Top 123 Most-Asked Beauty Questions Answered

Most-Asked Beauty Questions Answered

Ever wondered about how to get rid of skin redness or do a perfect smokey eye makeup in a few seconds? Time to put an end to all of your common beauty questions and inquiries concerning the most various aspects of makeup, skin, nail and hair care! We are answering the top 123 most-asked beauty questions right now, so go ahead reading and find whatever you’ve been looking for so long! Following these tips and know-hows you will have absolutely no difficulties regarding makeup, skin care, hair care and much more! Thus, the list goes as follows!

Most-Asked Beauty Questions Answered

Common Skin Care Questions Answered

1. Is there a safe way of popping a zit?

First of all we would like to say that you shouldn’t actually try hard to squeeze a zit because most of the times it only makes things worse. Generally, if you make even the slightest wrong move when doing that you risk making the zit doubled in a couple of days. Still, if the matter is really urgent instead of just squeezing it you need to sterilize a needle with heat or alcohol, lance the pimple with it at the same time being sure to stay parallel to the skin and just pierce the raised white head of the blemish pulling it up and squeezing the pus out.

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2. What can be used to reduce the acne marks?

When trying to remove the acne spots first of all you need to take into account the complexion of your skin. Thus, for fair skin the spots generally have red marks, while darker skin tones are prone to having brownish spots after the acne. So for the first case we would recommend using salicylic or glycolic acid, while for olive skin a product with 2% hydroquinone will do the job for you. For even deeper scars you can also try out a radio-frequency treatment, which rebuilds the tissue from underneath and secures the cool effect.

3. How to get rid of blackheads quickly?

Another quite frustrating and quite popular question that you might have is about getting rid of blackheads as easily and quickly as possible. Thus, what we may recommend is using a benzoyl peroxide gel to start with killing the bacteria and removing the dead cells. You will need a low-dose 5% solution to get the job done. In addition, you should also exfoliate your skin daily in order to prevent the further reappearance of the blackheads.

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4. Is there a natural way to fight wrinkles?

Of course, there is! Better to say there are many ways. For instance, you may use peptide creams, which penetrate into the skin and plump up the collagen of your skin. This is basically the very element that shapes the surface of the skin and supports the tissues gifting you with a youthful and gorgeous look.

5. How to fight sudden age spots?

Sometimes ladies get into panic when noticing some newly appeared age spots and think that they are meant to be there forever. In fact, that’s just some accumulations of melanin, which may be a result of sun damage. There is quite a big assortment of ways to get rid of them and one of the easiest and most effective options is dabbing some plain Greek yogurt on the spots and letting it stay on for some 15-20 minutes. The secret component of this yogurt is lactic acid, which helps lighten the spots. After repeating this procedure for some three days or so, you will notice the improvements.

6. Is it necessary to wash the face in the morning even though I’ve applied cleansing creams right before going to bed?

However time-consuming it may sound, yes. You should in fact devote some time to cleansing because your skin generally accumulates a great deal of oil and the residue of the creams you’ve applied overnight. So it’s really important to clean all that off with a gentle cleanser, which should be soap-free and shouldn’t dry out your face in order not to let the daytime creams and makeup mix up with the mixture of the night creams and oil.

7. Should I moisturize if my skin is oily?

And the answer is a definite yes! In fact, moisturizing is really necessary for those with oily skin. First of all moisturizers create a natural barrier against the influence of the outer factors like heat, sunlight, dust, etc. Further, they also help to control the production of oil. Taking into account the fact that many moisturizing products also provide you with the anti-pigment, line preventing and firming functions, they become really necessary. The only thing you should be attentive about when buying a moisturizer is making sure that the products you pick are labeled oil-free and noncomedogenic.

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8. What’s the cause of dark circles and how to get rid of them?

Dark under eye circles may have quite simple causes like not enough sleep, dehydration, allergies, or depression. They may also be caused by genetic factors irrespective of the outer conditions. Aging can also cause the appearance of dark circles, since the fat pad under the eye thins out and lets the blood vessels show through thus forming dark circles. The sluggish blood flow to the skin further also contributes to the formation of dark circles. You can thus simply hide those circles or try to fix the causes using combinations of Vitamin K and retinol, which will nicely lighten the skin, since the former works well for the vessels, while the latter contributes to rebuilding collagen, which is one of the best ways of removing the dark circles and preventing them from reappearing again. In addition, you can also simply hide those dark circles with the help of special concealing products.

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9. How to pick the correct moisturizer for my skin type?

Picking the right type of the moisturizer is, of course, very essential for being successful in skin care and for having perfect results. Still, sometimes it’s quite a challenging task, because in the myriad of moisturizing products it’s really difficult to figure out the right type you need. So to make it clearer we may say that if your skin is dry or sensitive, or both, you should look for products, which are labeled correspondingly and are formulated for that skin type particularly. Still, if you have acne-prone skin, then non-comedogenic types of moisturizers are what you actually need.

10. How to prevent razor burns?

Razor burns are also quite popular and just as annoying. Thus one important thing that you need to remember about this is that first of all it happens because of the foaming shave creams you’re most probably using. They are bound to dry the skin resulting in irritation. So use non-foaming creams and be sure to use a razor, which has no more than two blades always shaving in the direction of the hair growth.

11. How to get rid of cellulite?

Of course, when speaking about the top popular questions concerning beauty, cellulite comes in the list of the first. Despite the fact that there is no universally effective method of fighting cellulite, you can reduce the “orange peel’ effect by means of certain treatments and procedures. First of all you need to know that this type of texture is caused by the fat cells, which accumulate in between the layers of skin tissue and you can reduce the intensity of those accumulations by means of using strengthening creams for fat skin, which also contain components like caffeine and sea algae, which in their turn smooth the skin and make it flatter and softer. The results will not be noticeable right away, but you will notice some improvements after a couple of months. Self-tanning will help you have an immediate improvement, but of course it won’t last forever either. You may also try the mechanical methods of removing cellulite if you can afford it in terms of time and money. The orange peel texture will fade off after 14-15 procedures. But in order to prevent the repetition of the problem you need to repeat the procedure every month. If you want to fight cellulite on thighs and hips you can also use lotions with special formula, which should be used regularly, more preferably every morning and every evening for about six or seven weeks. The essence of those treatments is removing the excess of fats from the required areas. But what you need to know is that all of these treatments will only gift you with temporary improvements and the problems will be back as soon as you stop using the creams.

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12. How to get rid of redness around the nose and crackled lips in the morning?

The very first step on the way to prevent such problems is exfoliating regularly in order to get rid of the dead cells of the skin. For doing this you will need a gently cleaning scrub or just a soft towel slightly moistened in warm water with a cleaning toner. Further you also need to apply a moisturizer on the problematic areas of the skin being the sides of the nose and the corners of the lips. Finally, you need to finish up with a concealer to hide the imperfections until they are gone. Then apply a gentle translucent powder. You may also use a curing lipstick to get rid of the cracks as soon as possible.

13. What to do with dry and cracked elbows?

The cold air most frequently existing outdoors during colder months is the worst enemy for the sensitive skin of the elbows. That’s why it’s important to use special creams enriched with vitamin E to secure the proper hydration of the skin on those sensitive areas especially during the winter months.

