How to Squat Properly to Lose Weight

How to Squat Properly to Lose Weight

Squatting is an effective method of training the muscles of the buttocks and the legs, helping you to get rid of problems like cellulite, as well as just to lose weight. So if you manage to pick the correct technique and the correct ways of making all the exercises exactly as needed you will be able to enjoy the results you will get. Thus we are going to speak about how to squat properly to lose weight, introducing the following options!

How to Squat Properly to Lose Weight

How to Squat Correctly to Lose Weight?

Warm-up is as always the very first thing that’s recommended to start with. For that you may just do 50 quick lifts of hands to the air. This way you will get your body into the working state preparing it to the exercises also regulating the blood flow and warming up the muscles. Thus, the main exercises go as follows:

• In order to secure the elasticity of the muscles of buttock and the hips you may try out the following exercise. First of all you need to open your legs very wide and do slow squatting counting to four and getting back up counting to four. At the same time you need to move your knees to opposite sides keeping the thigh of the lowest level parallel to the floor.

• You may also make this exercise more difficult. You may sit just the way as in the previous variant, then lift on your finger tips and get back to the starting position. During the squatting you should keep the hands parallel to the floor and stretch them to the opposite sides.

• You may also do squats putting the pressure on the hips. This exercise helps to train the front femoral muscles. For this you need to put your legs on the width of your shoulders, keeping the fingertips looking ahead and the hands stretched out forward. Start squatting down as low as possible. The distance between the knees should remain unchanged while the knees should not go further than the fingertips.

• One more interesting exercise taken from yoga is called the exercise of the chair. For this you should squat the way you did in the previous variant, still keeping the legs parallelly. You should linger over the lowest point for a bit and lift the left and right knees interchangeably. Then just get back to the starting position.

• In addition, you should also remember that squatting should be done daily with 2 repetitions for about 8-20 times. If you can’t squat even 8 time then you shouldn’t torture yourself and you should understand that one investing some efforts here it’s impossible to reach any effect. Healthy nutrition and good mood are the following components of success. The most important is to stand it for 1-2 weeks more, after which you will get involved into the process yourself.

Women Squatting: Peculiarities

One basic thing that all the ladies should remember is that when squatting the eyes should look directly forward or slightly above. You shouldn’t look down in any case since you will make the spine bend that way. This might result in injuries so it’s important to keep the spine straight, preserving the natural bend on the waist.

You shouldn’t squat by 100%, since this type of squatting generally men do. In order to preserve the balance you should move the pelvis back and bend a little forward. The more you work with your spine, the sooner the buttocks will be trained.
During the knee exercises the knees should not go beyond the fingertips of the legs otherwise the whole pressure will fall on the knee joints. While lifting up you should not straight your knees to the full, since you will move the pressure and the load to the hip joints.

As for the position of the legs, they should be placed wide enough. The fingertips should be turned to the knees, i.e. the part where the knees are directed. In this case an optimal pressure falls on the buttocks.
You may also squat with a bearing on your heels and the outer side of the feet.

How to Squat Properly to Lose Weight

Squatting with Weight Lifting

You should also include some exercises with weight in your daily range of activities with the help of which you’ll be able to increase the load and to burn more fats. The muscle-strengthening squats burn the calories not only during the exercises. With their help such processes as metabolism get increased making the body produce more energy even during the training.

You should start with small weights because you’re not adapted to such kinds of exercises. So you need to work for a week. You should do wide squats and squats with legs kept parallelly on the hips. It’s recommended to increase the weight every week. On average women may do squats with 30 kg of weight put on the shoulders. If you feel you can’t lift this or that weight then you just need to go a step back. You may also use bottles with sand and water instead of the dumbbell.

Further you should stand straight keeping the legs slightly wider than the shoulders, and the feet slightly moved to one side. Keeping the spine straight and looking up or to the front you need to do squats with the weight again looking up which will help you keep the spine straight.

While squatting you should move the pelvis a bit back, take a deep breath while letting and breathe in while lifting. The feet should not be detached from the floor otherwise you might get serious injuries. You should also follow your knees since they shouldn’t get close to each other. They should separate and not go beyond the big fingers of the feet.

Thus here was another range of tips that we would like to share with you, hoping that this know-how list will also find its place in the range of your beauty arsenal. So follow these tips and keep fit, beautiful, and healthy!

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