shoulder width, put the hands behind the head. Make circular movements with the pelvis. Repeat the exercise 8 times for each side.

4. Put your legs together and the hands on the knees. Make rotations to each side with your knees 8 times.

5. Lift your leg and bend it in the ankle, putting the hands on the hips making rotations with the left leg 8 times repeating the same for the other leg too.

6. Putting the legs together and make 12 springy bendings.

7. Put the legs twice as wide as the shoulders and make 12 springy bendings forward.

8. Put the legs 1.5 times as wide as the shoulders. Catch the feet by hands and squat as low as possible like that. The back should be straight and the pelvis should be put backward. This exercise should be done during a minute.

9. Stand on your knees making a lock with hands. Do 6 squats to each side, touching the floor with you buttocks.

10. Sit on the floor keeping the legs together and do 12 springy exercises forward.

11. Lie on your belly and bend your hands in the elbows. Then just stretch your arms bending the spine, lifting the head up. In that position you should stay at least for 40 seconds.

12. Lie on your belly and catch the chair with your both hands. Bend the spine, and lift the head up keeping that position for 40 seconds.

13. Lie on your belly and bend your legs in your knees. Stretch out your arms and bend your spine keeping the position for 40 seconds.

14. Stand on your knees, and catch the ankles. Bend your spine back and keep the position for 40 seconds.

15. Make a bridge and keep it for 40 minutes.

Easy Stretching Exercises to Try At Home

Leg Stretching Exercises at Home

1. Do a lunge to the right, passing the whole weight of your body to the right leg, keeping the left leg stretched. At the same time turn your body for 90 degrees passing the weight to the left leg stretching the right leg. This exercise should be repeated for 10 times for each leg.

2. Stand on your knees opening them as much as possible, with the feet looking in opposite directions. Do 12 squats in this position. The buttocks should touch the floor.

3. Sit on the floor and join your legs. Make 12 springy bends forward.

4. Sit on the floor, stretch your right leg and bend the left one in the knee. Lift the foot of the left leg and press it onto the right hip. In such a position you should make 8 bends forward repeating this for each leg.

5. Continuing to sit on the floor stretch out the right leg bending the left one and putting it back. Make a bend forward. You should then make 12 springy bends for each leg.

6. Sitting on the floor join the legs together. Try to separate the leg with the help of your elbows. This exercise should be repeated for 15 times.

7. Sit on the floor, and try to make your left and right legs touch the neck interchangeably.

8. Sitting on the floor join your feet, catch them with your hands and stretch forward without bending your neck or pressing the shoulders.

9. Stand up and join your legs. Keeping them straight stretch to the floor with your hands. Fix the position for a minute.

10. Put your legs maximum wide and lean on to the floor with your hands, slowly going down. Increase the time of this exercise every day. Start it from 30 seconds.

Here were the basic and the most essential stretching exercises that we would like to present to your attention, showing the primary and the easiest stretching exercises that you can try out in order to keep fit and healthy. The great advantage of these exercises without counting the ease of the accomplishment is the fact that they don’t even require special control or supervision by trainers or visits to the gym. You can figure all that out quite easily without all those expenses too. So be careful to choose the right proportions for everything you do and just enjoy the awesome results. If you are taking up these exercises for a specific purpose then just be persistent because it’s possible that you don’t notice the results right away but you will in the long run anyway.

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