14. Is it necessary to take care of skin during winter and how?

Of course, it’s necessary and even vital to take care of skin during winter because the skin becomes hyper sensitive during the colder months even though you think it’s always covered and secure against the frosts. Still, you need to use scrubs, toners and gels, cleansing the skin regularly to get rid of the dead cells and to give the skin a chance to produce new cells thus also getting rid of skin dryness and flaking. As for the skin of the face, you need to be even more attentive here, since winter frost is very good at dehydrating your facial skin quickly resulting in the appearance of dryness, grayish tone of face and the appearance of bluish circles under the eyes. Exfoliating at least three times a week is also important. In addition, you shouldn’t also be scared of shifting to a cream that contains more fats, since if you feel that your skin is getting drier and starts flaking then this means your daily cream you used for summer is not enough here. If you pick the correct type of the cream you will have really effective and cool results. Picking such creams, which have water-based formula, is also a good idea to prevent the appearance of acne, since it’s the oil-based options with elements like paraben, lanolin, and tritanolamin that cause acne. Still, if you feel that even when using a water-based cream you can’t prevent acne, you can additionally use products containing dimethicone or glycerin.

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15. Can I have an irritation because of SPF?

The risk of getting irritations because of SPF is really minimal and cannot be essential enough to prevent using SPF every day. Still, if you notice some hyper sensitivity for SPF and if you’re sure that’s because of the SPF or not, you can substitute it with protective ingredients like zinc oxide. It is safer and treats the skin more gently than the chemical additives like avobenzone.

16. Can I use a cream that contains SPF overnight?

Of course, you can. Generally, of course your skin doesn’t need SPF, but if the cream you’re using has it in its formula, there’s nothing bad about it and those ingredients that protect the skin against the ultraviolet rays of the sun will not harm your skin during the whole night.

17. Are the sunscreen pills really effective?

Well, yes, in fact they are and the trick is the formula they have containing anti-oxidants, vitamins, and vegetable extracts, which really work well for securing the cool and great effect. But still, you shouldn’t only count on them forgetting about the sunscreen creams and treatments since taken solely, those pills will not be as effective as expected.

18. Can I use an SPF, which is left from last year?

Well, actually you just need to look for the expiry date written on the packaging. If you don’t manage to find it, you may just keep in mind that the active components of the sunscreen generally stay effective for three years. Still if you feel that the cream you’re using smells bad or if it has changed its color, you’d better not risk trying it. In addition, you should also close it tightly and keep in dry places with at temperature.

19. What to do if at the age of say 25, I have lines around the eyes and on the forehead? Are those wrinkles?

It’s possible that those are the beginnings of fine lines, but you shouldn’t get into panic, since it can’t have any connection with age because wrinkles do not generally appear at that age. Those lines might be a result of dehydration or the influence of ultraviolet rays. The first thing you thus need to do to get rid of that is hydrate the skin properly and regularly. You might use foaming toners, which will remove the dirt and the dust from the face at the same time leaving some of the necessary natural oils on the face, which will make the skin soft and smooth. Further you also need to use a moisturizer to secure the proper supply of moisture to skin to prevent dehydration in the future. In addition, if you still notice those lines after a couple of days, it might mean that you have a layer of sun burnt skin, which should be removed. To do that you should exfoliate the skin every morning after washing it. Picking products, which contain fruit or polyhydroxy acids, is a good idea.

20. My pores are visible and catchy especially in summer. What can I do about it?

First of all we should note that this is a natural process because during the summer months your skin produces and gets rid of more amount of heat than during colder months and it’s not that the pores open up and close. They just become bigger or smaller and can even become bigger by 10-20%. So it all depends on the amount of skin fats and the amount of sweat produced. Thus when the pores get bigger the risk of them getting filled with dirt increases and this creates the possibility of getting rash and acne. In order to avoid this you need to use scrubs twice a day being sure that the products you use contain alpha and beta hydro-oxide acids. Then you need to apply a toner, which will make the pores visually less noticeable. In addition, you can also use a mild lotion in the morning, which will reduce the size of the pores on your skin for the whole day.

21. Is it true that toothpaste helps to fight a zit and make it disappear?

You might not believe it, but yes, it is. Toothpaste really helps to make a zit disappear, which is explained with the fact that toothpaste can absorb the whole skin fat pulling it out and making the zit essentially smaller. So you just need to apply a little bit of toothpaste to the zit before going to bed and in the morning you will see significant improvements. Still, you also need to know that some people appear to be allergic to toothpaste. And if you want a safer method of getting rid of a zit, you’d better use special products.

22. How to get rid of a zit thoroughly in a night?

If you are planning a date and the day before you notice a frustrating zit on your face that’s a matter of panic of course, if you don’t know how to get rid of it effectively! Still, there’s absolutely no need to get into panic because of that, since there are a number of tricks that you may try out to get rid of a zit during one night. For instance, you may try out special products meant to reduce the redness of zits creating a layer that gets dry over the surface of the zit and thus reduces the redness. In addition, if you still can’t get rid of skin redness, you may also try to conceal it using a greenish concealer, which will blend with the red tone of the zit and create a natural tone for your skin.

23. How frequently can I use facial masks and how can I figure out which one is exactly the type I need?

Facial masks are ideal for skin care, using which you will be able to keep your skin in an ideal condition. But you need to remember that there are certain skin types, which require a more frequent application of masks than the others. For instance, if you have oily skin, then you need to apply an exfoliating mask every week with the help of which you’ll be able to clean your skin thoroughly. As for dry skin, some moisturizing masks can also be used, but they should be applied only once a week or when the skin starts flaking. The once-a-week frequency is also applicable in case of combined skin types.

24. Is it that necessary to wash the face before going to bed every night?

No matter how tired or lazy you feel, you should never ever go to bed without cleaning your face. You really need to remove all the makeup residue from your face along with the dust and dirt that has stuck to your face during the day. Ignoring this you will risk clogging the pores. So all you need to do is to use a quick cleansing product, which will be able to remove any component of your makeup including the waterproof mascara and the foundation. And if you don’t manage to clear up the skin thoroughly, you definitely need to do that in the morning. Still if you do not want to remove your makeup for a special evening with your beloved one, you may just use a thin layer of powder to prevent your face from shining and leave it on overnight. Your skin won’t suffer much during just one night but you definitely shouldn’t repeat that regularly.

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25. No matter what I may do, there are always blackheads left on my nose. How to get rid of blackheads on my nose?

Blackheads on the nose have a very simple explanation. Nose is the area with the most active oil production on the face. That’s why sometimes the cleansers and toners do not seem to work on the area of the nose. So in order to achieve better results for the area of the nose you need to pick stronger products, which contain micro-elements and salicylic acid to get rid of those blackheads effectively.

26. What can I use to remove makeup if I don’t have any cosmetic products at hand at the moment?

There are a number of ways to do that, which go as follows:
• You may remove the eye makeup with the help of Vaseline or a couple of drops of olive oil dropped on a tissue. Both products will remove the eye makeup effectively.
• You can wash your face with the foam of the hand soap, which should be applied with a moistened tissue on the previously moistened face. What you need to remember in this case is that soap dries the skin, so try to moisturize your skin after washing it off.
• In order to make a quick disinfection, you will need to use a couple of drops of alcohol dropped on a tissue, which should be later put over the zits in order to dry them.

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27. Can I use an exfoliator daily?

Yes, you can. Especially if you have oily skin, you can exfoliate daily to remove the excess oil and the dead cells. In order to avoid irritation and skin redness you should also use high quality scrubs, which clean the face properly or just opt for an exfoliating towel.

