7 DIY Hair Masks for Split Hair Ends

7 DIY Hair Masks for Split Hair Ends

Split hair ends are one of the most widespread problems that most ladies constantly deal with. And, of course, there are a lot of effective treatments that you try out in case you want to get rid of split ends. To ease your task, here we introduce 7 basic DIY hair masks for split hair ends that you may try out at home and enjoy the benefits without visiting beauty salons and spending considerable amount of money.

7 DIY Hair Masks for Split Hair Ends

Main Reasons of the Appearance of Split Hair Ends

First of all we need to find out the main reasons of the appearance of split hair ends in order to be able to prevent the further repetition of this problem after getting rid of it. So the primary causes of split hair ends are:

• Frequent use of hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc.

• Overdosing with styling products

• Harsh, sea, or chlorinated water

• Not careful brushing

• Frequent hairdos with teasing

• Constant exposure to sunlight with minimal moisture

• Too long hair with not enough of vitamins consumed and overall weakness of organism

Basic Recipes for Removing Split Hair Ends

Recipe No. 1: Shea Butter Mask for Split Hair Ends

The first recipe is one of the most widespread and popular options of treating split hair ends. It’s advised to keep the bottle where you’ll store the mask and to have your hands dry and clean when applying it on your hair.

You need to take 6 tbsp. of Shea butter and 3 tbsp. of jojoba oil. This mixture needs to be heated on water bath and mixed well with a wooden stick. Let it cool up to room temperature, further also adding the essential oils into the mixture.

You will need 10-12 drops of Rosemarie oil and an equal proportion of lemon oil. Then just take this mixture with small bits, warm it in hands and apply it to the hair.

After keeping it on for half an hour you just need to wash it off. This mixture can be applied to the hair tips only or to the whole hair length. The first option is recommended in case you have oily and combined hair types, while the second one is suitable for normal and dry hair.

Recipe No. 2: Hair Mask with Linseed Oil and Lemon

Mix 2 tbsp. of linseed oil with a tbsp. of fresh lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the hair with massaging movements spreading it all over the lengths. Cover the hair with a food film and a shower cap. This mask should be kept on the hair for not less than an hour before washing it off.

Recipe No. 3: Hair Mask with Cream and Herbs

For this mask, you need to take 4 strands of fresh mint and 6-8 leaves of raspberries and currant, grinding all until getting the consistency of a pasty mass. You may also take dried plants and shred them manually or with the help of a coffee grinder, not forgetting to add a little bit of hot water or chamomile tea.

Finally, you should also add half a cup of cream to the mixture previously mixing it with 2 tbsp. of potato starch. The mask should be mixed well and applied to the hair, letting it stay on for 40 minutes under the shower cap.

Recipe No. 4: Banana Hair Mask

For this mask you need a ripe banana, which should be turned into a mash, more preferably using a blender. Mix it with an egg yolk, and add 1-2 tbsp. of warmed olive oil.

All this needs to be mixed well and applied to the hair. If you want to use a more exotic mask you may change the banana with a ripe avocado. This mask should be removed after 40-60 minutes.

Recipe No. 5: Banana and Beer Hair Mask

The following useful mask for getting rid of split ends is made mixing a banana with half a cup of beer, a raw egg, and a tablespoon of honey in a blender. The mass you’ll get should be applied to the damaged split hair and especially the ends, covering the hair with a food film and a shower cap.

Wash the hair with cool water beforehand in order not to let the egg white curl up. In order to avoid the appearance of the smell of beer, you may take the stale state of the drink.

Recipe No. 6: Papaya and Yogurt Hair Mask

According to this recipe you need to mix 2 tbsp. of papaya mash with 3-4 tbsp. of natural yogurt without additives. This mask should be applied to slightly moistened hair. Keep it on for half an hour before washing it off.

Recipe No. 7: Honey Hair Mask

Finally, you may also mix 2 tsp. of honey with a glass of warm boiled water, which shouldn’t be too hot. As you apply the mask on your hair, let it stay on for 10 minutes before washing it off.

7 DIY Hair Masks for Split Hair Ends

Some More Tips and Nuances for Treating Split Hair Ends

In addition, you should know these tips about split hair ends, in order to be able to have more effective and better results with the masks.

1. Hair styling products, be those mousses or gels, contain quite significant proportions of alcohol and if you can’t do without using them, at least you need to try to avoid applying them to the split ends. Using hair oils like avocado or almond oils, or the oil solution of Vitamin E can improve the condition of your hair. When styling the hair you may use safe products like a bottle of thermal water.

2. The best shampoos for split hair ends contain lecithin, keratin, vitamin B, brewer’s yeast, plant extracts of chamomile and linden, and various oils.

3. Using masks for split hair ends you should also take care of proper nutrition from the inside, since your daily diet is just as important for having healthy hair. You should definitely have food rich in fatty acids, including cereals, olive oil, and olives, and fish. Hydration is also important, so you should also drink more water during the day.

4. When removing a hair mask start with water, pass to the shampoo, using one for children. After washing the hair you may also try out a special DIY conditioner, for which you need 2 tbsp. of dried leaves of plantain that should be mixed with a glass of boiled water. After letting it stand for an hour you just need to filter the mixture and rinse the hair several times. You may also make a similar nettle conditioner.

These were the basic DIY hair masks for split hair ends that will contribute to your perfect and stunning looks even more!

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