How to Choose a Leather Jacket For Your Body Shape

How to Choose a Leather Jacket For Your Body Shape

With the arrival of fall, you need to start looking for some suitable garments for the cold weather, securing the stylish and comfy looks and creating the cutest combinations ever! Picking a leather jacket is one of the most essential and main things that you might have to go through and that’s exactly what we are going to speak about, introducing the main things and factors that work when you are trying to pick a leather jacket. Learn how to choose a leather jacket according to your body shape, personal style and preferences to be able to build up the most playful and harmonious fall looks.

Leather jacket is one of the most universal and cool types of outerwear options ever, enabling you to create stylish combinations with any type of garments and any styles you might think of. The key is picking and matching everything correctly.

How to Choose a Leather Jacket For Your Body Shape

What Type of Leather Jacket Do You Need?

In order to find out the exact form and look of the leather jacket you need, you should figure out the main places where you might need to wear it to. For instance, if you are planning to go to work on foot or using public transport you might need the elongated warmer options leaving the shorter bolero-type alternatives for those who just want to add something new and special not for every day but for some special occasions. Picking the classic chocolate brown, tan, and camel-beige options with lengths around the hipbone are quite suitable and great.

Looking for Sales

The price of the jacket is the next essential thing, which requires your attention. Try to make a bargain picking your fave leather jacket during the sales in the middle of summer or winter. Even if the options you pick are from the past collection, be sure that no one will even notice that. In addition, you should also know that the black leather jacket is one of the most eternal and never-fading exemplars of leather jackets and you can always opt for them choosing from the wide range of options suggested by many brands every season. If you don’t afford buying real leather, you can go for a quality faux leather jacket, the range of which grows more and more long-lasting and better.

Leather Jacket According to the Body Shape

The next thing that you should pay attention to is the compatibility of a certain type and shape of a leather jacket with the body shape of yours. Generally speaking, if you want to put the accents on the upper part of your body you may use different details like studs, a zipper, some buttons, etc. On the other hand, in case you want to put the accents on the lower part, the minimalistic options are what you need.

For straight or rectangular figure details are the most essential and central aspects of the jacket. Zippers, buckles, studs and other elements like that can work quite well. In addition, you may pick options, which have details like cinched waist and a pop of peplum for the bottom to accentuate the figure, also complemented with a big collar for the ultimate perfection.

Those ladies who have the hourglass body shape should opt for tight-fitting jackets, which will accentuate their figure best of all.

Those having the pear body type should go for jackets with voluminous top part having a folding collar and breast pockets, which also have the lower hem not coinciding with the widest part of the hips since it will make them look even wider that way. Spicing up the look with a long kerchief or a scarf is also a do in this case.

As for the reversed triangle body forms, we may recommend looking for options which have some finishes on the lower part be those the folding pockets, Basque, or some furry hems. Jackets having vertical straps for the top and horizontal for the bottom are also recommended. Putting the accents on the shoulder details is another thing you may do. Studs and rhinestones may all be used.

Finally, for the apple body shape the elongated forms of leather jackets are more recommended, which will help to visually elongate the look and hide the belly. Fitting leather jackets with belts or other decorative elements around the waist is quite suitable here. Such options will help to get the body look slimmer and more beautiful. One more nice shape for this body type is the range of options having some loosely fitting areas around the midsection, flattering the rest of the body nicely.

How to Choose a Leather Jacket For Your Body Shape

Picking the Exact Color of the Leather Jacket

The following essential aspect of the choice of leather jacket is picking the right shade, since it’s also quite important for accentuating the clothing combinations and matching your skin tone maximum perfectly. Going by the seasons, for summer we may suggest the cool tones. Spring looks for the bright and light options, as well as gray and brown leather jackets. As for winter, saturated darker tones may be suggested including blue, green, or red, black and dark brown tones. Coming to fall, all the shades that may characterize the fall leaves are recommended here encompassing brown, yellow, dark green, and cherry tones.

One more thing that you need to remember is that you shouldn’t pick a jacket that limits your movements even with a thick sweater. It should be free and comfortable with any garment. The sleeves should not go up when you lift your arms. If they do, then the jacket is small for you.

Looking for the good quality is also important, so be careful when picking a jacket looking attentively on the seams, lining and all the rest details, also trying to find out the quality of the leather. In order to make a quick test you may drop a little bit of water on the surface watching what will happen. Pure leather should absorb the moisture and change the coloring while the faux leather options will not react to the drop any way. In addition, you can also simply touch the surface and slightly rub it over. Pure leather will not get peeled off but should have scratches remaining on the surface. Finally authentic leather keeps you warmer and comfier and you may just keep your hand inside it for a few seconds. If you feel the warmth then it’s real leather.

Matching the Leather Jacket With Other Clothing

Matching your leather jacket with the rest of the garments you have is just as important and there are some quite interesting variants that you might look through.

1. Matching the Leather Jacket with Shorts or Jeans

In order to have ultra-innovative and stylish looks you can match your leather jacket with shorts more preferably denim options, finishing all off with an elongated T-type top. Matching your shorts with some opaque tights and comfy sweaters is another good idea for the colder season. On the other hand, the classic duo of a leather jacket and jeans creates the most astounding street style looks.

2. Matching the Leather Jacket with a Dress

If ultra-classic and feminine are what you need, then the synthesis of a leather jacket with a dress is probably the best option for you. Picking a short party dress for not so formal hangouts or going for longer options for formal occasions are all good ideas. Adding some more details like ruffles, prints, design details, etc. will all enhance the great effect of the look.

3. Matching the Leather Jacket with Slacks

The retro and classically chic looks are totally guaranteed in case of the combination of a leather jacket and a pair of slacks. Using details like accessories may also accentuate the feminine feel of the combos.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

So here were the main secrets of matching and picking a leather jacket, which is one of the trendiest and essential details for the colder season. Anything you choose should be whatever you will feel maximum comfy with, so hurry up to create your version of perfection!

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