28. Is it necessary to remove makeup before workouts at the gym?

This is another quite a popular question among young ladies. It’s natural that each of us wants to look beautiful among strong and sporty guys at the gym and there’s nothing bad about that. But you really shouldn’t overdose with it since you should look naturally beautiful. You may start with a slight and gentle foundation applied over clean and just washed face and follow with a layer of super lightweight translucent powder. Then you may add some waterproof mascara accents on the lashes and some translucent glitter for the lips and there you go with the perfect fitness makeup of yours! In addition, if you know that you have a habit of wiping your face with a towel frequently, then you shouldn’t use shiny cosmetic products because they contain micro details, which may traumatize your skin resulting in the appearance of acne and rash. Also, you should thoroughly wash your face after the workout to clear it up from the oil and the sweat.

29. How can I remove mascara from sensitive eyes avoiding irritation and redness?

First of all if you have sensitive skin around the eyes, waterproof mascara is not the best choice for you. It is way more difficult to be removed than the ordinary options. In addition, you should only use soft products for removing makeup from those areas, being sure that those products are created for sensitive skin. If the mascara is easily removed than some warm water and a couple of soft movements will be enough to gently remove it.

30. Which is the best alternative for removing the hair on arms?

One thing that you should remember for sure is that you should never ever shave them! This might bring to the appearance of ingrown hair and the new hair will be much thicker and darker. There are other effective and cool methods to get rid of hair on arms, which go as follows:
• If you have fair skin and if the hair on the arms is thin, then you may just bleach the unwanted hair, which will momentarily make them invisible.
• If the hair on your arms is thick, then you should probably try depilators. The process is absolutely painless and the results will please you lasting for about a week. As soon as you see that the hair has started growing again just reapply the treatment. After the epilation you should also use a scrub to get rid of the hair that might be stuck in skin. In addition, before passing to the application of the product you need to make an allergy test and avoid the exposure to sunlight after the procedure.
• If you want to enjoy the results of epilation longer, up to four weeks then waxing is what you need. If you are afraid of getting burns you may choose cold waxes and what’s better you may just go to the salons and rely on the professionalism of the specialists. And one more thing that you will have to put up with is that you should leave the hair to grow to up to 2 cm, since for the following application of the procedure at least that much is necessary.

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31. Which is the most effective way of getting rid of the unwanted hair above the lips?

One thing that you should always bear in mind is that shaving makes the hair thicker and harsher, so you should never ever pick this method for getting rid of any type of unwanted hair. As for the unwanted hair above the lips, depilation and waxing are probably the best alternatives. They generally remove the hair with the roots making them softer and thinner. Bleaching upper lip hair is also an option.

32. How to stop the bleeding caused by using a razor?

The quickest way is to put an ice cube to the cut for a couple of minutes and then just apply a bit of antibiotic ointment and a patch to avoid infections. And what’s really important is using special creams for shaving. Apply a fatty cream before the procedure, which will minimize the possibility of cutting the skin than in case of dry hair.

33. What can cause the itching after shaving?

Most probably the problem is the ingrown hair. The body takes them as an infection and starts to produce white blood bodies, which cause itching. In order to prevent itching you need to use creams with salicylic acid or exfoliate the problematic areas with scrubs.

34. Is there anything slowing down the hair growth?

One simple thing that you may try is the range of special creams that are to be applied either during the process of shaving as a type of shaving cream or after the process and more probably daily.

35. How safe and effective is laser epilation?

The technologies, which secure the safe and super effective results after application, have really progressed nowadays. Now you can even find such laser hair removal procedures, which secure the 100% results and stop the hair growth for good. The nature of the work of lasers is quite easy. It destroys the follicles making the growth of the hair practically impossible. It also generally has cooling tools, which sooth the skin, preventing the appearance of burns and scars. What you will feel while doing laser epilation is a slight tickling and tingling throughout a two-hour’s procedure, if you are treating a larger area, such as legs. After the procedure your legs will have slight redness for several hours. In order to have soft and flat legs forever you need to repeat the procedure from three to five times.

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36. How to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair on the bikini zone?

Before passing to the hair removal you should apply an exfoliator and rub it over the bikini zone using a cleanser. You can also use a scrub before the procedure. After shaving or waxing you should also use creams with salicylic or glycolic acids.

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37. What can I do to make hair grow with equal speed after epilation?

Unfortunately there is no universal and “magical’ treatment to make the hair of all the areas grow with equal speed. The only thing that you may do is go for regular waxing after every three or four weeks. This is the time required for the hair to gain enough length.

38. How can I get rid of ingrown hair on the bikini zone?

The main reason of the appearance of ingrown hair is using waxing or shaving on the bikini zone for a long time. In such cases the hair start growing under an angle and loop back not coming out. In order to avoid such problems you should use scrubs and creams to get rid of the dead cells and let the hair grow in the right direction.

Common Hair Care Questions Answered

39. How to get rid of hair dandruff?

Dandruff is one of the most popular and most frustrating problems that we are quite frequently facing. It can be caused by a number of things like dry skin, or the contrary having too oily skin, eczema, psoriasis, hormonal disorders or even fungus overgrowth. The solution is using shampoos with zinc, which has a great anti-bacterial function, as well as ketoconazole, which fights fungus effectively.

40. How come my hair gets oilier when using a shampoo for oily hair?

In fact, what happens most of the times is just the backlash of your organism against the influence of a harsh shampoo. When it totally removes the oil from your hair, your scalp starts producing more oil than usual to secure its protective function. So the opposite of what was expected happens. One good solution for this is using shampoos meant for dry and sensitive hair, which will gently remove the oil and will not trigger the backlash. Only the gentle cleansers and cleaning products may remove the necessary amount of excess oil and regulate the process of oil production.

41. Why does the hair color fade and how can I prevent it?

Nothing lasts forever and you definitely know about it. This is so true of the hair color, which is sure to change its primary beauty in a three weeks’ time after dyeing. Oxidation is one of the most significant reasons for the fading shade, since during this natural process, the oxygen molecules attach themselves to color molecules in the hair and the shade eventually fades. One cool thing you may do is keep your head covered under the sun, not letting it influence the shade. Hard water can also be a stimulating factor for hair color fading since it can leave deposits on hair making it dull. Thus using a quality shampoo with gentle ingredients is quite a good idea.

42. How to find out my hair type and how to take care of that specific hair type?

There are several ways according to which you may find out the concrete hair type of yours and the ways of taking care of them. Here are some of them:
• If your hair doesn’t have shiny texture whenever you’re not using hair care products, then most probably it is just dry and harsh. So the suitable variant for such hair is the range of hydrating shampoos and conditioners.
• If your hair needs for about an hour to dry then most probably you have thin hair. You should use shampoos, which increase the volume and conditioners.
• If your hair needs more than an hour to dry then you must have thick hair and you need to use sprays, which prevent tangling.

43. What to do if I trim my hair once in every six weeks but it has split ends all the same?

Most probably it’s because you use hair styling products and treatments too often, especially if you have thin and weak hair. In that case you need to moisturize your hair regularly. First of all you should apply a conditioner every time you wash your hair, being sure that the latter contains Echinacea or keratin. Those are additives that fight split hair ends. After a slight drying you just need to apply the conditioner to the hair with a towel to secure the protection of the hair when you go on using the hair styling treatments like blow-drying. Still, it’s recommended to dry the hair in the middle, but not the ends. Such hair styling tools as flat iron should be categorically avoided or at least practiced once a week.

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44. How to revitalize the hair after a rest on the seaside?

In order to bring back the healthy glow and the good look of your hair after a rest on the beach you will need a complex of revitalizing procedures. You thus need to mix some soothing conditioner with menthol oil preferably and add some shampoo that’s suitable for your hair type to that mixture. This mixture should be used daily for washing the hair with, after which it will regain its natural and beautiful looks.

45. Shall I trim the split ends of hair?

Yes, definitely. If you wait for more than five weeks, then you risk having longer splits on the hair ends, which will in their turn require deeper cuts. If you are growing hair then you should ask your hair stylist to cut off minimum of the length possible. In between the cuts you will also need to keep the hair toned and take care of it moisturizing regularly with a conditioner and using hair masks preferably once a week. For daily use you need to pick shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair. And one more thing to keep in mind is that you should never use a comb with plastic teeth. Instead, you may use options with wooden teeth. If you dry your hair with a towel then you should do that maximum carefully. On the other hand, if you blow-dry your hair, then you should use a soft and cool regime for drying.

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46. Can I use a moisturizing conditioner every day?

And the answer is not really. Especially if you’re using a strong conditioner, which has a number of powerful components, which improve the penetration of the useful elements into hair, you should know that those vitamins generally reach only the outer layers of the hair and they are capable of gifting your hair with temporary improvements only not being suitable for regular use. You shouldn’t thus use such products more frequently than once a week. Still, if you think that your hair needs some serious treatments, then you should use a strong conditioner for three days continuously, and then replace it with a conditioner for daily use.

47. In the morning my hair looks terrible. How can I avoid that?

The key is taking care of hair and following whether it is in a good condition or not all the time. Especially before going to bed you need to be sure that there is no residue of spray or gel on your hair. Make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner daily, also using a soft shampoo in order to avoid tangling. As for the time before going to bed, you need to use a conditioner that’s meant for dry hair concentrating on the nape, since this is the part, which sweats the quickest and most of the times it’s there that the tangles are formed. You should also be sure to have the linen made of natural fibers like cotton or flax, which will also help you to prevent hair tangling more than when sleeping in synthetic alternatives.

48. How to straighten wavy hair correctly?

Of course, the easiest way is using flat irons. After washing the hair you need to dry it lightly and apply a protective product further just straightening it using an iron. It’s said that hair irons are very harmful for hair, but if you manage to use them correctly you will really enjoy all the benefits that they present. In addition when using flat irons you close up the flakes of the hair, due to which your hairstyle looks neater.

49. Is it true that hair grows only up to a certain length?

Yes, it is true. For some people it’s really easy to grow hair up to the hips, while for others it’s a matter of years to get the hair to the level of the shoulders. So if you have been trying to grow long hair, but haven’t had any success then you’d better just grow it up.

50. How to gift a hairstyle with volume?

After drying the hair you should move your head down and apply a bit of hair spray for volume to the roots. Then hold that position for some 30 seconds and let the spray get fixed there. Afterwards you just need to put your head back up and style the hair with hands.

51. How to straighten thick bangs?

The best solution is applying a bit of hair spray to the brush you’re using and brushing your bangs with it. Afterwards you will have it laid down gently and nicely.

52. Shall I use moisturizing oil for hair if it has split and damaged ends?

Of course, yes! It will help to revitalize the hair and bring back the necessary level of its natural moisture. Most of the strong conditioners contain proteins and when used frequently, this element might make your hair weaker than usual, but the oils for hair contain only natural extracts and that’s why they just can’t harm your hair in any way. So you need to apply a bit of those oils to your fingers and go through your hair not touching the scalp. Afterwards you should dry your hair with a dryer since the warm air will open up the flakes of the hair and thus contribute to the absorption of the oils. After the procedure you need to wash your hair.

53. How to take care of hair in winter?

The cold winter air takes away all of the moisture from the hair and makes it drier and weaker as never. So before this happens you need to apply some styling cream to the ends of your hair, which will help to preserve the necessary level of moisture inside the hair. One more thing that you may try out is making a mixture using the following ingredients:
• ¬¨¬®¬¨‚à´ cup of vodka
• 2 tbsp. of apple juice
• 2 tbsp. of apple vinegar
• 1 tbsp. of lemon or orange juice
These components need to be mixed well and filled into a spray with a little bit of water and then applied to the hair. Afterwards the hair should be washed with cool water and treated with a shampoo and balms. In addition, you may also start using procedures with warm oils, for instance, making a burdock oil mask once a week, which will help strengthen the hair and gift it with an alluring shine and soft velvety texture.

54. Shall I use a big or a small brush when dyeing hair at home?

The smaller your brush is, the better and the more scrupulously you’ll be able to dye your hair. On the other hand, if you want to dye your hair more evenly, then you can use a bigger brush. So if you have been using a brush for quite a while, you’d better change it and buy a new one the size of which will depend on the methods and the techniques you’re going to use. You shouldn’t really use a brush for a too long time, since old harsh brushes might traumatize your hair even more.

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55. How to avoid dyeing my forehead accidentally, when I dye my hair?

There is a very simple solution to that question. You should just use a lip balm or a lipstick or just a layer of hair mask with just one mm along the hairline in order to get them block the dyeing product and not let it penetrate into the skin.

56. How to gift the hair with a natural and saturated shine?

All you need for this is to get a little bit of any styling product or a light cream that needs to be applied to the fingers, rubbed in between them and applied evenly to the whole length of the hair excluding the roots. The main glow will be concentrated on the outer locks, which will reflect the sunlight and will look visually more voluminous and well-groomed. The only thing you need to do is find a treatment, which will not make the hair heavier like sprays, for instance. Those products should not make the hair lose the light feel it has. If you have dry hair then you should use products, which have the extract of avocado. The avocado oil contains vitamins and proteins, which are capable of gifting your hair with the necessary shine you want. You may also use a mask of avocado oil taking one avocado, 2-3 tbsp. of olive oil, and the mash of one banana and whipping everything together. Apply the hair mask, keeping it on for 10 minutes. Afterwards you just need to wash your head with a shampoo and a conditioner and that’s it.

57. What’s the difference between a gel for hair and a fixing lotion?

The main difference lies in the formula. Gels generally contain alcohol and are used for styling hair of medium and high complexity. They are perfect for shows, when some unusual hair styling types are required. As for the fixing lotions, they are more natural fixators resembling creams with their consistency. They also often contain strengthening oil and wood extracts. They are alcohol-free and that’s why they are necessary to keep the hairstyle soft and smooth, also gifting the hair with a natural look after the application.

58. How to make naturally curly hair keep the hairdo throughout the day?

The girls having naturally curly hair might have noticed that the more they touch their hair, the quicker the ‘do gets spoiled. So touching the hair as little as possible is one of the primary conditions for keeping the hairstyle for a long time. In addition, they should also start the morning with washing the hair with a moisturizing shampoo for daily use and follow with using a conditioner. Afterwards to make the hair styled properly and not just go to different directions unorderly they should use fixing gels for curly hair, which should be applied with a thin layer from the roots to the tips of the hair. Then the hair should dry itself and the only thing that’s left is gently combing it to have a beautiful and romantic look. If the hair starts getting curlier during the day, it’s a good idea to use some water applied with a spray. Slightly fix the hair with a moisturizing cream.

59. How to choose a hair dryer correctly?

To have absolutely flawless and stunning hairstyle is quite easy if you choose the tools and the products correctly. Thus you just need to focus on the right choice, for instance being sure that the power of the hair dryer you’re picking is at least 1600 watt, which is the optimal power for it. Further, you should pick a plastic option, since the metallic alternatives are heavier and the metallic parts may get hot and burn your fingers. Looking for alternatives with a long tube is also a good idea because it will channel the flow of the air right there where you need it. So you will need two basic heat regimes being hot and cold. The former dries the hair and lets you style it, while the second helps to make the hair smoother and softer closing the flakes.

60. Can I make a ponytail every day?

This is really one of the most beautiful hairstyles ever, but gathering the hair into a tightly fastened ponytail is definitely not the best thing that you might do to your hair. First of all using elastics you should always focus on those options, which are covered with silk or other soft fabrics excluding the metallic elements. Additionally, you should also be sure to avoid plastic alternatives, which may ring to tangles. In addition, you should also use some protective sprays, which will make the hair smoother and softer.

61. How to style tangling hair and make it more obedient?

First of all you need to have your hair trimmed a bit to get rid of the split ends. Most probably it’s those ends that cause tangles and don’t let the hair stay as it should. If this doesn’t work you may also try to find out whether it has some connection with the styling products, which might have stayed in between the strands. In order to clean the hair thoroughly and to make it smoother you should use detangling shampoos once a week instead of the regular shampoo you’re using. The cause for tangling can also be the dehydrated condition of the hair so a course of therapy to revitalize the health of your hair will help considerably. You may also make a course of treatments at home using hot nourishing creams. Generally such vitamin complexes contain burdock oil, which can also be used separately.

62. How to refresh the hair after a workout in the gym without washing the hair?

If you don’t have the chance to wash your hair after the exercises you may try out some other methods to refresh it until you get home. For instance, you may dry your hair slightly with a hair drier if you have straight hair. Then you just need to rub a few drops of a weak fixator on your fingers and comb through your hair using your hands. If wet effect is what you would also like to have, then you can pull your head down and go through the hair with a little bit of mousse with volume increasing formula and function. If you have curly hair, then you just need to spray some water over your hair and tease the locks with fingers.

63. Shall I wash my hair every day?

If you don’t work in a place where your hair gets dirty every day, then you shouldn’t absolutely wash your hair daily. You should only wash your hair when it is dirty. In addition, to keep your hair clean longer you should comb it every evening. Don’t go to bed with tight elastics on or with pins in the hair. When taking shower in the morning you should wear a cap necessarily. Then you may use special creams for absorbing the excess fats and letting the hair look fresh like it is right out from under the shower.

64. How far should the hair drier be kept from the hair?

When a stylist is styling your hair with a hair drier the angle of application is safe for any distance because due to the proper angle the hot air will not harm your hair. Still, doing the same at home on your own is practically impossible, that’s why the safe distance from the hair is about 10-12 cm. Before styling your hair you should apply a protective spray or other product, which will prevent the hair form damaging. Still, if you feel that the hot air is burning the skin of your scalp, you may ask your stylist to dry your hair with cold air. Pick the optimal temperature that suits you and master the know-hows for the best results!

65. How to take care of oily hair with oily scalp?

The very first thing that you should do is using special shampoos, which are meant for oily hair. Such shampoos need to be used daily for a week. Afterwards you need to make a pause and not wash the hair for two days. Then restart washing the hair every other day. If you notice that your hair has started to get dirtier really quickly, then you need to repeat the week’s course. Gently washing the shampoo from the hair is another thing that you should remember if you have oily hair and scalp. In addition, you shouldn’t apply the conditioner to the whole length of the hair but focus on the tips only.

Common Makeup Questions Answered

66. How to do easy smokey eye makeup?

Many ladies are probably looking for an easy way to get a perfect and professional smokey eye makeup at the same time not spending too much time and efforts on it and well, this is one of the popular questions we would like to speak about. So to do smokey eye makeup easily you just need to blend three tones together. The essence of smokey eye is the color play of shades, the borders of which are not clearly seen or are not seen at all, better to say. Thus all you need to do is to pick a darker solid color for covering the upper lid thoroughly, further taking a lighter tone like light beige or cream to create some contrast right below the brow line and finally some brown or beige tone necessarily some two tones darker than your skin tone to be situated between the solid dark and the light tones. Finally, you just need to blend all the shades together using a blending brush and there you go with the ideal smokey eye look of yours!

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67. How to make a natural look with a blush?

This is the next popular question we may discuss and yes, you might have been wondering about this question too. So there we go with the answer. In order to make your blush look natural on your face you need to take any buffer brush and just dip it into the foundation you’re using. Blending the foundation with the blush will give you a chance to create a super natural and cool look with just a single brushstroke!

68. What’s the right order I should follow when applying makeup?

Well, well. That’s a pretty popular question too. Besides knowing the correct order of the products that should be applied, you should also know what part of the face to start from and what to leave for the end. The first step is securing a perfect makeup base, which is applying the foundation. Then we recommend starting with the eyes, which will give you the chance to avoid redoing the rest of the makeup just because a bit of the shadow just fell on your cheeks! So after eyes come the highlights of the cheeks and the lips go last, but least.

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69. How to make my brows look natural when using a liner?

Brows are of course an important part of your makeup and if you fail to accentuate them properly you will risk running the whole effect! So in order to have perfectly outlines brows when filling in your eyebrows one thing you need to keep in mind like a golden rule is that you should never ever use a black liner! This will only make things worse abolishing all the chances of getting a natural look. Instead, you just need to use a brown shade, one tone lighter than the tone of your brows. Using a thin angled brush is another key you should know about.

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70. How to make makeup last longer?

Yes, we know what you feel when the result of an hour’s work disappears right after the party’s started. It does feel frustrating. Still, in order to get your makeup last longer you need to simply use a primer! You might think that this won’t work, but believe us it will! Primer should be applied both before the foundation and before the eye shadow. This magical trick will provide you with a proper background for your makeup, which will stick to your face and will last as long as necessary.

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71. Is It right lining the entire lid or just the outer corners?

Actually, there is no definite answer to this question. What you should take into account is just the occasion you’re planning to attend. For casual everyday looks, there is no necessity to outline the whole length of the eye, which will create a dramatic evening look instead of a natural causal accent. Still, if you want to have a catchy and gorgeous evening look, the small accents on the corners of the eyes won’t be enough for that. Thus just pick the right option for the right occasion and you will really be impeccable. One small secret you should remember for any case is that you should smudge the line upwards to visually lift the corners of the eyes and apply the liner as close to the lash line as possible to visually thicken the eyelashes. For a sharper and a more long-lasting effect you may use liquid eyeliner, which will work absolute brilliantly for the correct accents. Still, a pencil liner will do the job excellently too.

72. Should the shade of the lip liner match the tone of the lipstick?

Well, in most of the cases it really should. Besides the fact that it just looks gorgeous and natural, those outlines with the identical tone as the lipstick represent a perfect way to define the lip shape and to gift it with super effective and cool accents. So you need to start with the outlines done with a lip pencil both outlining and preparing a long-lasting base for the shade. The matching tone of the lipstick thus comes next and enters into a wonderful shade play with the liner. You can also use a gloss for the same effect. Still if you would like to preserve the lighter tone of the lipstick you may also use flesh-toned outlines, which will naturally accentuate the lines of the lips and will not affect the shade.

73. Does concealer go over or under the foundation?

Another eternal question that you probably have about makeup is the accordance of application of the concealer and the foundation for having the most suitable results. Generally speaking it’s the foundation that should go first. This is especially effective if you want to conceal a zit. For that you should apply the foundation and then cover the red spots with the proper foundation. But still, when it comes to areas like the circles around the eyes, you should only use a concealer applying it either with the fingers or a synthetic brush excluding foundation for those areas.

74. Should the blush go on the cheeks or under the cheekbones?

This is again an ‘it-depends’ type of a question. In fact the most essential thing here is not what the correct way is, but what the aim and the destination are. If you would like to have a healthy and glowing look for the day then putting the accents on the cheeks is what you need to do. For that just start with the edges of the cheek lines going to the central part reaching the chubbiest parts and blending outwards in order to focus the intense shade concentration at the apples. As for the cheekbone accents, they are ideal for the evening, when a more dramatic look is needed. You should in this case accentuate the top of the cheekbones and not the areas under them. Using a cream formula and blending well enough for the shade to have faded edges will secure the perfect effect. In addition, it’s a good idea learning how to apply a blush according to your face shape for the most perfect outcome!

75. Is it necessary to use sunscreen even along with makeup?

Another ‘it-depends’ is on its way right now! So it all depends on the type of makeup you’re using. If it’s heavy enough you may not use sunscreen. Saying heavy we mean securing not less than 15 SPF. But if it’s not, then you also need a layer of sunscreen over it. And one more thing you need to know about this is that the SPF of separate makeup products are not totaled to one number, if you want to find out the real number of SPF you’re getting. So if your foundation has 10 SPF no matter whether your powder has 8 or 9, you will have 10 SPF. When using makeup instead of sunscreen you should also reapply your makeup regularly, since sunlight degrades it all in a couple of hours. If you want to avoid this you may use some mineral powders or mineral veils, which will last longer and will not create any extra visual effects when being applied over makeup.

76. How to choose the correct bronzing powder?

The choice of every makeup product is essential for the successful and beautiful outcomes, and the bronzing powder is not an exception. The key to pick the correct tone of bronzing powder is picking two or three tones deeper than the natural skin tone, for instance, picking some peachy hues for fair skin, while golden tones will look perfect for olive skin and a rich bronze with orange or apricot undertones will make the perfect pair with darker skin. Using a fluffy powder blush is another thing you should take into account, applying the powder along the hairline, the bridge of the nose, and the sides of the cheeks, not on the whole face, since you will create a muddy effect that way.

77. How to make the eyeliner resistant to smearing?

First of all you need to buy such a formula, which is waterproof and smearing-resistant by nature. On more thing you need to remember is that the eyeliner generally smears when meeting oil on the skin. Thus to prevent this from happening you should dab an eyeshadow brush into pressed powder and apply this mixture along the whole lash line to prepare a base for the application of the eyeliner and to prevent smudging. This way you will take the possibility of oils being there to minimum preventing the smudging of eyeliner successfully. One more thing is applying powder right before mascara to prevent the lashes getting cakey.

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78. How to get the foundation last longer and not rub off?

Foundation stains on clothes is quite a popular and annoying problem and of course you might be wondering about how to avoid that more than once. The key is starting with a primer and then securely blending in the foundation thoroughly. Then you may just finish up with a translucent powder to get the ideal surface and to prevent rubbing off.

79. How can I fix my extremely rounded face using makeup?

What you actually need to know is that there are two main methods of making a rounded face more attractive. The first is highlighting the cheekbones and lowlighting the cheeks using the bronzing powders and blushes, thus applying a bit of the bronzing powder to the cheekbones and pulling the cheeks further applying the blush to the dimples that will have formed as a result. The correct use of these two tones will create the desired effect. Alternatively, you may also use your hair, going for a choppy and multi-level cut. This will visually make the face narrower.

80. How to make the face visually smaller with the help of makeup?

The first thing is again pulling the cheekbones up. When you get the dimples apply a thin layer of bronzing powder to those dimples and add a bit of blush to the cheekbones. The last touch of your makeup is removing the surplus of makeup with a big brush to make the face visually smaller. In addition, if you want to make your chin smaller you should use a thin layer of powder, which is a tone darker than the natural shade of your skin. Still, if you go wrong with the shade you will risk making it look even bigger. So for the beginning you need to soak the brush into the powder, slightly shake it off and start applying the powder underneath the chin and further by the neck creating the illusion of a shadow and making the area less noticeable. One more thing you may do is accentuating the part of the face, which you think is the most beautiful. For instance, if you have attractive eyes, then you should accentuate them more than usual to deviate the attention from the chin.

81. How to hide a hickey?

Yes, hickey is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing problems that you sometimes happen to face. So in order to figure out how to get rid of it you should find out its nature. So it’s just a bruise that forms when someone kisses you too strongly. As a result there opens a gap between the vessels situated under the skin and the area gets red and sometimes bluish. Hickeys generally pass in a week, but you can speed up the process using creams containing vitamin K. It narrows the vessels and reduces the redness. At the same time you may also conceal the hickey using a compact powder. It’s a good idea to buy a powder, which has a lighter tone than you usually use since the neck is generally paler than the face.

82. Shall I change the color of my brows if I changed the color of my hair to blonde?

If you pick an identical shade for your hair and your brows, then you won’t like the results for sure. If you want to change the tone of your brows you should use a slightly lighter tone, which will look perfect even if you are a platinum blonde now. Otherwise you will not like the changes on your face. In order to gift your brows with a more natural look you can also use brown mascara for the lashes and a gel for brows.

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83. I’ve plucked my brows too thin and now they almost don’t grow. How can I make my eyebrows grow again?

First of all stop plucking your brows for a while. Then you should use special pencils and shadows for brows to correct their form. For the beginning you should accentuate the form of the brows using a pencil, which is corresponding to the shade of your hair. So you need to draw a line, which starts slightly above the inner corner of the eye and goes towards the center of the iris further going down. As soon as you outline the brow with a pencil you need to take a harsh brush and apple the layer of shadows over the areas marked. This is necessary to create the soft effect of natural brows. Finally, you need to use special balms to increase the speed of the growth of the brows. They will grow in about a couple of weeks’ time. And you really need to be careful when fixing the shape of the brows next time, more preferably leaving that to the specialists.

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84. Is there a way to apply the mascara on the lower lashes without leaving blurry stains under the eyes?

Certainly there is an answer to this question too. All you need to do is to apply a bit of powder on the areas under the eyes to remove the excess oil because of which the mascara might leak and then apply the latter. You may also use waterproof mascara, which will stick to the lashes despite the outer conditions.

85. How can I visually make the eyes bigger?

The key is to use mascara with a curling effect. When the lashes curl up the eyes seem bigger. Then you should also use a beige or white eyeliner for the lower lid and translucent of light shadows with shimmery effect, which in its turn will help to make the look shinier and more open. Always keep in mind that with makeup you can not only make your eyes look bigger, but also change the forms of your face and put the focus on your best features, hiding small flaws.

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86. When can I use cream-like eye shadows and when the solid ones?

The solid alternatives are suitable for such cases when you want to create some color plays with different tones of shadows. For instance, if you want to apply three different tones on the eyelid and if you want to accentuate the different parts of the eyelid and the areas below the brow then you can do that with the help of the above mentioned eye shadow options. Still, if you want to use just one tone you may use the cream shadows, which have quite a strong shimmer and they are steadier than the solid options. In order to get those eyeshadows last maximum long you need to start the application of makeup products with a non-fatty primer with the help of which you’ll prepare a base for the shadow.

87. How to use the colorful eyeliners correctly?

The key here is to pick the right combinations of tones for this or that occasion and shade of eyes. You may thus try to use shimmery eyeliners, the glow of which will nicely accompany the colorful tones and will create very effective results. In addition, you may also try the technique of contrasting, picking contrasting tones for the shade of your eyes, for instance, choosing green tones for brown eyes or plum shades for blue eyes, leaving the bluish shades for the brownish eyes.

88. What can I do about my too short and thin eyelashes?

You may try to use lengthening mascara, which contains micro-fibers enabling you to have the lengthening effect. Also, you may try to take care of them properly to make your eyelashes grow naturally, regularly using olive oil, which will make them shiny and healthier.

89. How should I apply the foundation correctly?

First of all you need to find the correct foundation shade and type for your skin. Thus for oily skin you should use a foundation cream joint with powder or just pick the creams with matte texture to hide the oily shimmer of the skin. As for dry skin types, we would recommend using such creams, which may prevent flaking. Further, you should know how to apply the cream bearing in mind that the middle finger is the best “tool’ that may secure the ideal and soft application of the product. On the other hand, speaking about the general rules regarding applying foundation, keep in mind that liquid foundation should be applied either with a foundation brush or a sponge for a long-lasting and uniform effect!

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90. Why isn’t it recommended using lip-gloss during a vacation to the seaside?

Believe it or not but using a lip-gloss on the beach may bring to burns on the lips! Despite the fact that glosses are ideal for their moisturizing effect, they are also really dangerous because of their capability to attract and pass ultraviolet rays, the penetration of which may result in serious injuries. This is especially true of the translucent glosses, since those having some color pigments somehow manage to hold the UV rays. In order to create a beautiful makeup with them you need to apply some lip pencil along the borders of the lips preferably taking bodily shades and just filling the free areas with the gloss.

91. How to use the lip pencil to gift the lips with the necessary shape and at the same time avoid the clearly noticeable contouring?

You need to start with shaping the lips with a pencil, and then pass to filling the free areas with the same pencil before passing to the application of the rest of the products like lipstick or lip gloss. The reason for this is that the lip-gloss and the lipstick disappear more quickly than the pencil and if only using it for outlining, you might have those outlines visible when the rest is gone. But when you fill the whole texture you will gently avoid that.

92. Is it true that for a bright red classy dress only super-hot red lipstick is recommended?

When it refers to dark red dresses, the best alternative for the lips is the range of shades like the neutral plum or brownish lipstick. On the other hand, using bright red lipstick you risk looking provocative. Instead you may just use a lip-gloss with a ruby shade.

93. How can I remove the stains of lipstick quickly?

The quickest way to get the work done is using a simply product for removing makeup, which does not contain oils. The stains should disappear right away without any extra efforts. The technique of application is quite easy too. You just need to apply a little bit of the product on a wet wand and gently remove the stains along the lip line. If there are no oils among the ingredients the stains won’t get lost so easily. In addition, you may also try to use some foundation or a concealer trying to remove as much of the lipstick as possible.

94. How to hide Herpes from lips?

First of all you need to process the Herpes with a protective cream with Vaseline, or just try the special creams for curing Herpes. Afterwards when the application of the treatment is over you may also use a little bit of concealer thus securing that the cosmetic products you use stick to the other side and not the wounded skin.

Common Nail Care Questions Answered

95. How can I strengthen may nails?

The key is securing the intake of the necessary vitamins and micro-elements. For instance, you really need to be attentive about increasing the intake of biotin, which is found with quite lavish proportions in almond, dark greens, and eggs. In addition, you can also experiment with applying salve or cuticle oil over the whole area of the nails right before going to bed. This way you will secure the proper hydration of the nails and prepare a base for strengthening them.

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96. How to make the manicure last longer?

One more essential question you might be wondering is finding a way to make the manicure last longer. Well, for doing that you first of all need to know how to apply it. Your nails should be filed properly and smoothly to exclude all the chips and the rough edges. A glass file will do here quite effectively. In order to get rid of the hangnails you should also use cuticle nippers and follow with an alcohol-based product to get rid of the oils found on the nail plate. Further you just need to apply two coats of nail color being sure to paint the free edges of the nails to prevent them from chipping and finish off with a top coat. This will secure quite a long-lasting effect.

97. Why do white dots appear on the finger nails?

Many people believe that those white dots are caused by calcium deficiency. But this is one of the myths existing about nails. Actually, those dots are a result of micro injuries, which you don’t even realize having. In order to prevent this you just need to be more careful and use treatments, which strengthen the nails.

98. How should I take care of the cuts on the cuticles?

First of all you should moisten a tissue in water with sea salt and rub it over the cut to remove any bacteria having got there. Then you just need to wash the cut with warm water and put a patch. It’s recommended to repeat the procedure several times during the day until the cut recovers. In order to prevent the appearance of such cuts you should use softening creams before passing to any procedures with cuticles.

99. When I remove the coat from my nails they acquire an unpleasant yellowish tone. How can I prevent the yellowish tone on my nails?

The red, bordeaux and brown nail lacquers contain dark pigments, which leave that yellowish coloring on your nails especially if you don’t use a primer. In order to prevent that and remove the coloring you may add three drops of hydrogen peroxide to water taken with the third of a cup and keep the fingertips in that solution for two minutes. Then you should put your fingers in the solution of toothpaste and polish the nails with it. Further you may massage your cuticles and nails with a cream for nails containing vitamin E, wait for a couple of minutes and remove the cream using the products for removing lacquers not containing acetone. As for preventing that coloring, the best way is using a primer.

100. How to make nail polish dry faster?

A quality lacquer takes some five minutes to dry. Still, if for some reasons your lacquer dries longer the reason might be that you do not apply it correctly. The first rule of applying a nail lacquer is that it should be applied with as thin layer as possible. You need to apply two coats of a lacquer and cover it with a translucent one and quickly drying top coat. You may apply a light coat with only one layer, while the darker ones should be better applied twice. What you should remember in any case is that two thin coats dry quicker than one thick coat.

101. What can I do if the daily moisturizing creams do not help me have soft and smooth skin on hands?

If your moisturizing creams don’t help, this means that your skin is too dry for them. And the reason is probably there are too many dead cells on your skin which do not let the creams penetrate into the skin. So what you should do in this case is quality exfoliation. For that you should use scrubs containing acids like alpha-hydroxide, beta-hydroxide, and glycolic acids. Their existence enables the scrub to clean the skin softly and effectively also giving you the chance to use the creams you like daily. After 10 days of repetitive procedures your hands will become soft and smooth.

102. How to take care of the cuticles?

Some people think that cutting the cuticles is the best way to make the nails look neat and beautiful. But they should really be careful since one incorrect movement may cause cuts and infections. For safer alternatives you may just soften them or use special stick for removing the cuticles using them only when your hands are dry. Further just make a massage with special creams for cuticles containing alpha-hydroxide acids. They will make your skin softer and smoother.

103. Why do black spots appear on my toenails?

Those bluish black spots are a result of stagnated blood. They appear because of wearing too tight shoes. Those are under skin injuries, which may cause really serious consequences if not treated properly. They may even result in the fall of the nail. But there’s no need to get into panic since the nail will grow back in 6-9 weeks. What you should do to prevent that is using wider and comfier shoes in the future.

104. How to make the nails stronger?

This is a very time and effort-consuming process. First of all you should cut off the thin nails daily for about a month to make them strong enough. Further you also need to file them with a nail file twice a week to make the edges smooth. Using baths with natural antiseptics and warm water is also good, for instance, using the oil of tea tree. After those baths you need to apply creams containing active ingredients like vitamin A, C, D, and E. After some weeks your nails will become stronger.

Common Perfume Questions Answered

105. Can perfume spoil the jewelry?

Synthetic ingredients and chemicals, which exist in most of the perfumery, are capable of dimming the shine of pearls, diamonds, and precious gems. Silver can be spoiled because of them too. Golden pieces will not react to those elements, though. That’s why be sure to use the perfume and let it get absorbed before wearing the jewelry.

106. What can I do if I have perfume allergy?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much that you may do in this case since nothing can actually help you get rid of such allergies. The only thing you can do is apply the perfume with the French way, i.e. making a small cloud of perfume in the air spraying some of the perfume into the air and just standing under that cloud. Otherwise you may also use solid crystal formula, which is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

107. Is it safe to apply perfume to the intimate areas of the body?

Actually, it’s not dangerous but you should bear in mind that most of the fragrances have an alcohol base, which may cause irritation and may make those areas drier. So you’d better use alcohol-free perfume for such cases.

108. Most of the scents of rose smell old-fashioned. How can I pick a good alternative for a rose scent?

The trick is to find a good combination of the scent of rose and some other ingredient. For instance, you may try the notes of Orris, which is the extract of iris or the amber coumarin along with the notes of rose to get a sweet vintage scent. For modern fragrance variants you may pick such options where the scent of roses doesn’t just accompany the rest but is the only dominant note or is complemented with earthy notes like galbanum.

109. How to avoid using too much perfume for one application?

Many people get used to a single scent when using it for a too long period of time, as a result of which they stop feeling that particular scent and thus can’t figure out the correct amount of perfume that should be used. So if you feel that anyone around you whom you know well uses too much of perfume, just present that person with a bottle of new scent!

110. Will I feel the notes of two fragrances if I mix them?

You will, only in case you combine two appropriate notes like fruit scents. This will allow you to enjoy the scents of both options and they will not contradict each other.

111. How can I make the scent of my perfume last longer?

Before applying the perfume you may use oils or lotions with the same scent or take showers with gels smelling the same way as your perfume. This way the smell of your perfume will last way longer than usual.

Other Common Beauty Questions Answered

112. Will toothpaste help reduce coffee stains on teeth?

If you can’t live without coffee but at the same time you are frustrated because of the coffee stains left on your teeth, we think we might help you. You just need to find toothpastes that contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, which are the basic ingredients of the products that dentists use to whiten the teeth of the patients. Rinsing your mouth with water after drinking a cup of your fave coffee will also be a great help for you.

113. How to make the décolleté look great for a low-cut dress?

The very first thing that you need to start out with is gently exfoliating the area with a moisturizing body scrub and following with a slightly shimmery lotion. Afterwards you will also need to dab some cream highlighter over the top of the breasts and finish all off with a bit of bronzing powder dusted in the center of the chest. The key is gently layering the shade blending it well enough to have natural accents.

114. How can I remove the false eyelashes easily?

If you want to remove the false eyelashes yourself then first of all you need to rinse them with warm water and then put a towel on them previously moistened on olive oil. The oil will neutralize the glue and the lashes will be easily removed.

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115. How can I perfect the skin on my back before wearing a low cut dress on the back or a backless dress?

Scrubs and exfoliators are the very first thing you need to use. The back is quite an inaccessible area that’s why you need to ask someone to help you with that. Otherwise you will need to buy a brush with a long handle. In order to add some golden shimmer to your back you may use a bit of self-tan.

116. I notice small and thin vessels on the sides of my nose. What can I do about that?

This might be caused by the influence of the sun. The UV rays irritate the blood vessels and weaken the surface of the skin making the vessels more visible. You may go for laser treatments, which will make the vessels smaller and later you may hide them with a concealer.

117. I can’t wear a headband since I have headaches because of that. What can that be caused with?

If you feel discomfort because of the pressure of the headband, most probably this means that the pressure goes right on the sensitive points of behind the ears. The solution is picking headbands, which will not tight up those areas so strongly or just use elastic headbands.

118. I perspire too much. What can I do about that?

You should try to use a deodorant before going to bed. Staying on the skin the whole night it will work more actively the next day. And when you take a shower apply the deodorant once more and put on any apparel you like! If you perspire intensively even during winter months, this might mean that you have condition called hyperhidrosis. You should pass tests and figure out the concrete reason for that, also using special endothermic deodorants if necessary.

119. How can I get rid of the dark spots, which remain in the place of the callus?

The dark spots remaining there mean that the layers of the skin are still injured and that they are recovering. Still, you shouldn’t worry about that because the spots that you notice will fade away shortly. You may, of course, speed up the process using creams with 1% of hydrocortisone. You should apply those creams daily before going to bed. The results will be visible in two three months. In addition, to have even quicker results you may ask your dermatologist to prescribe you hydroquinone for lightening the dark spot, hydrocortisone for reducing the swelling, and Retin-A or Renova to speed up the creation of new cells. Mixing all the ingredients you will be able to achieve the desired results in six weeks. If you need to go somewhere and don’t want those spots to be visible you may just hide them with a concealer.

120. What causes the unpleasant smell from the mouth in the morning?

Bacteria multiply actively in your mouth while you’re sleeping. During the day we swallow often and this doesn’t let them multiply intensively. In order to reduce the unpleasant feel in the morning you should clean your teeth right before going to bed, which will not give the bacteria a chance to multiply so intensively. Don’t forget to clean your tongue too, since it’s one of the “richest’ areas.

121. I don’t want to take a lot of cosmetics with me. How can I take the number of products I take to minimum?

The key is to use multifunctional cosmetics. You may buy a shampoo, which is also a gel for shower and a shaving cream. Picking aromatized lotions for body you may substitute your perfume, cream, and even hair spray if you manage to apply a bit of it to your fingers and move them through your hair gently. Finally, instead of a pack of shadows, lipsticks, and glosses, you may take a universal “stick’, which you may use as shadows, lipsticks, and even blushes.

122. My eyes get red very often. What can I do to fix that?

First of all you need to make sure that you get enough sleep, i.e. at least 7 hours a day. If something troubles your eyes you should use eye drops to remove the irritation. If you still don’t notice any improvements during the following hours then you should try eye drops with naphazoline and pheniramine, which will narrow the blood vessels and remove the redness. If still this doesn’t work, then you should consult a doctor. As for makeup, you should avoid pastel and light tones, since they will only make things worse.

123. How can I whiten my teeth quickly?

You should know that it’s the drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine that cause the grayish and yellowish coloring of the teeth. So there are a number of methods with the help of which you may whiten your teeth. First of all you may try to use whitening toothpaste with baking soda, fluoride, and ferments, which fight the darkening of the enamel. Wash your teeth with it twice a day. After a couple of days you should notice the difference. If you need quicker treatments then you may visit a dentist and just whiten your teeth there. The results depend on the level of the darkening of your teeth. If it’s been quite a while that your teeth have lost the whiteness and healthy looks then you should take serious measures using laser, and chemical whitening.

Thus, here was the comprehensive beauty FAQ we would like to introduce to your attention, hoping that you will find the answers to your questions here. Look through the sections and discover all the tips and tricks that will help you to look beautiful and stunning all the time. And what you should bear in mind in any case is that your willingness to be perfect will eventually lead to it. The most important thing is to be persistent and aim-oriented and of course willing to learn and try out new things. So don’t be scared of changes and experiments and continue your climb to perfection with confidence and grace! In case you still have beauty questions that we haven’t covered here, feel free to comment below and we’ll surely try to help you!

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